Witcher 3 When To Play Blood And Wine? (Best solution)

Blood and Wine It should not be played until the Wild Hunt storyline is completed. While it is possible to do, it will mean you miss out on a number of events, and a final quest that occurs after the end of Blood and Wine’s main story.

  • Blood and Wine should be done after the main game is finished. It’s not set in the same area as Witcher III, but set elsewhere in Toussaint. Heart of Stone, well that’s up to you at this point. You could play it before you finish the main story, as i’ve done then go onto Blood and Wine.


At what level should I start Blood and Wine?

CD Projekt Red has revealed that the recommended starting level for the Blood and Wine expansion is 35, which you should be already if you have played through the game at least once.

Can I play Blood and Wine before main story?

Blood and Wine will be self contained, as is Hearts of Stone. That means you may start it any time you wish — it has no bearing on the main story — but it will be tailored to characters that are around level 34.

When should I play Heart of Stone Witcher 3?

Most players agree that the Hearts of Stone DLC is best completed prior to completing the main questline because there are a few pieces of dialogue that the player will miss out on if they have already completed the main quest before starting Hearts of Stone.

How long after Witcher 3 is Blood and Wine?

Yes the main game is set in the year 1272, where the events of Geralts main story happens. Dettlaffs attack on Beauclair (Blood and Wine) is set three years forward in 1275.

How many levels do you gain in Blood and Wine?

Additionally, the level cap was upped from 70 to 100 with the expansion, which would also fit.

Can you leave Toussaint?

You can’ t leave Toussaint info on while quests.

Should I finish Witcher 3 before Blood and Wine?

Blood and Wine begins with the quest “Envoys, Wineboys”, and is intended as a final post-game story that acts as an epilogue to Geralt’s journey. It should not be played until the Wild Hunt storyline is completed.

Is Heart of Stone better than wine and blood?

10 Blood and Wine is much bigger Heart of Stones is an excellent DLC too, but it will only keep you occupied for about half the time of Blood and Wine which is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to choose between the two games.

Should you do Hearts of Stone before main quest?

Do NOT do Hearts of Stone before main story completion if you want to do everything in the game!! I had finished absolutely everything you can do before starting Ugly Baby except the DLC.

Should I start Hearts of Stone before Isle of Mists?

9 Not Getting To The Right Level Speaking of proper preparation, just like almost every quest in the base game has a recommended level, so does Hearts of Stone. The players shouldn’t start the DLC until they reach at least the thirtieth level, ideally a bit more.

How many hours is Blood and Wine main quest?

The second expansion, Blood & Wine, arrives first-quarter 2016, and is around 20 hours in length. “But from my experience,” Tomaszkiewicz added, “it always grows. It’s like in The Witcher 3: we plan the main story for 50 hours and the side activities for 50 hours.

In what order should I play The Witcher 3 DLC?

The recommended way to experience the Witcher 3’s DLC is by its release order. This means completing Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Hearts of Stone, and Blood and Wine in that order. However, it is possible for players to jump into Hearts of Stone first, even ahead of the main campaign, without any major story confusion.

r/witcher – Should I play HoS or Blood and Wine after the main story?

This type of role-playing is something I like doing. As part of Avallac’h’s quest to find a means to neutralize the danger to Ciri, Geralt has been requested to join him to Skellige. Because Ciri is not in immediate danger, and because the journey would be long and its needs and end are unpredictable, Geralt chooses to perform a few contracts first in order to gather money for the expedition. I generally have a few contracts left over, so I complete those first before taking on the “contract” with HoS.

I treat this as though it were a legal need to complete the HoS DLC material in its entirety.

There is a feeling of urgency in Geralt’s efforts since he must return to Ciri before the clock runs out on the day.

He is doing so because he is required to do so.

  1. The level for HoS has been reduced to Blood and Broken Bones due to the fact that I find Death March to be very aggravating.
  2. Because of this, things remain somewhat tough for the remainder of the major tale.
  3. The majority of the time, I don’t take it up in the main game; instead, I quit and start only a Blood and Wine game.
  4. For the full experience of every single conceivable allusion to the main tale in HoS and every single allusion to HoS in the main story, you must begin and complete HoS as soon as Brothers in Arms is made available for purchase or download.
  5. However, if you want to go about it this manner and you see a red skull upon selecting the first HoS quest, the following are some pointers.
  6. One final piece of advise if this is your first time playing through the game.
  7. Complete the main storyline from beginning to end and save your progress.

Maybe they’ve altered their minds after that incident occurred to me? However, I do not believe they have. TL;DR: You may play as you wish; it is entirely up to you; however, I believe that playing HoS before the finish of the main game is more enjoyable and immersive.

How and when to begin the Blood and Wine expansion? – The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Game Guide

Following are some fundamentals. Specifications for the System PreviousIntroduction to the Guide and Basic Information One approach is to begin the expansion with a completely new and devoted character. You may begin your new journey with the Blood and Wineexpansion in a variety of ways, which are discussed in further detail below. The Witcher 3 must be updated to version1.20 or later before you can begin playing. This is really important.

Continuation using a character from the base game

If you want to continue the adventures with a character that you have already used in the original game and, if possible, in Hearts of Stone, it is the greatest option you have. If you have the main game installed, Blood and Wineshould be able to instantly detect any saved game data that has already been created. If you have removed Witcher 3 in the meanwhile, your saved games should still be there on your hard drive, with their default directory being: user nameDocumentsThe Witcher 3gamesaves.

Make certain that your Geralt has attained level 34 or above, which is quite vital.

There is, of course, no requirement to begin using the extension as soon as it is installed.

Starting a new game

You have the option of starting the game from the beginning if you so want. If you choose to do so, the campaign will automatically incorporate the elements of Blood and Wine into its overall framework. The crucial thing to remember is that you will not be able to begin the narrative of the expansion until later in the game. Even if the possibility to travel to the duchy of Toussaint arrives no sooner than after finishing the primary questA Poet Under PressureinNovigrad, you need first ensure that Geralt is at least level 34 before embarking on your journey.

Starting the adventure using a new character

When there are no saved games on your computer and you are solely interested in going through Blood & Wine, this is the most appropriate choice for you. You have the option of using a character created by the game. It is expected that Geralt will be leveled up to 34 (the minimum recommended for starting the expansion) and will be equipped with the most basic of weapons, armor, oils, potions and equipment for Roach when the expansion launches, giving him a reasonable fighting chance against the challenges that lie ahead in the expansion.

Furthermore, because a “instant character” has, by default, finished all of the tasks from the main narrative, you will be unable to accomplish them with a character that has been created in an instant.

The journey to the duchy of Toussaint

Given how tightly the questEnvoys, Wineboysis tied to your voyage to Toussaint, it is likely that you will get an automatic inclusion in your journal once you have completed all of the conditions indicated above. When you have decided that you are ready to go on this new journey, go to one of the notice boards in Velen and look for the invitation, which is seen in the photo above. Purchase and read it before traveling to the village of Hollyway to meet with Palmerin and Milton. You must arrange a meeting with Palmerin and Milton.

You can either agree to assist Palmerin and Milton in removing bandits from a nearby village before you depart (which will result in an additional fight), or you can simply persuade them to forego the fight and immediately listen to Anna Henrietta’s invitation, as well as learn more about the mysterious monster harassing the duchy’s inhabitants.

Following the conclusion of this encounter, you will be transported to Toussaint, where you will begin a new main quest titled “The Beast of Toussaint.” Next information rudimentary Specifications for the System Prior to it, some fundamental information Concerning the Guide

The Best Order to Play Witcher 3’s DLC In (& Why)

The optimum sequence in which to play the DLC for The Witcher 3 is in the order of their release. It is possible, however, to complete the second expansion before beginning the main tale. There is an ideal method to experience The Witcher 3’s DLC expansions, and it is as follows: In the history of video games, The Witcher 3 is widely recognized as one of the most significant and influential open-world videogames ever created. While the primary plot is divided into four distinct portions, there are also extra extensions that were made available after the game’s initial release.

  1. If players combine the time required to complete the main plot and both expansions, they will need around 170 hours to complete the game in its entirety.
  2. Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are the two expansions for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  3. He is here to execute a contract for the Man of Glass, and he hopes to do it successfully.
  4. The novel Blood and Wine was published in May 2016.
  5. The best approach to experience theWitcher 3’s DLC is to go through it in the sequence in which it was released.
  6. Although it is not recommended, it is feasible for players to begin playing Hearts of Stone before completing the main campaign without experiencing any serious plot confusion.
  7. After completing both the main campaign andHearts of Stone, the player will be presented with the ultimate challenge: Blood and Wine.

Completing Blood and Wine in the Witcher 3

The Witcher 3’s first post-game novella, Blood and Wine, serves as the game’s introduction. This should be the very last thing that people perform when playing the game. Completing this DLC any sooner than recommended may result in gamers discovering significant plot spoilers. Additionally, in order to live in Blood and Wine, Geralt will require his more sophisticated talents and capabilities. Due to the fact that this is post-game material, players will need to achieve end-game stats in order to access it.

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Considering that the game requires such a significant time commitment, it may be a good idea for gamers to experiment with the Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch version.

However, while the graphics quality may suffer, the flexibility will allow gamers to complete the entireWitcher 3game.

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch are all all offering The Witcher 3 as a free download.

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Witcher 3: How to Start the Blood and Wine DLC and Meet Its Level Requirements

This DLC pack for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is one of the largest and most ambitious in recent memory, and it includes an entirely new territory to discover. We’ll show you how to travel to the new Kingdom of Toussaint, as well as what level you’ll need to be in order to control the kingdom after you’ve there.

How to Play Blood and Wine

In Blood and Wine, the majority of the action takes place in Toussaint, a new territory that was introduced and is heavily reminiscent of medieval Southern France. The only way to get there is to finish a quest in Velen called “Envoys, Wineboys,” which will provide you access to Toussaint and the rest of the DLC after you’ve completed the first quest. As soon as you’ve completed this task, you’ll be free to return to Toussaint on your own time and as often as you like.

What Are the Level Requirements for Blood and Wine?

While you are not need to have a specific level in order to play this DLC, it is apparent that the creators intended it to be late-game/endgame content for people who had previously completed the majority of the Witcher 3’s content and were searching for something new to do. The game recommends that you wait until you’re level 34 before doing the Envoys, Wineboys quest, and we wouldn’t argue with that recommendation because all of the opponents in Blood and Wine will be this powerful or even more so.

The pair of colourful knights in Holloway will transport you to Toussaint’s fortress.

Where to Get the “Envoys, Wineboys” Quest

The mission to transport you to Toussaint can be located on any bounty board in Velen, and it is accessible by picking a letter titled “Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest” from the bounty board’s list of letters. In it, some Knights of Toussaint seek Geralt for assistance, and the letter is addressed to him. In order to begin this high-level quest, you must travel to the town of Holloway to meet with your companions. Although there will be some battles before you reach the new zone, it won’t be long until you’re strolling through the dappled vineyards of Toussaint, encountering weird new characters and beasts in plenty.

Depending on your selection, the Envoys, Wineboys quest may contain a fight with bandits.

The hazards of this new world, despite its beauty, are not to be underestimated.

Alternatively, if you’re intending to remain and soak up some of the culture in your own country, check out our guide to putting on Priscilla’s play in Novigrad.

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The Witcher 3: 10 Tips For Completing The Blood And Wine DLC

The Witcher 3has a big sweeping world full of problems that the player must endure, andBlood and Wineonly adds to this well-crafted environment by presenting the player with additional tasks to accomplish. InBlood and Wine, the player may occasionally encounter difficulties that will necessitate the use of some advice in order to remain afloat while combating the Vampire threat. Before enteringToussaint and beginning theBlood and WineDLC, the player needs ensure that they have completed all of the required preparations in order to be prepared to face all of the obstacles that the DLC throws at them and to discover the other portions of the expansion pack that are hidden away.

10Reach Level 35 Or Higher

Despite the fact that theBlood and WineDLC begins at level 35, players are allowed to begin playing the expansion pack before reaching this level. If the player has not yet attained the required level in Blood and Wine, it will be considerably more difficult to overcome the formidable vampires and other creatures that may be encountered within the game. In spite of the fact that it is quite feasible to completeBlood and Winewhile at or below level 35, the player should refrain from attempting to do so because it will be significantly more difficult and opponents in the expansion pack will not scale according to the player’s level.

9Upgrade Or Purchase Equipment Prior To Entering Toussaint

Because this addition pack has a significant increase in difficulty when compared to the original game, players should ensure that their Geraltis is outfitted with the most powerful equipment available before visiting the gorgeous region of Toussaint. It is recommended that if a player has not accomplished many side quests and, as a result, has not earned many powerful weapons and armor, they consider purchasing them from Blacksmiths and Armorers that can be located all throughout the globe.

8Complete Every Side Quest

However, although it may seem like a no-brainer for some players, finishing every side quest is not on everyone’s must-do list due to the fact that it may be time-consuming and there are a number of side missions in the main game that aren’t particularly well filled out in terms of plot development. The side missions in the Blood and WineDLC, on the other hand, are far more fascinating than those in the original game. Apart from that, the side missions in Blood and Wineoften reward players with various pieces of furniture that they may use to personalize Corvo Bianco.

7Read The Tombstones

The tombstones that can be discovered in various graveyards across Toussaint are amusing, yet many players simply overlooked them because they aren’t related to any of the objectives. These tombstones mainly make reference to the lore discovered in The Witcher 3and notably inBlood and Wine, and they frequently contain comedy that is absent from the rest of the game’s narrative.

Despite the fact that this advice will not assist players in defeating the formidable creatures that can be found in the expansion pack, it is something that every player should take the time to experience when traveling over Toussaint.

6Craft Vampire Oil

In order to make Vampire Oil, the player will need four ducal water and two dog tallow on hand. Vampires may be found in abundance across Toussaint, and they play an important role in the primary tale of Blood and Wine. Therefore, the player should be prepared to battle Vampires using Vampire Oil, which may be made by following the instructions in this article. It is especially vital to have Vampire Oil while finishing the DLC on the Death March difficulty because the damage boost will be necessary for overcoming the Vampire threat on that setting.

5Play Blood And Wine On The Death March Difficulty

It is difficult to complete the Death Marchdifficulty, but with effort comes reward. Because the monsters located in the countryside are some of the fiercest in the game, the Death March difficulty is much more entertaining while traveling the terrain of Toussaint on the Death March mode. When playing on Death March difficulty, the boss battles, in particular, are far more enjoyable than any other challenge in The Witcher 3. It is recommended that players who are looking for a new challenge switch on the Death March difficulty, even if they did not use it during the main game.

4Research The Backstory Of Regis

Players do not need to be familiar with the history of the vampire Regis in order to enjoy theBlood and Wineexpansion pack, but because this character is so important during the main story of the DLC, they should familiarize themselves with him and the role that he played in Geralt’s previous adventures. The Witcher 3 gamers may not be familiar with Regis because he does not appear in the game, but he has supported Geralt on countless occasions in the past, and the two have been longstanding buddies.

3Choose The Right Romance Option During The Main Questline

Without giving anything away, there is a time in the DLC where Geralt’s chosen love interest will come to see him in Toussaint, and we will discuss that later. Even though this has no effect on the main questline of the DLC, it is crucial for the player to select their preferred love interest because they will appear throughout the expansion pack. It is also possible for a few more individuals to come in Toussaint, based on Geralt’s decisions made throughout the main questline during the game’s course.

2Don’t Upset Anna Henrietta

She’s a fascinating character, and she’s one of the most powerful leaders in the Witcheruniverse, which makes her all the more compelling. Despite the fact that Anna Henrietta has a pleasant attitude, she can also be hot-headed and easily irritated by those who treat her disrespectfully. Because Anna Henrietta is one of the most important characters inBlood and Wine, the player should exercise caution when speaking with her, as what they say will have a significant influence on the remainder of the expansion pack’s story.

1Fully Upgrade Corvo Bianco

Because it finally allows Geralt to settle down and have his own piece of land, Corvo Biancois one of the nicest portions of the DLC expansion. In Corvo Bianco, there are a variety of upgrades that the player may purchase, and it is crucial to do so early on because there are a number of improvements that will boost the player’s overall skill level. When Geralt upgrades his library, for example, the amount of XP he earns can be increased. Next: The Witcher 3 – Every Single Boss in the Game (In Order) Grunge has officially died as a result of Kurt Cobain’s death.

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How long is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine?

Begin your journey as professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia and go to Toussaint, a secluded country that has been unaffected by battle, where you will uncover the horrible tale behind a beast that is ravaging the kingdom. With all paths going to a dead end, only a witcher stands a chance of solving the riddle and surviving the evil that lurks in the shadows. Introducing a completely new dimension to the world of travel. More information can be found at When concentrating on the primary objectives, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine is a fantastic game.

is around 151 and a half hours in duration.

Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other platforms are supported.

CD Projekt is the publisher.

94% Rating

ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent, forty percent, fifty percent, sixty percent, seventy percent, eighty percent, ninety percent, one hundred percent

Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – How to Access the DLC

See what it takes to access the new Toussaint region, which is featured with The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine expansion, on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve figured out how to get to the all-new, all-massiveToussaint area in CD Projekt RED’s most recent addition,Blood and Wine, which is the largest expansion to The Witcher 3 to date. Following Geralt’s expulsion from the festering battlefields ofWild Hunt, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore a lovely countryside where high-class pleasure meets terrible mysteries from an ancient history.

The straightforward step-by-step instructions provided here will walk you through the process of getting started.

How to Access the DLC

The Witcher 3’sBlood and Wineexpansion may be opened both before and after the start of New Game+. This set of tasks is intended for Geralt at Level 34 or higher, and will be too challenging for lower-level characters. Follow the easy procedures outlined here to get started on your journey to the new territory of Toussaint.

  1. Travel to Velen and look at the employment postings on the bulletin board. To illustrate, consider the message labeled “Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest”
  2. When you accept this message, the first Blood and Wine major quest “Envoys, Wineboys” will be launched. In order to meet with the Toussaint Knights, follow the waypoint marker. When you have completed your mission to aid the Knights and completed the quest, you will obtain entry to the territory of Toussaint.

To find out about available positions, travel to Velen. To illustrate, consider the letter titled “Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest”; When you accept this message, the first Blood and Wine major quest “Envoys, Wineboys” will begin. In order to meet with the Toussaint Knights, follow the waypoint marker to their location. The region of Toussaint will become accessible when you have assisted the Knights and completed the mission.

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Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s second and final addition, Blood and Wine, is now available. In conjunction with the Hearts of Stoneexpansion, it was announced on April 7, 2015. It was published on May 31, 2016, for all three platforms: PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The Nintendo Switch version of the game was published on October 15, 2019.

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Official Statement

It will transport Geralt to a realm unblemished by conflict, where an aura of carefree indulgence and knightly ceremony conceals an old, brutal truth. Blood and Wine is a 20-hour-plus story that will introduce the all-new in-game area ofToussaint and will take him to a land untouched by war. The expansion introduces new characters, new deadly creatures, new armors, new weapons, and a new deck of cards called the Gwent deck of playing cards. In addition to the so-called Mutations, it will offer a new gameplay mechanism called armor dyeing to the mix.

Its material is accessible both before and throughout the New Game + experience.

With all other paths heading to dead ends, only awitcher stands a chance of solving the secret and surviving the horror that lurks in the shadows.

It is filled with terrible acts, surprise turns, romance, and deception.


  • Discover a completely new region in The Witcher’s enormous open world — Toussaint, the country of wine
  • Over 30 hours of brand-new adventures await you, as you explore a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in Wild Hunt or Hearts of Stone. Visit new sites of interest and embark on new side missions in a kingdom that rivals the scale ofVelen and Novigrad. Relax and unwind in your own own vineyard, which serves as a true home away from home.
  • Track down an elusive beast that has been ravaging the land
  • Solve the mystery of the weird crimes — study a sequence of terrible murders and decode the pattern to forecast who will be the next victim to perish. Investigate the sordid secrets of Toussaint’s capital, Beauclair, by exploring the city during the day and asking inquiries at night. Use new equipment and items, as well as your own skill, to slay enemies that have never been seen before in the series.
  • Begin your ultimate adventure in a world that is still filled with things to see and do
  • Visit a world where fairytales have gone horribly wrong, and face weird monsters that you may be familiar with from children’s stories and novels
  • Due to a brand-new game mechanism, you may now dye witcher armors in a variety of hues. Take against knights in a big tournament to demonstrate your actual combat prowess, or go on a horrific investigation to uncover the mystery behind a spoon-collecting beast called as an awight. Combine your efforts with powerful friends to bring down the beast destroying the realm, or turn a blind eye and play Gwent with a brand-new Skelige deck to distract yourself from what’s going on.


In the Witcher series, there has never been an area like Toussaint, and it features the following items:

  • Over 90 new missions have been added, as well as over 40 new locations of interest. More than 30 hours of brand-new experiences
  • Dealing with the primary point of interest (POI) of a particular location will have an effect on nearby points of interest (for example, killing bandits in their main hideaway located in a destroyed castle would have an effect on the number of opponents in surrounding camps)
  • Dynamic point of interest system 14000 lines of conversation (in comparison to 6000 lines in Hearts of Stone)
  • 100 separate pieces of armour (including newwitcher sets)
  • 100 individual pieces of armor More than 30 new weapons have been introduced. More than 20 new creatures have been released. The game has been updated, and the maximum level has been increased to 100. Every item of witcher gear may have its color altered by using a dye, which is a brand-new mechanism introduced in the game. Dyes may be gained in a variety of methods, including purchasing them from the new dye trader, crafting them from a recipe, and looting them. Toussaint is the only place where you can get dyes.


See Mutations for the main page (Blood and Wine). There are 12 new skills that will change the game. Obtained by the use of novel research mechanisms. By playing in NG+ mode, you will be able to access their ultimate potential. Here are a few illustrations of mutations:

  • An alternative to death is that the Player is healed and gains damage immunity. A sign has the potential to land crucial hits. A critical strike from asignexplode causes enemies to die instantaneously
  • Opponents that are knocked down by Aardfreeze perish instantly. Opponents who have not been knocked down are rendered immobile.

User Interface

The UI (user interface) has been considerably revised to make better use of available space while also increasing content information and identification flow. All readable books have been relocated to the glossary area, and looting a readable book now results in a notice that gives immediate access to the entry it contains. Also available for rotation is Geralt of Rivia’s model, which appears in the Statistics tab. This information is available to all players who have Patch 1.20 installed. UI panels that have been redesigned: Character panel from the past Character panel has been redesigned.

Shop interface from the past Shop interface has been redesigned.


See Blood and Wine quests for a comprehensive list of all of the quests available in the expansion.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine Trailer is now available for viewing (“Final Quest”) Trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine “New Region” in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Development Diary for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – BloodWine The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine is a role-playing game (teaser trailer) Toussaint’s GDC Dialogues slide from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Design for a wine festival concept art Design of the tournamentConception design of the route to Beauclair Visualizing the atmosphere of Toussaint, Louisiana. The surroundings of the town of Toussaint A New Land Is Awaiting You A Beauclair smorgasbord I’ve become entangled in a fantastical world. Achieving success in receiving the ribbon Tourney festival is an event that takes place over a period of time. The Duke and Duchess of Regis Geralt and his band of bandits Geralt and the Giant (Geralt and the Giant) Geralt is doing an autopsy.

Image used as a placeholder Beauclair is depicted in the first screenshot.

Wallpaper provided by the government At the Game Developers Convention 2016, the CDPR crew wore T-shirts that included the company’s logo for the first time.


  • Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swallow, The Lady of the Lake, and The Blood of Elves are all stories about elves.
  • Wiedmin(obsolete)
  • The Last Wish
  • Sword of Destiny
  • Something Ends, Something Begins
  • Wiedmin(obsolete)
  • Reasons of State
  • House of Glass
  • Fox Children
  • Killing Monsters
  • Matters of Conscience
  • The Curse of Crows
  • The Witcher Library Edition
  • Of Flesh and Flame
  • Skellige’s most wanted
  • Uncivil War
  • Roach Revealed
  • Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, The Iorveth is nowhere to be found.
  • Reasons of State
  • House of Glass
  • Fox Children
  • Killing Monsters
  • Matters of Conscience
  • The Curse of Crows
  • The Witcher Library Edition
  • Of Flesh and Flame
  • Skellige’s most wanted
  • Uncivil War
  • Roach Revealed
  • Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, Roach Revealed, The Witcher Library Edition
  • Of F Iorveth is nowhere to be found
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • The Witcher 4: Assassins of Kings
  • There are several Witcher games available, including Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker, The Witcher Adventure Game, and the The Witcher Role-Playing Game. Wiedmin: Gra Wyobrani
  • Wiedmin: Przygodowa Gra Karciana
  • Wiedmin: Gra Wyobrani
  • The Witcher: Outcast
  • The Witcher: Scars of Betrayal
  • The Witcher Battle Arena, The Witcher: Crimson Trail, The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, and The Witcher: Versus are all games in the Witcher series.
  • The Hexer (TV series)
  • The Hexer (film)
  • The Witcher (TV series)
  • The Witcher (film)
  • The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
  • The Witcher: Blood Origin
  • The
  • Collections include: The Witcher Artbook, The Witcher: Assassins of Kings Artbook, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Artbook, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Artbook. The Witcher is a fantasy role-playing game developed by CD Projekt RED.
  • Music inspired by The Witcher
  • Music inspired by The Witcher
  • The Witcher 2 soundtrack
  • The Witcher 3 soundtrack
  • The Hexer soundtrack
  • The Witcher soundtrack on Netflix

Best time to start Blood and Wine : The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt General Discussions

Eko At 11:08 a.m. on June 3, 2016 I’d think it’s time to call it a day. All of the input received from players points to the conclusion. Finish the main plot in the main game if you haven’t already. Viper 3rd of June, 2016 at 11:15 a.m. According to what I’ve heard, it’s a whole other plot, so save it until after you finish the main mission. At the very least, your level should be 34. On June 3rd, 2016, at 11:31am, Viper made the following post: After you’ve finished everything else, go ahead and play it (at least until a few patches come through) Many players, like myself, discovered the hard way that some material is glitched if you complete it before the main plot is completed.

  • That is the most convenient moment.
  • That’s the perfect moment, but are the events in this DLC set after the main tale in terms of timeline?
  • It’s a whole separate plot that has absolutely nothing to do with the main game.
  • So the plot events in this DLC take place after the main story in terms of timeline?
  • Eko 3rd of June, 2016 at 1:18 p.m.
  • Are the plot events in this dlc set after the main tale in terms of timeline?
  • As far as I’m concerned, finish the main plot and Heart of Stone before continuing on to Blood and Wine.
  • Have a good time, Gamers.

10 The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine Quests You Should Do Immediately

Players may easily lose sight of their priorities in an open-world game like The Witcher 3, where every mission is a labor of love created by the game’s creators from start to finish. After all, they can’t go wrong with any mission, can they? Although some of them are more difficult to complete than others, many players find that completing them is their major motivator for doing so. Whatever the reason for the reward, whether it’s a sense of emotional fulfillment or material items that will help Geralt be a more effective witcher, some mission prizes in The Witcher 3 are more valuable than others.

However, due to the abundance of high-quality material in the Blood and Wineexpansion, searching for these tasks may be a bewildering experience. Fortunately, this is not the case. Keep your eyes open for these tasks in Toussaint, and good luck!


Players may easily lose sight of their priorities in an open-world game like The Witcher 3, where every mission is a labor of love created by the developers. After all, they can’t go wrong with any mission, can they?! While some of them are more difficult to complete than others, many players find that the benefits are worth the effort. Some mission rewards in The Witcher 3 are more valuable than others, whether it’s a sense of emotional fulfillment or material items that help Geralt be a more effective witcher.

Consequently, keep a look out in Toussaint for these upcoming tasks.

9Equine Phantoms

Roach has frequently served as Geralt’s quiet companion as well as a source of trouble. In the story, he doesn’t really have a lot of opportunities to stand out. That is, until the introduction of the “Equine Phantoms” side quest in Blood and Wine. Geralt consumes an unusual beverage (again) and Roach gets more animated than normal while in the bar. It’s one of those amazing moments or side missions in The Witcher 3 that, because of its popularity, it’s difficult to avoid being spoiled by it in advance.

8″The Warble Of A Smitten Knight”

“The Warble of a Smitten Knight” is a side quest that is considered one of the most well-crafted in the game’s history. In order to advance further in the mission “Capture the Castle,” players must finish it first; otherwise, they would lose access to it for the duration of the game. However, this mission is a conventional curse-lifting case for Geralt, with a twist in that it includes a knight who is over over heels in love with the cursed individual who must be freed. Due to the fact that it is not Geralt’s customary exploit, the conclusion of the mission may provide challenging branches of resolution for the players.

7Beyond Hill And Dale.

Now, where has that quest gone that leads to some witcher’s wet dream gone missing? Each and every main questline contains one, and inBlood and Wine, it may be found hidden away safely in the “Beyond Hill and Dale” quest. In the Fablesphere, it’s where Geralt and Syanna spend some of their time, according to the story. Despite the fact that it is a quest, the Fablesphere manages to be more intriguing and bright than Beauclair, which makes it an incredible element of the game only for its graphics.

If you want the most emotional payout possible, then go ahead and do it.

6Portrait Of The Witcher As An Old Man

Getting a little bored with all of those witcher contracts and all of the bargaining peasants and lords? After all, it’s past time for Geralt to receive some much-needed recognition by having a painting of his own created. For Geralt, it is imperative that he keep up with Dandelion’s narcissism. “Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man” provides exactly such opportunity. Geralt’s appearance can also be customized by the player.

Remove all of his armor and have him dress in nothing but his undies for the most amusing effect possible. However, while it isn’t quite up to the level of “Bathtub Geralt,” it will serve for now. See if you can find it in South Market, just south of the Gran’Place marker.

5Master Master Master Master!

Getting a little bored with all of those witcher contracts and all of the haggling peasants and lords? We understand. It’s past time for Geralt to receive some much-needed recognition by having a painting of his own created. For Geralt, it is imperative that he keep up with Dandelion’s narcissistic tendencies. Just such a possibility is provided by “Portrait of the Witcher as an Elder.” Even Geralt’s appearance may be customized by the player. Take off all of his armor and have him dress in nothing but his underpants for the most amusing effect possible.

See if you can find it at a marketplace to the south of the Gran’Place sign.

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4Scavenger Hunt For Grandmaster Gear

After speaking with Lazare Lafargue and receiving the instructions for the “Scavenger Hunt” for Grandmaster gear, it’s time to really go out and hunt for some Grandmaster gear. Choose a gear set or school that appeals to you and run for it like a wolf on a hare. There are a total of five of them for the Griffin, Manticore, Wolf, Viper, and Feline schools, making a total of ten altogether. In addition, players will need to complete one of them in order to complete the “Master Master Master Master!” questline.

3There Can Only Be One

While we’re on the subject of stuff that would make any witcher salivate, silver swords are unquestionably the most opulent fashion statement available to them. Geralt had truly gotten the better of them years ago, but he was defeated. Moreover, it was the Aerondight sword that was hailed as the most powerful silver blade in The Witcher 3. Fortunately, it happened to end up in Toussaint by chance. By completing the mission “There Can Only Be One,” Geralt will have little trouble regaining possession of the Aerondight.

2Turn And Face The Strange

Both expansions for The Witcher 3 brought significant improvements for Geralt, with Blood and Wine in particular providing the witcher with a significant increase in strength in the form of mutagens. After all, Geralt doesn’t really need it given how heavenly he already is, which is presumably why unlocking it is only a side mission away, dubbed “Turn and Face the Strange.” Players that stick to the main quest line will not be able to miss this one, since it is handed to Geralt following the “Blood Run” quest line.

Making somebroken builds for Geralt has never been easier than it will be when you finish it.

1La Cage Au Fou

“La Cage du Fou,” by far one of the most fascinating and unusual tasks in the expansion, is a must-doWitchcheradventure. Players are presented with two options that are irrevocable and serve to assess their character as well as their desire to complete the mission as quickly as possible. Geralt must go to this location in order to acquire some unique wight’s saliva. The mission is not only entertaining from a narrative standpoint, but it is also useful because players have the opportunity to get the Tesham Mutna steel sword along the route.

UP NEXT: The Witcher 3’s 10 Weirdest Things You Can Actually Do Kika, a Twitch Streamer and YouTuber, has passed away at the age of 21.

Read on to learn more about the author.

(259 Articles Have Been Publishes) Sid was born, went through a few stages, and eventually chose to pursue a career as a writer.

Nowadays, he usually puts his bladder at danger by attempting to contain his urine while waiting for those coveted post-credits moments at the movies or when attempting to slay bosses akin to those seen in Souls. So far, everything is going smoothly. Probably. Sid Natividad has more to say.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine – Wikipedia

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine
Developer(s) CD Projekt Red
Publisher(s) CD Projekt
Director(s) Konrad Tomaszkiewicz
Programmer(s) Grzegorz Mocarski
Writer(s) Marcin Blacha
  • Piotr Musia
  • Marcin Przybylowicz
  • Mikolai Stroinski
  • Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch are some of the platforms available.
Release 31 May 2016
Genre(s) Action role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the second and final expansion pack for the 2015 video game The Witcher 3. Game developed and published by CD Projekt Red, Blood and Wine was first released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 31, 2016, and was later released on theNintendo Switch on October 15, 2019, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions scheduled to be released in 2021. The expansion follows Geralt of Riviaas he travels to Toussaint, a region that has been mostly unaffected by the conflict that took place in the main game, in order to track down a mystery beast that has been terrorizing the area.


Following the events of the base game, Geralt is approached by DuchessAnna Henrietta, the ruler of Toussaint, an avassalduchy under the control of the Nilfgaardian Empire, who offers him a contract. Two knights of Toussaint have been slain in mysterious circumstances, and Geralt has been entrusted with tracking down and eliminating the beast responsible. Geralt is called to Toussaint to investigate the death of a third knight, which he discovers upon his arrival. Geralt, with the assistance of Henrietta and Captain Damien de la Tour, uncovers clues that point to the knights’ deaths as a result of their failure to adhere to the five values that all knights of Toussaint promise to defend.

  • Geralt and the duchess are on a mission to track him down, but Geralt arrives just in time to witness the Beast murdering the fourth knight.
  • Geralt’s buddy Regis, a higher vampire and close friend of the Beast, intervenes and persuades the Beast to depart before either can finish off the other.
  • Regis informs Geralt that he is bound to Dettlaff, from whom he has been rescued, by a vampire code, which he does not understand.
  • They concoct a concoction that allows Geralt to view visions of Dettlaff’s memories in specific instances.
  • Regis remains behind to await Dettlaff’s return, while Geralt travels to Henrietta and de la Tour to report to them.
  • Afterwards, Geralt conducts an ambush on the collection party, during which he discovers that the buyer is known as the Cintrian.
  • In his investigation, Geralt finds that the Cintrian attempted to steal a valuable diamond.

Henrietta recognizes the diamond as a family treasure that had been missing for many years; Orianna confesses that she purchased it from a young lady.

In response to Geralt’s observation that the wine and gem are both closely related to the duchess, an attempt on her life is made, but Henrietta proposes an alternate idea.

Syanna had been exiled because she was believed to be cursed by a curse.

Geralt is surprised when Regis arrives with Dettlaff in tow, stating their intention to aid Geralt in his search for the blackmailer.

By the halfway point, he is joined by Regis, who is keen to regain Rhenawedd, and Dettlaff, who is also eager to do so.

As a result, Geralt concludes that Syanna and Rhenawedd are the same person, who staged her own captivity and was also responsible for the sale of ducal wine as well as the attempted robbery of the diamond.

Geralt tries to convince Henrietta that Syanna was the mastermind behind everything, but the duchess is not convinced.

Geralt is unsuccessful in his attempts to locate Dettlaff throughout the following three days.

Geralt and Regis have two options: either liberate Syanna so that she may speak with Dettlaff, or locate the Unseen Elder, who can force Dettlaff to appear before Geralt and the others.

They make their way to the palace’s playroom, where they discover a magical fairy talebook that the sisters used to read to one another when they were young.

The option to fetch a ribbon for Syanna is available to Geralt while he is in the Land of A Thousand Fables.

Provided Geralt decides to seek out the Unseen Elder, he speaks with Orianna, who agrees to provide him with directions if he kills a vampire that is attacking an orphanage under her patronage.

There are a variety of conceivable outcomes at this time.

If Geralt is successful in retrieving the ribbon for Syanna, she will be saved from Dettlaff’s fatal blow.

Dettlaff subdues Regis before turning his attention to Geralt, and the two engage in combat.

Regis murders Dettlaff, despite his reluctance.

Geralt has the option of joining Regis in his investigation into the identity of Syanna’s alleged fifth victim before attending the event itself.

When the duchess died, the virtue of compassion would have been fully realized.

Geralt, on the other hand, attends the award ceremony and stands by the duchess’ side while she judges Syanna for the atrocities she committed.

Toussaint is thrown into disarray as a result of the absence of live successors to the dukedom.

Another possible conclusion arises if Geralt fails to obtain the magical ribbon for Syanna from the fairy tale land.

Geralt has the option of letting him go or killing him with the assistance of Regis.

Dandelion, Geralt’s friend, will then appear at the prison, telling Geralt that he was successful in convincing Henrietta to release him.

His investigation reveals that the fifth victim was to be the duchess herself, and he travels to the ducal vault to console her.

The duchess does not trust Geralt’s story and prohibits him from ever visiting her in the future.

Angry Dettlaff assaults both of them, but Geralt and Regis are able to take the upper hand and kill him.

Geralt and Regis have a drink as they reminisce on their voyage and the events they had watched, and in some cases, participated in.

When Geralt goes home to the grape estate that served as part of his payment, he is greeted by a surprising guest from the past.

It is possible that the visitor will be either Yennefer or Triss (if Geralt romanced either of them in the basic game), Ciri (if Geralt romances neither), or Dandelion, depending on the choices and outcomes from the base game (if Geralt romances neither and Ciri does not survive the base game).


On April 7, 2015, CD Projekt announced the release of two expansion packs for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the first of which was titled Hearts of Stone and the second of which was titledBlood and Wine. The film Blood and Wine was released on May 31st, 2016. After that, it was published alongside Hearts of Stone in a full edition on the Nintendo Switch on 15 October 2019.


Aggregate score

Aggregator Score
Metacritic (PC) 92/100(PS4) 91/100(XBO) 94/100

Publication Award
The Game Awards 2016 Best Role Playing Game
2017 National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Art Direction, Period Influence

According to Metacritic, a review aggregate website, the film Blood and Wine has garnered “universal acclaim” from reviewers. The manner CD Projekt Red concluded the plot of the characterGeralt of Rivia, as well as the magnitude of the expansion, were commended by several critics, with some speculating that it may be the start of a new project. He expressed gratitude to the creators for creating such an in-depth expansion, and stated that if the game’s producers continued to release new content, he would continue to play The Witcherin 2020.

According to The Escapist’s Steven Bogos, it is a nice expansion in general, although it does not follow the same exciting “rescue the world” theme that the previousWitcher titles did.

According to Richard Cobbett of the gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the game was not CD Projekt Red’s greatest effort.

According to Chris Carter of Destructoid, Blood and Wine was superior than Hearts of Stone because the latter felt like a “polished, extended adventure,” in contrast to Cobbett’s assessment.

According to a GameSpot review by Kevin VanOrd, “Blood and Wineis occasionally as thematically bleak as its predecessors,” but it is less so when contrasted to other sections of The Witcher 3.

Josh Hawkins, a Shacknews contributor, remarked that they had a few issues and glitches throughout the expansion, but that overall, he found the experience to be positive.

Like Hawkins, Mike Williams of USgamers stated that the expansion was a success in general and that Geralt of Rivia’s goodbye was a success in particular.


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