Where To Buy Canned Wine? (Question)

  • You can now buy our canned wines in over 35 states, and in major retailers like Walmart, Meijer, Whole Foods Market, Total Wine More, Lucky’s Market, Lucky California, Hannaford, Big Red Liquors, Market Street, Buc-ee’s, and Rouses Market.


Can you buy wine in cans?

Wine in cans is a relatively new concept but is fast gaining traction. In the USA it currently represents over $40 million dollars of sales annually, and in both the USA and the UK sales have increased significantly, up 43% and 30% respectively from in 2018.

Does Trader Joe’s sell canned wine?

Get Your Hands on Trader Joe’s New Canned Wines Before They All Sell Out. Trader Joe’s just released the greatest new product for our Summer enjoyment: cans of sparkling wine in both white and rosé. Called Simpler Wine, the Italian-imported vino frizzante (sparkling wine) comes in four-packs for $4.

Why is wine not sold in cans?

There’s a reason wine has been bottled for hundreds of years, and sometimes, the wine just isn’t meant to be canned. A winemaker could absolutely make a batch of wine and separate it between the bottling and the canning line to offer both options, just as Underwood Wine Co.

Who makes the best canned wine?

Best canned white wines

  • Broc Cellars Love Red. $10.
  • Prisma Pinot Noir. $18 for 4.
  • Scarpetta Lambrusco. $13.
  • Nomadica Sparkling Rose. $58 for 8.
  • Broc Cellars Love Rosé $10. $10.
  • Onward Farmstrong Wines Field Rosé $38 for 4. $38 for 4.
  • Hogwash Rose (Case of 24 Cans) $120. $120.
  • Ramona Organic Dry Sparkling Rose. $20 for 4. $20 for 4.

What wines come in cans?

These Are the Most Delicious Canned Wines to Drink This Summer

  • Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs, 4-Pack. Courtesy.
  • She Can Rose. McBride Sisters.
  • Pinot Noir in a Can. Underwood Cellars.
  • Red Blend. Nomadica.
  • Yes Way Rosé Cans. $6 AT DRIZLY.
  • Sauvignon Blanc Wine Can. Guenoc.
  • House Wine Pinot Noir.
  • BABE 100 Rosé With Bubbles.

Does red wine come in cans?

As it turns out, canned wine doesn’t have to mean low quality. In fact, canned wine has become increasingly popular over the last few years (how cute are these Cupcake ones?!). From a bubbly Syrah to a Pinot Noir powerhouse, make these 10 canned red wines your go-to for sipping — no corkscrew required.

Can canned wine go bad?

Overall, canned wine has a short shelf life averaging about 18 months. If you like buying wine to stash away for a later date, you’ll want to give this trend a pass.

Does all Trader Joes sell wine?

Here’s what I know from shopping there: Trader Joe’s does sell liquor in every state they operate in which allows grocery stores to sell liquor. Those states include California, Colorado, Illinois, and Massachusetts, and many others, with some states having additional restrictions. But don’t worry.

Does Trader Joe’s sell alcohol in New Jersey?

Trader Joe’s has 13 stores in New Jersey and only two of them – Westfield and Princeton – sell beer, wine and spirits. The Brick location will not sell alcohol.

Does Costco sell canned wine?

Costco Is Selling the Perfect Canned Wine For a Hot Summer Day.

How many cans of wine equal a bottle?

Cupcake Vineyards is now putting its Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc in 375ml (12 ounce) cans — which, yes, is the equivalent of half a bottle. That means all you’ll need is two cans, and you’ve got yourself an entire bottle that will definitely fit more neatly in your purse or beach bag.

Why is canned wine better?

Cans could be the future of wine While increasing the production of canned wine can help reduce some carbon emissions related to glass bottles, Taste of Home notes that cans aren’t meant for all wine, since the shelf life is capped at around 18 months.

Does canned wine taste good?

It’s a crisp, fruity, easy-drinking, low-alcohol spritzer with 8.5% ABV, 3 grams of natural sugar, and 83 calories per serving. In other words, it’s the perfect drink when you’re in the mood for a little fizz and real fruit flavor without any cloying sweetness or high alcohol content.

Can wine get you drunk?

If you’re out with friends or drinking alone, the alcohol content means you don’t need to drink a lot of wine to get drunk. The standard is that, within an hour, men need three glasses of an average ABV wine to get drunk, while women only need two. After reaching this limit, you’ll likely be legally drunk.

Is a little red wine good for you?

Research suggests that drinking an occasional glass of red wine is good for you. It provides antioxidants, may promote longevity, and can help protect against heart disease and harmful inflammation, among other benefits. Interestingly, red wine likely has higher levels of antioxidants than white wine.

Canned Wine

Babe Rose With Bubbles Can *Oprah’s Favorite* (4 Pack Cans) Babe Rose With Bubbles Can This delicious sparkling red wine in a single-serving Babe Rose With Bubbles Can is perfect for any occasion and is available in a variety of colors. With the help of the cleverly built can, View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa BLUEBERRY 250ml Can

Why Should You Drink Stella Rosa Blueberry Straight From The Can? Can of Stella Rosa Blueberry Mini 250ml Aluminum Single Can – The Best Wine Store in the World Stella Rosa Blueberry Stella Rosa Blueberry is a fresh blueberry. Stella Rosa Blueberry is an unquestionably delicious treat. It has a very sweet and luscious blueberry flavor. View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa Tropical Mango 250ml Can

Why is our Stella Rosa Tropical Mango so special? Introducing the Stella Rosa Tropical Mango Mini 250ml Single Aluminum Bottle. Can Stella Rosa Tropical Mango be found in stores? Sailing away to an undiscovered paradise while sipping on a glass or three of Stella Rosa Tropical is a dream come true. View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa Pineapple 250ml Can

Why is our Stella Rosa Pineapple so special? A single aluminum can of Stella Rosa Pineapple Mini 250ml is available. In addition to White Moscato, an indigenous grape type from Piedmont, Stella Rosa Pineapple is a special combination of many other white grape varieties. Flavors that are naturally occurring. View the complete set of product specifications

Union Wine Co. Underwood Rose Bubbles Can

A bottle of Underwood Rosé Bubbles (375ml) If I had the opportunity, I will travel! When you’re holding a can of Union Wine Co. Underwood Rosé Bubbles in your hand, socializing is a breeze. It’s the epitome of BYOB, being both sweet and acidic. View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa Watermelon 250ml Can

How About Some Stella Rosa Watermelon From A Can? YES. Watermelon from Stella Rosa is packaged in a little 250ml single aluminum can, and it’s fantastic! Watermelon named Stella Rosa Stella Rosa Watermelon is a semi-sparkling wine that is already creating a name for itself for its crisp, refreshing flavor. View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa Tropical Splash Can 6-Pack

Tropical Splash from Stella Rosa Stella Rosa Tropical Splash Can 6-Pack S250ml Can Stella Rosa Tropical Splash Can (s) 2 Watermelon, 2 Ruby Grapefruit, 2 Pineapple are used in this recipe. Winemaker Stella Rosa produces Stella Rosa in the picturesque northern Italian countryside, in the famed winemaking area of Chianti Classico. View the complete set of product specifications

Union Wine Co. Underwood The Bubbles Can

Union Wine Co. is located in Underwood. The Bubbles Can (375mL) contains bubbles. Union Wine Co. Underwood allows you to bring the party with you. The Bubbles Have the Power. Canned wine stays well in the refrigerator and is ideal for picnics. It is simple to carry and store. View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa Ruby Grapefruit 250ml Can

Union Wine Company is located in Underwood, California.

A 375ml can of Bubbles With Union Wine Co. Underwood, you can bring the party with you. In the case of The Bubbles, yes. Picnics are made much more enjoyable with canned wine. This item is lightweight and portable. Check out the complete product specifications.

Union Wine Co. ‘Underwood’ Pinot Noir Can

Union Wine Co. is located in Underwood. Can of Pinot Noir, 375mL Occasionally, you just want to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine without having to worry about shattering a fine wine glass. Union Wine Co.’s ‘Underwood’ Pinot Noir can be found in cans during those days. View the complete set of product specifications

Stella Rosa Black Cherry 250ml Can

Is It Possible To Drink Stella Rosa Black Cherry From A Can? YES. A Mini 250ml Single Aluminum Can of Stella Rosa Black Cherry that is really delicious! Stella Rosa Black Cherry is a kind of cherry grown in the United States. Stella Rosa Black Cherry is a semi-sparkling wine that is already creating a name for itself with its crisp, refreshing flavor. View the complete set of product specifications

House Wine Rosé Bubbles LE Can

“Limited Edition” House Wine Rosé Bubbles Can “House Wine Rosé” Take your favorite bubbly drink to all of the holiday parties this season with the House Wine Rosé Bubbles Can, which is lightweight and simple to transport. You won’t have anything to be concerned about. View the complete set of product specifications

Union Wine Co. Underwood Rosé Can

Can of Union Wine Underwood Rosé 375mL Can of Union Wine Who says that wine needs to be consumed from a bottle? If you’re looking to try something different and interesting, the Union Wine Co. ‘Underwood’ Rose Can is a great choice. View the complete set of product specifications

Michael David Freakshow Cabernet Cans

Michael David Freakshow Cabernet Cans will bring back fond memories of those summer nights spent eating sweets around a campfire or next to the fireplace with your friends and family. The wine has undertones of oak, fruit, spices, and other flavors. View the complete set of product specifications

Union Wine Co. ‘Underwood’ Pinot Gris Can

Union Wine Co. ‘Underwood’ Pinot Gris 375ml Can Union Wine Co. The Union Wine Co. ‘Underwood’ Pinot Gris is approachable and portable, and it can go wherever you go. Don’t be fooled by the can’s appearance; the flavor is rich and complex. View the complete set of product specifications

Bollicini Sparkling Rosé Can 187ml

Bollicini Sparkling Rosé Mini Split Can (187mL) by Bollicini Winery If you’ve ever dreamed of attending a party where everyone is just joyful and calm, the Bollicini Sparkling Rosé Can Mini will provide you with that opportunity. If. View the complete set of product specifications

Barefoot Spritzer Red Sangria

Cans of Barefoot Spritzer Red Sangria in a 4-pack if you’re looking for a bottle of wine that has just the right amount of sweetness without being overpowering, then this Barefoot Spritzer Red Sangria is the bottle for you. View the complete set of product specifications

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Brut Rosé Can 4 Pack

Can of Sofia Brut Rosé from Francis Ford Coppola, 4 Pack Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Brut Rosé Can is a one-of-a-kind wine that is as distinctive and remarkable as the lady who inspired it. It is for the passionate individual who appreciates originality and exceptionality. View the complete set of product specifications

Barefoot Spritzer Rosé Can

Cans of Barefoot Spritzer Rosé in a 4-pack This delectable wine is a delightful combination of zesty mandarin and juicy peach taste.

If you’re looking for a fruity and delectable wine, this Barefoot Spritzer will do the trick. View the complete set of product specifications

Union Wine Underwood Riesling Radler Can

The Union Wine Underwood Riesling Radler comes in a 12-ounce can. The Union Wine Underwood Riesling Radler is the ultimate summer refreshment, thanks to the blend of sharp grapefruit, sweet Riesling, powerful hops, and smooth malt. These are reasonably priced and readily available in canned form. View the complete set of product specifications

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Barefoot Spritzer Crisp White

Cans of Barefoot Refresh Crisp White Spritzer (four pack). With a blend of Riesling and Chenin Blanc, the Barefoot Refresh Crisp White Spritzer is perfect for a backyard BBQ or summer party. It’s a refreshing spritzer with a light body and brilliant color that is sure to please. View the complete set of product specifications

House Wine Rosé Bubbles Can

House Wine Rosé with Bubbles Can Be Served Fresh berry scents are followed by vibrant citrus notes on the tongue, which are crisp and refined. It’s bright, fruity, and full of flavor. The House Sparkling Rosé from California Bubbles 375ml cans provide a touch of elegance to the table. View the complete set of product specifications

Barefoot Spritzer Moscato Can

Cans of Barefoot Spritzer Moscato in a 4-pack Taste the tangerine and peach flavors in this refreshing wine spritzer, and you’ll be delighted with the combination of flavors. Furthermore, the spritzer is shockingly delicious even without the use of sugar. View the complete set of product specifications

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blancs Can

Can of Sofia Blanc de Blancs by Francis Ford Coppola (four pack) Can The Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blancs Mini cans are a sparkling wine from the Monterrey vineyards that comes in a 4-pack and can. View the complete set of product specifications

The Best Canned Wines, According to Sommeliers and Beverage Experts

It’s impossible to comprehend the vastness of the canned alcoholic beverage market. Every time you walk into a deli, it appears as though a new brand of hard seltzer has arrived in the fridge, and the ready-to-drink cocktails have increased in number. In addition, the market has grown tremendously in recent years. The same is true with canned wine. Sommelier Ian Bishop, portfolio manager at Flavors of Italy, regrets that the increase in quantity hasn’t translated into an increase in quality. “It seems like everyone is putting wine in cans these days,” he says.

  1. When it came to finding the greatest canned wines, we polled Bishop and seven other experts, who included sommeliers, wine-shop owners, and other beverage enthusiasts, to find out which varietals they enjoyed cracking open.
  2. We began each category with any canned wines that were mentioned the most frequently.
  3. Pinch “If there was ever a wine created to be canned, it was undoubtedly Txakoli,” says Miguel de Leon, the director of Chinese wine production.
  4. Consider this: “Imagine if LaCroix created an alcoholic version of a grapefruit-celery-pear-apple-skin soda with a touch of seawater — in the best possible way,” Bishop suggests.
  5. was mentioned by two of our experts as a brand to watch out in particular.
  6. Fellowship.

Regarding starting with a can, de Leon suggests this skin-contact Pinot Gris from Jolie-Laide (one of his “favorite California producers”), which de Leon describes as a “great drinking experience when you’re on the go.” In the words of de Leon, Leitz is “one of the better-known Riesling producers who has managed to create something that is almost perfect in a bottle.” The “bubbly-ish offering is ever so slightly off-dry” — that is, somewhere between sweet and dry — according to him, “which makes it more approachable for picnics or other food-centric gatherings.” According to de Leon, this skin-fermented pét-nat from Maryland’s Old Westminster Winery is “so food-friendly,” and he recommends it.

“It offers some seriousness as it navigates fleshy fruit with just enough skin contact to make you reach for another sip,” he says of the wine, which he describes as “complex enough to enjoy on its own.” Seeds and Skins, according to the winery, is fermented with wild yeast and canned without the use of fining or filtering after fermentation.

“However, this wine is juicy, approachable, delicious in a cooler, and effortlessly crushable wherever you go.” De Leon adds that “you’d be hard-pressed to find a red wine that performs as well as this one in a variety of different contexts.” Bishop recommends serving it slightly chilled.

“It bursts with crunchy sour cherry fruit and juicy acidity,” they write, noting that it “avoids the common pitfalls (excess tannin, extraction, etc.) of the canned-red category.” They call it “a sleeper hit of the tasting.” As for canned wine, Liz Martinez, director of beverage and service at The Daxton Hotel (and the curator of Eater’s June wine box), says Scarpetta is a personal favorite because the cans are “thin and easy to carry, and the brand has a few very appealing styles,” including this “genius” canned Lambrusco that “really delivers.” It’s another wine that’s typically served chilled, and she describes the flavor as having “nice juicy acid with tart red fruit and a punch of dark fruit,” as well as “a bit of effervescence,” adding that it has “a bit of effervescence.” According to Martinez, the beverage goes well with “almost everything,” including barbecue, pizza, and hamburgers.

There is a canned wine company, Nomadica, that is curated by a sommelier.

According to Lauren Friel, owner of the Rebel Rebel wine bar in Dublin, “None of that matters if the wine isn’t any good.” This is assured by the fact that Nomadica’s owners are “first and foremost wine enthusiasts,” and that the winery’s “natural California wines are complex expressions of West Coast terroir.” According to James Beard Award–winning sommelierBelinda Chang, the host of Virtual Bubbly Brunch, who keeps cans of this sparkling rosé in a variety of places, including “in my cooler for the boat, on ice in the bathtub for my apartment parties, and also in my refrigerator.” Prices shown are for eight cans (equivalent to 2.6 bottles of wine), but you can also purchase packs of 12, 24, and 36 cans for a lower cost.

If you fall in love with the brand after your first sip, it also offers monthly and quarterly subscriptions that will deliver its cans right to your door.

(Bishop points out that it goes particularly well with grilled fish).

She describes it as “bright, crisp, and delicious — a treat on a regular basis.” Winemaker Faith Armstrong Foster makes some of my all-time favorite California wines, and her Farmstrong can series is no exception, says Friel of this “fresh, snappy blend of old-vine Carignan and Zinfandel from Redwood Valley.” Friel also notes that “winemaker Faith Armstrong Foster makes some of my all-time favorite California wines,” and that “this fresh, snappy blend of old-vine Carignan and Zinfandel from Redwood Valley.” She advises consumers not to be fooled by the rosé’s beach-ready packaging, describing it as a “serious wine in a beach-ready format” and “the perfect pairing for late-summer sunsets.” This rosé from Hogwash, in Martinez’s words, is “essentially like strawberries and sunshine in a bottle.” She went on to say that the wine has “great acidity with layers of fruit that range from citrus to red berries to even a soft peachiness that really rounds the wine out in a pleasant way.” If that isn’t enough to convince you, she went on to say that the wine has “great acidity with layers of fruit that range from citrus to red berries to even a soft peachiness” that “really rounds the wine out” in a pleasant way.

Fans of sparkling wines should be aware that there is an allergy to bubbles, which she claims tastes more or less the same.

“A lady can’t drink vintage rosé Champagne from a magnum every day, so when I want to keep my rosé drinking light, airy, and bright, this sparkling rosé in a can is perfect,” she adds.

The Strategisti is a search engine that is aimed to reveal the most valuable, expert suggestions for products to buy throughout the huge online marketplace.

We update links as often as we can, but please keep in mind that bargains sometimes expire and that all prices are subject to change. According to Sommeliers, these are the best canned wines available.

Babe Released A 100-Calorie Canned Sparkling Rose That Has Us Ready For Summer

Canned wine is a middle-of-the-road option between the boxed wine of your college days and the expensive bottles stored away in elegant gift bags. In addition to being convenient to transport and typically inexpensive, this increasingly popular alcoholic beverage is the ideal party contribution. These are some of our favorite wines, ranging from reds to whites to rosés. With bubbles, 1Babe 100 Rosé is a great choice. Babe’s new canned rosé with bubbles has just 100 calories and zero grams of sugar, making it the perfect choice for individuals who appreciate the mild freshness of a hard seltzer.

  1. Furthermore, the lavender and hot pink cans are quite eye-catching!
  2. It’s the ideal combination of strawberries, cranberries, and watermelon, and it’s incredibly Instagram-worthy.
  3. Purchase either the original Brut can (which has notes of pear and lemon, in case you were curious) or the Brut Rosé can (which has notes of strawberry and raspberry).
  4. Basically, wherever you feel the urge for a bit bubbly.
  5. Okay, technically this is a beer, but we’re included it because it’s a rosé-style ale made with hibiscus and prickly pear, which we think is delicious.
  6. 5BABE RoséThe creators of the humorous ” White Girl Rosé ” bottles have also created a line of very attractive cans, including this Bubbly Babe Rosé, which you can purchase.
  7. Each bundle contains three different wines: Peach White Blend, Raspberry Rosé, and Blood Orange Wine.

7 Cans of Rosé, Please!

After all, what more could you want from a can of wine?

8 LilaAll Lila cans are inherently gluten-free, and they are available in a variety of tastes, including sparkling, rosé, and pinot gris.

The Union Wine Company, situated in Portland, Oregon, has the coolest packaging.

Cupcake Vineyards is a family-owned and operated vineyard in the heart of Cupcake, California.

Cupcake Vineyards has ~finally~ createdcansof its Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé for poolside or summer BBQ drinking.

There is exactly half the amount of wine included in Cupcake’s normal bottles in each of these containers.

You can find out where the cans are sold by clicking here.

Their Pinot Grigio in a can is a good, easy-to-drink example of the kind.

This Porch Pounder is a must-have for people who enjoy the sweetness of a Moscato above other wines.

13Pampelonne Pampelonne’s Rosé Lime is similar to combining your favorite rosé with your favorite La Croix drink, only it’s better.

14 Thousands of Miles Away Alternatively known as the “I-need-it-to-feel-like-summer-right-now” category.

15Shamps WithShamps, you can avoid the dangers of popping bottles (have you ever had a cork stuck in your eye?).

BUY RIGHT NOW Shamps, Sparkling Wine (pricing available in store).

White flowers, candied ginger, and caramel are among the aromas that the wine emits, which, if you ask me, sound very nice.

This crimson combination will satisfy your cravings on a consistent basis, plus how great would the can look on your Instagram story?!

18Sunny Side of the Street The majority of canned wines are sold in single cans or in packs of four, although Sunny Side’s Sauvignon Blancs are available in six-pack quantities.

They are available in four-packs and are far less expensive than any tequila drink you would buy at a bar.

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The 15 Best Canned Wines

Chef Mei Lin’s wine selection at the Nightshade in Los Angeles, which was named a 2019 Food & Wine Best New Restaurant, includes Mei Wine, a yuzu- and guava-scented Riesling-based wine cooler that she creates in collaboration with Oregon’s Union Wine Company. With its delicate sweetness and mild tannins, Mei Wine is an excellent match for Lin’s Hokkaido scallops in a coconut vinaigrette, which she prepares herself. And when you order it from Nightshade, it will arrive in a can for your convenience.

  • The Best Wines in Cans The photographer, Greg DuPree, styled the food and the props, while Claire Spollen photographed the event.
  • Wines in cans are now available.
  • They come in a variety of flavors such as canned Riesling and canned Cabernet, canned sparkling wines as well as canned spritzers.
  • They are available in 375-milliliter sizes (equivalent to half a bottle of wine), 250-milliliter sizes (equal to a glass and a half), and small 187-milliliter sizes (equal to a glass and a half) (equal to one glass).
  • However, this does not imply that all of them, or even the majority of them, are delectable.
  • However, the following selections are ideal for summertime use: at the pool, at the beach, after a hike, or even on your porch or patio.

NV Underwood Pinot Noir ($7/375 ml.)

This light-bodied, berry-inflected Pinot Noir has more depth than most people would expect to find in a canned wine, and it’s available in a variety of sizes. The vibrant fruit tastes are complemented by light spice and black tea undertones.

NV Eufloria Aromatic Rosé ($8/375 ml.)

The rather trippy label alludes to the similarly outlandish mix (Riesling, Rieslaner, Gewürztraminer, Muscat, and Malbec) found in this bottle. It’s a little odd, with a faint sweetness and a scent of rose petals and candied berries, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s best served chilled by the pool.

NV If You See Kay Central Coast Rosé ($7/375 ml.)

If you can get beyond the rather cheesy name (try saying it out loud), you’ll love the bold tattoo-art label design, as well as the juicy red-berry tastes and refreshing citrus finish of this pale pink rosé.

2018 Sans Sauvignon Blanc ($10/375 ml.)

Natural wine in a can? What are the chances? After all, why not? California Sauvignon Blanc, made by Sans’ Gina Schober and Jake Stover from organic grapes with no added sulfites and a lot of talent, is among their most stunning offerings, including this irresistibly grapefruit-zesty California Sauvignon Blanc.

The Best Wines in Cans The photographer, Greg DuPree, styled the food and the props, while Claire Spollen photographed the event.

Alloy Wine Works Central Coast Chardonnay ($7/375 ml.)

A typical (i.e., old-school) California Chardonnay done really well, with vanilla aromas, ripe pear and citrus flavors, and a moderate acidity to balance it off.

NV Bonterra Young Red ($4.50/250 ml.)

Bonterra introduced their organically produced “young red” wine in bottles earlier this year; it’s a California spin on a Beaujolais-style wine that’s light-bodied with bright red cherry and cranberry flavors. Now the wine is available in cans as well.

NV Sofia Blanc De Blancs ($5/187 ml.)

When Sofia Wines first opened its doors in 2002, canned wines were virtually unheard of. However, this lively, dry California sparkling wine with aromas of green apple and fresh baked bread has remained the same throughout time. That’s a good thing, by the way.

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2019 Ferdinand Albariño ($9/375 ml.)

This is one of the greatest canned white wines available on the market, since it is zesty and precise. Evan Frazier is a successful businessman when he is not working as the general manager of Napa Valley winery Kongsgaard Wines.

NV Mancan White Wine With Fizz ($5/375 ml.)

At the very least, you have to like the straightforwardness of the name. Consider the flavors of citrus and stone fruit, as well as a very subtle, tingling fizziness. It’s “crushable,” as the wine industry would say. Literally.

NV Santa Julia Malbec Rosé ($6/375 ml.)

This pale salmon–hued Malbec rosé from Argentina’s Bodega Santa Julia is made only from sustainably farmed grapes. The perfume is reminiscent of freshly peeled oranges, while the flavor is reminiscent of juicy raspberries.

NV Nomikai California Red ($4/187 ml.)

Ryan and Megan Glaab, of Sonoma, are consulting on this new initiative, which will combine Merlot, Mourvèdre, and other varietals to produce an appealingly plummy, peppery red wine.

2018 On Y Va Sauvignon Blanc ($8/250 ml.)

The aromas of cut grass and grapefruit, which are typical of Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, are there, as is a little flintiness on the finish, which is quite complex for a canned white grapefruit juice.

NV Santa Julia Tintillo Malbec Bonarda($6/375 ml.)

The label on this Argentine red mix instructs you to serve it cold, and you should. The cool weather enhances the flavors of blackberry fruit, spice undertones, and gentle tannins.

2019 Lubanzi Chenin Blanc ($7/375 ml.)

In addition, Lubanzi distributes 50 percent of its sales to the Pebbles Project, which provides assistance to vineyard workers in South Africa. Also noteworthy is that the wine, with its zesty grapefruit-lemon aromas, is really superb.

Amble + Chase Provence Rosé ($5/250 ml.)

Its watermelon and strawberry aromas come from the traditional rosé blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsaut (all sourced from responsibly managed vineyards), which makes it an excellent choice for drinking on the beach.

Buy Canned Wine & Cocktails Wine Online

Cans of wine aren’t the first thing that springs to mind when we’re thinking about what kind of vino to serve at our next get-together. However, since some old-school beer drinkers are making the switch to wine and younger customers are becoming more accepting of alternative packaging, it may be time to put cork openers aside for a while. Nowadays, canned wines are available in a wide range of varietals and of great quality, including Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. When it comes to finding the perfect wine to combine with your next barbecue under the sun, Empire Wines has you covered.

Canned wine is packaged in aluminum cans coated with a water-based polymer and is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 250ml to 375ml and 500ml in capacity.

When choosing cans over glass bottles, there are a number of significant advantages for both the customer and the environment to consider.

More information can be found at

The Best Canned Wines to Enjoy at a Picnic, on the Beach, During a Camping Trip, and and Beyond

A plethora of alternatives is available, and they are all extremely handy, easy to transport, and perfectly portioned. Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. You’ve probably noticed that canned wine is now even better than before! They’re really handy, exceedingly portable, and they don’t even require the use of a wine opener to get them started!

  1. Even better, cans are less environmentally damaging than wine in glass bottles since they require less packing and weigh less, using less energy for transportation; also, cans have a lower risk of breaking while in transit, making them the more environmentally friendly option.
  2. What canned wines should you buy now that you’ve decided to accept canned wine and are organizing a picnic, a day at the beach, or a camping trip?
  3. Our finest canned wines are included in this article to assist you in navigating an increasingly overcrowded area.
  4. However, we have given links to internet resources as well.
  5. Not all cans are of the same height and width.
  6. However, other canned wines are sold in 125-ml cans, which is the equal of around one glass, while others are sold in 375-ml cans, which are the equivalent of half a bottle of wine.

Rosé for the Win

Rosé, along with sparkling wine, appears to be the most popular canned wine type, according to a non-scientific survey of canned wine. Perhaps this is due to the fact that summer and rosé are associated. Whatever the cause, there are a variety of delectable rosés available in cans. Bonterra’s easy-going organically cultivated rosé ($17.99 for four bottles, bonterra.com) and Underwood’s light, delicious Oregon rosé ($28 for four bottles, unionwinecompany.com) are two of our favorites. Another excellent wine is the Californian syrah from BrickMortar ($6, brickandmortarwines.com).

Among my favorite wines is She Can Rosé (from $7.99, drizly.com) from McBride Sisters, the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States; a portion of the proceeds from this Californian canned wine goes toward professional development for women who want to become leaders in male-dominated industries, just as the sisters who founded this wine company did.

White for Summer (or Anytime)

To get a taste of South African wine in a beautifully crisp and creamy manner, try Lubanzi’s Chenin Blanc ($30 for four glasses, lubanzi.com). It has also been certified as fair trade. The Oregon pinot gris (a variety of pinot grigio) from Underwood ($28 for four cans, unionwinecompany.com) is another canned white wine we enjoy. A dry riesling from Sans Wine Co. ($90 for six bottles; www.sans-wine-co.com), which offers dry farmed, organic wines in cans from single California vineyards, is a great summer white.

Don’t Overlook Red Wine in Cans

There are various varieties of tinned wine that are appropriate for summertime consumption. The Underwood pinot noir ($28 for four glasses, unionwinecompany.com) is a long-time favorite of mine. One wine that shouldn’t be neglected is Sans Wine Co.’s crisp, bright carboniccarignan ($72 for six bottles; www.sanswineco.com). liebcellars.com has a red blend from Bridge Lane Winery on Long Island, New York, that’s perfect for a bonfire or the sofa ($34 for four bottles). Last but not least, Sans Wine Company offers the first single vineyard California cabernet sauvignon in cans ($150 for six cans, www.sanswineco.com), for those searching for a not-so-summery red in a convenient can format.

A Special Shout Out to Canned Sparkling Wine

You may also try the Bridge Lane sparkling white ($34 for four bottles, liebcellars.com) or the House Wine sparkling white ($3 for six bottles, originalhousewine.com) for an easy-to-drink sparkling white. This includes the bright, crisp sparkling California rosé from Nomikai($47.88 for 12 bottles, drinknomikai.com), as well as the gently dry organic sparkling rosé from Italy that New York City sommelier Jordan Salcitooffers under her Ramona brand($20 for four bottles,drinkramona.com). For those who prefer a bubbly red, make sure to get cans of Black Girl Magic Bubbly Red ($102.49 for 12 cans, www.mcbridesisters.com).

Our Great Big List of the Best Canned Wines

Wine in a can has become a significant growth area that has entered the mainstream, and the quality may be quite good. For several reasons, including the fact that it is readily portable for parties and picnics, does not demand the commitment of opening an entire bottle, and the packaging, which is lighter than bottles and thus better for the environment, has gained popularity. These firms are also distinct from those in the wine industry, and they provide new types of distribution, community, and social elements to consumers.

The following are our selections for the top cans that are quite widely accessible at wine merchants, including some supermarkets, and are worth checking out.

When considering the pricing, keep in mind that the 250-ml size cans are one-third the capacity of a bottle; a four-pack of them is the equivalent of a bottle plus one strong pour, which is sometimes a good bargain.

A short note: All of these winemakers are world-class producers whose wines are consistently excellent; for this reason, the name of the brand rather than the name of a single can is used in the headline.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which wine to try depending on what’s available in your local shop and what kind of wine you enjoy.

1. Spanish:Ah-So

Colorado-based In Navarra, Spain, Ah-grapes So’s are sourced from a single family-owned estate, providing consumers with the haute-wine experience of terroir (tasting the soil and climate of a specific area), all in a can. The wine is produced entirely organically, using traditional processes and indigenous yeast, and the result is a wine with crisp, clear notes reminiscent of lemon, sliced fruit, and French wood. Fancy and entertaining.

2. One Way Rosé:Amble + Chase

When you’re loading up the cart for the summer cottage, you don’t have to worry about reading the tiny print. Amble + Chase produces solely rosé, and it is sourced from the Cotes de Provence, which many believe to be the greatest appellation for pink wine. It’s the house canned wine of one of the country’s most prestigious distributors, and it tastes just like its category, with notes of sun-washed limestone and summer fruit.

3. Good Celebrity:Archer Roose

Elizabeth Banks, a brilliant and amusing actress, has just been appointed Chief Commercial Officer and tongue-in-cheek ambassador for this luxury-hip canned wine business. Archer Roose produces rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, and a sparkling white mix, and uses innovative techniques like as skin-contact fermentation, minimal intervention, and unconventional fruits from specialist locations such as France, Greece, Argentina, and Chile into its wines.

4. Sangria:BegoniaSangria Tinta

This inexpensive organic canned sangria from Spain is not too sweet and contains overtones of flowers, citrus, fresh red berries, and lime. It is made with organic ingredients. The winemaker makes use of a family recipe that has been passed down for two generations.

5. New California:BrickMortar; $6 for a 375ml can

Hidden behind the brick wall of this label are better-made wines, primarily blends, sourced from some of California’s top grape-growing regions and all produced using sustainable farming and little intervention. The wine is produced by a Napa-based pair who are well-known for their creative bottled wines. A “California Rosé Bubbles” includes aromas of white raspberry and wild watermelon in the aroma and on the palate. Green apple, grapefruit, and jasmine are among the flavors claimed by a “California Blanc Bubbles.”

6. I (Heart) NY:Bridge Lane

Lieb Cellars, a well-known producer on the North Fork, has launched a second label, Bridge Lane. Their canned wines, which are all made from grapes grown in New York State at some of the top vineyard sites, are the same as the wines available in their bottles, cartons, and kegs (there’s a size to suit every occasion). Our favorite red mix, formed from classic Bordeaux grapes and tasting of red fruit, cedar, and spice, is the medium-bodied red blend developed from typical Bordeaux grapes and tasting of cherry, plum, and spice.

7. Easily Available:House Wine

It’s likely that you’ve spotted the eye-catching label of House Wine, which is available everywhere and was created by Charles Smith, the creator behind Kung Fu Girl Riesling. House Wine is currently owned by a major winemaking organization, and the quality of the wine is excellent for a wine made in such vast quantities.

The Chardonnay has a creamy apple flavor that is complemented by citrus notes, while the red mix has a red currant scent, luscious red fruit flavors, and a velvet finish. Also noteworthy is that it is the only wine that we are aware of that has a cooperation with Cheez-Its.

8. Genuine Napa:Larkan

Lar- kan, did you get that? Maker Sean Larkin is the type of iconoclast who will brew a highly rated Napa Valley wine and then decide to can a version of it for later consumption. Among his three options, which are the only canned wines made only from grapes grown in the famed Napa Valley, are “white wine” (Sauvignon Blanc), “pink wine” (rosé of Pinot Noir), and “red wine” (Sauvignon Blanc) (mostly Merlot). This is premium wine at unbelievable pricing, and it is unquestionably the highest-quality canned wine available on the market today.

9. Fashion Classic:Lorenza Spritz

Twelve years ago, a California wine industry expert and her fashion-model daughter made the decision to develop real Provence-style rosés from grapes sourced from some of the most renowned California vineyards, and the rest is history. With the use of stylish old-vine Carignan and Grenache grapes, the always-in-style results are now now available in a lower-alcohol, softly effervescent canned version.

10. Socially Conscious:Lubanzi

Lubanzi is a range of bottle and canned wines from South Africa that has a significant ethical component, according to two American students visiting in the country: Additionally, the firm is fair trade, carbon neutral, and a B-corporation, and it donates 50 percent of its revenues back to the vineyard employees’ healthcare and education. Luminous and colorful wine, including some unusual selections such as a Chenin Blanc with notes of pure minerality, pear, white peach, and lemon peel, as well as a Rhone mix with notes of blueberries, plums, and black pepper, are included within the cans.

11. Cool People:Maker

Two female Stanford Business School graduates enlisted the help of a third alum, cult winemaker Chris Christensen, to develop this series of cans with distinct personalities: Each one is made by a separate “maker,” who is a member of the industry whose name appears on the labels. However, we take advantage of the opportunity to get the canned version of Christensen’s highly praised sparkling Sauvignon Blanc—exactly it’s what hard lemonade should taste like in its natural state. With a can club, virtual events, and one-on-one community development via SMS, Maker also focuses connecting with its customers.

12. Environmental Leader:Chateau Maris

Located in the Languedoc region of southern France, Chateau Maris produces some of the greatest wine in the region, producing wines that “taste like they should,” in the words of wine specialists. The firm was the first European winery to get B-corp accreditation, indicating that it is at the forefront of environmentally and economically sustainable operations. The design of the canned rosé that is now available is as beautiful as Maris’s vision, and the contents are certified organic, direct-press (a more careful and intentional technique of manufacturing rosés), and made entirely of Grenache grapes.

Look for notes of citrus and melon that are bright and fresh, as well as more body than you would expect from a canned wine.

13. Black-, Female-, Family-Owned:McBride Sisters

Brothers Robin and Andréa McBride operate the biggest Black-owned wine enterprise in the United States, McBride Vineyards & Winery. In addition to “Black Girl Magic,” which is their own ode to Black culture and history, they also have a brand of wine called “She Can,” which raises money to support professional development for other women who want to follow in their footsteps and become leaders in male-dominated sectors. A “Bubbly Rosé” and a “Bubbly Red” are available at Black Girl Magic. A sprinkle of black pepper is sprinkled on top of the latter, which should be served cold and tastes like pomegranate juice and blackberries.

14. Best Design:Nomadica

The hazy, sensuous, and complex wines included inside this trendy, sommelier-founded label have a flavor profile that matches the dark, organic, and transcendental aesthetic of the line. Nomadica is produced in a sustainable manner with little interference, is vegan, has little sulfur, and is dry (with no sugar). The popular “Pink River Rosé” has been described as having “peak-of-season strawberry flavor” and “an ocean breeze running through a field of sage” in terms of flavor comparison.

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15. Kanpai!:Nomikai

The name Nomikai, which translates as “drinking party” in Japanese, is a homage to the Pacific Rim for this California-based firm. Its wines are unique for the fact that they are produced by Ryme Cellars, a low-intervention winery that is part of a new wave of California producers with innovative concepts. The Nomikai red is a mix of Merlot, Mourvedre, and other grapes, resulting in a medium-bodied wine with a tannic structure and an acidic twang, as well as a taste of black fruit.

16. NaturalLocal:Old Westminster

As a method of recruiting new customers, many small local wineries, like as Old Westminster in Maryland, have created canned programs. These wines are generally made utilizing natural winemaking processes and are experimental and imaginative in their use of lesser-known grapes obtained from the surrounding area (Old Westminster only uses grapes grown in state). They make a delicious SeedsSkins orange wine in a can, which has a hazy, soft-orange hue, an aroma and flavor of apricot, hay, and sage, and is available in cans or bottles.

17. A Cooler Cooler:Ramona Wine Spritzes

Flavoured wines and mixes are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s no wonder that the former beverage director of NYC dining behemoth Momofuku was ahead of the game when it came to creating these organic, environmentally friendly Italian spritz-inspired effervescent beverages. An Italian white wine mixed with only a note of Meyer lemon, another with a tinge of blood orange, and a sparkling rosé from Abruzzo on the Adriatic are among the selections.

18. Innovative:Sans Wine

“Carbonic Carignan in a can” is catnip to the natty-wine crowd: “Carbonic Carignan in a can” means “Carbonic Carignan in a can” means “Carbonic Carignan in a can” means “Carbonic Carignan in a can” means “Carbonic Carignan in a can” means “Carbonic Carignan in a can” means “Carbonic Carignan in Carignan is a popular, lesser-known, older grape that has just recently been found; carbonic maceration is an old-is-new process that coaxes out untamed flavor; and cans are healthier for the environment since they are recyclable.

Many additional natural wine standards are met by California-based Sans Wine, including being dry farmed, foot-tread, unrefined and unfiltered, as well as having a visually appealing label and packaging design.

19. Classy Italian:Scarpetta Frico Frizzante

You’ll recognize the pig’s hindquarters on the visually arresting label for Scarpetta, an esteemed Italian producer of bottled wines that produces just two elegant cans: a red Lambrusco with tiny small bubbles designed to be served cold, and a white from Northern Italy created in the Prosecco tradition. Lambrusco is a personal favorite of ours, especially when paired with charcuterie or homemade pizza.

20. Can Pioneer:Underwood

Union Wine Company, based in Oregon, was one of the first companies to create high-quality canned wines, and the company enjoys widespread distribution throughout the country. Underwood’s canning program includes a core of five regulars as well as a series of limited-edition specials, such as the “Riesling Radler,” which is prepared with hops and grapefruit at the moment. Wines such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir rosé, bubbles, and a pink bubbles are among the regulars, and they all strike a perfect balance between complexity and ease of drinking.

21. Historical Wine/Current Mood:Vina Maitia“Aupa” Pipeno

Pipeno is a low-intervention, lighter kind of red wine that has been produced in Chile for generations, particularly from the Pais grape variety (brought to the Americas by Spanish missionaries, and also known as the Mission grape). In today’s world, it may be referred to as natural wine. As chillable reds, such as canned wine, become more popular, this is the wine that falls into both of those categories that you should know about. Flavors of raspberry and cranberry mingle with a touch of dried herbs to give this delightful wine a savory edge that complements the fruit flavors.

Please share them with us in the comments section!

The 13 Best Canned Wines to Drink in 2022

In Chile, pipeno is a low-intervention, lighter-style of red wine that has been produced for generations, particularly from the Pais grape variety (brought to the Americas by Spanish missionaries, and also known as the Mission grape). The term “natural wine” may be used nowadays to describe this type of beverage. As chillable reds, such as canned wine, become increasingly popular, this is the wine that falls into both of those categories that you should know. Yummy flavors of raspberry and cranberry mingle with a touch of dried herbs to give this light and refreshing wine a savory twist.

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Best Overall: Dark Horse Brut Bubbles

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • California is the location, and the ABV is 12 percent. Flavor Profile: Very effervescent, bright citrus flavors with a hint of tart green apple and poached pears

The Dark Horse Brut Bubbles wine, which is appropriately titled, takes the lead in this category. Even if you’ve never heard of Dark Horse before, one sip of this wine will leave you with a lasting impression of them. The Brut Bubbles is primarily a chardonnay-driven sparkling white wine that is matured in stainless steel tanks to retain the wine’s dreamlike youthfulness. You may either wait for a special occasion to celebrate or simply enjoy the wine on its own. This black horse is hot to trot, and it makes a great accompaniment with fried meals.

However, keep in mind that this is a 375ml can, and therefore half a bottle of wine. If you’re not intending on taking a two-hour siesta after lunch, don’t make the rookie mistake of crushing the entire can five minutes after opening the lid.

Runner-up Best Overall: Decoy Premium Seltzer Sauvignon Blanc with Vibrant Lime

  • The Brut Bubbles wine from the appropriately titled Dark Horse is the standout choice here. Even if you’ve never heard of Dark Horse before, one sip of this wine will leave you with a lasting impression of this winemaker. In order to preserve the surreal freshness of this sparkling white wine, the Brut Bubbles undergoes fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine can be celebrated without waiting for a special occasion, or it can be celebrated simply for its own sake. This black horse is hot to trot, and it makes a great accompaniment with fried meals. However, keep in mind that this is a 375ml can of wine, which is half a bottle of alcohol. Except if you’re planned on taking a two-hour siesta after lunch, don’t make a rookie mistake and smash the entire can five minutes after cracking the lid.

Decoy Sauvignon Blanc is a member of the Duckhorn portfolio of wines, and the inspiration for this canned spritzer came about years ago when Duckhorn Portfolio CEO Alex Ryan blended Decoy Sauvignon Blanc with sparkling water, ice, and fresh lime juice on a hot summer day in the vineyards of California. Ryan dubbed it “The Ducky,” and it quickly became a favorite with friends, family, and Decoy winemaker Dana Epperson, who dubbed it “The Ducky.” Fast forward to now, and Epperson has taken over the reins and created four distinct seltzer varieties, one of which is this insanely delicious sauvignon blanc with a bright lime taste.

Best Rosé: Tangent Rosé

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • California, Edna Valley
  • ABV: 13.5 percent
  • Tasting Notes: Apple, Cherry, Rose, Banana
  • Region: California, Edna Valley

If you’re looking for canned wine, Tangent is the darling of California’s Central Coast, and the evidence is in their canned wine pudding. This blend, produced under the auspices of the Niven family estate, mixes the tastes of pinot noir, grenache, viognier, and albario varietals for a feeling that is far from tangential.

Best White: Lubanzi Chenin Blanc Can

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • Melon, green apple, pear, and peach are among the flavors found in this wine from South Africa’s Swartland region. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

A South African experience gave birth to the Lubanzi operation, and while this wine is also available in bottle form, the essence of that journey is best captured in the can. Their Chenin Blanc is made up of a blend of grapes cultivated on drip-irrigated vines and bush-trained vines that are dry-farmed to give it its distinctive flavor. As for Lubanzi’s social duties, the label is environmentally responsible, fair trade certified, and boasts that half of their revenues are transferred to South African wine workers, making this can tasty and guilt-free at the same time.

Best Red: Bridge Lane Red Blend

Bridge Lane Wine is the source of this image.

  • New York, Long Island, and the North Fork
  • Alcohol by volume:12.9 percent Notes on the palate: blackberry, cherry, and a hint of oak

However, as Bridge Lane will demonstrate, Long Island is more well-known for bringing us Billy Joel than for giving us fantastic wine. However, as Long Island will demonstrate, Long Island understands how to spark a fire. This delicious Bordeaux-style combination of merlot, malbec, cabernet sauvignon, and petit verdot is made in small amounts from grapes grown in the surrounding area.

Best Sweet: Roscato Rosso Dolce

World Market is the source of this image.

  • Italy, Lombardy
  • ABV: 7%
  • Region: Italy, Lombardy Taste notes: Blackberries, wild berries, rose petal, and raspberry are among the ingredients.

The Italian Alps are the source of the sweet sweetness found in Roscato’s Rosso Dolce, which comes from the vineyards of the region. It is there that they blend the juice of the region’s native heavyweight varieties—croatina, lagrein, and teroldego—to create a canned wine that is light and fragrant, yet unmistakably Italian in flavor. This wine is particularly well-suited for pairing with food, but it is also a dessert in and of itself, as is the case with all sweet wines. Related: The World’s Best Dessert Wines

Best Spritzer: Cool Cat Citrus Wine Spritzer

Drink Cool Cat is the source of this image.

  • California is the location, and the ABV is 6.9 percent. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, and mango flavors are included in this blend.

Rocco Venneri, the company’s founder, is on two missions. First and first, we want to manufacture excellent canned wine, and second, we want to draw attention to the plight of minorities in the wine industry. As Venneri describes it, Cool Cat is meant to represent the “fearless community of Cool Cats,” which consists of like-minded individuals who share similar values and experiences, and who are inclusive of “all genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations,” as well as “all genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.” The basis of this spritzer is made up of California pinot grigio and pure cane sugar, which makes for a nice sizzle as it goes down the hatch.

We are reminded to “slow down,” to borrow Tailor Swift, and talk calmly about the things in life that matter the most—good relationships and a fondness for how far wine spritzers have gone since the 1990s—in this light yet character-filled film.

Best for Picnics: Francis Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • California, Central Coast, and Monterrey are the regions where this wine is produced
  • The ABV is 11.5%. Notes on the palate: peach, honey, melon, orange

Even if you didn’t believe it, the guy behind such classics as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now was also the man behind these wonderfully effervescent cans of sheer fun! Winemaker Francis Ford Coppola has created a pinot blanc mix that includes muscat and an off-dry riesling as well as pinot blanc. A picnic meal in a basket on the lawn with a glass of champagne is a perfect match for this light and sparkling beverage.

Best Sparkling: Underwood Sparkling Wine

Even if you didn’t believe it, the guy behind such masterpieces as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now was also the man behind these delightfully effervescent cans of pure bliss. But it’s real! Mostly pinot blanc, but also muscat and an off-dry riesling, this Coppola creation is a complex combination that is well worth trying. You may enjoy it with a picnic meal in a basket on the grass, or with a glass of sparkling wine.

  • Peach, green apple, lemon, and pears are among the flavors you’ll find in this wine from Oregon.

Despite being contained inside the limits of this can, the flavor profile of Oregon is fully expressed, radiating the attributes that come from the state’s chilly, rainy environment. Although you are not permitted to refer to the Underwood Sparkling Wine as ” Champagne,” this effervescent combination of pinot gris, pinot noir, and chardonnay varietals does a great job of convincing you that you could, pushing the boundaries of what a canned sparkling wine can do.

Runner-up Best Sparkling: Scarpetta Frico Frizzante

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • Italy, Veneto
  • ABV: 10%
  • Region: Italy, Veneto
  • Notes on the palate: pears, green apples, jasmine, and white rose

The trebbiano grape has been cultivated in Italy since at least the Roman era, and it is a prominent role in the production of white wines in the country. With a blend of trebbiano grapes, glera grapes, and chardonnay, Scarpetta’s Frico Frizzante is a delicious sparkling white wine made with the kind of flair that only Italian wines can muster. The wine is aged in stainless steel tanks and is made with the kind of flair that only Italian wines can muster.

Best Low-Alcohol: GAZE Wine Cocktail – Blueberry Pomegranate Muscato

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • ABV: 4.5 percent
  • Region: California
  • Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Cherry
  • ABV: 4.5 percent

Do you enjoy California wine? Do you like it in a can? Is the alcohol component a turnoff for you? This refreshing fruity cocktail from Gaze is just what you’re looking for. An elegant moscato wine with a delicate touch and a melodic hint of carbonation, this can is the ideal compromise for those who would want to enjoy a great wine but should perhaps wait until later in the year. In related news, these are the best nonalcoholic wines.

Best Food-Friendly: Alloy Pinot Noir

Alloy Wine Works is the source of this image.

  • ABV: 13.5 percent
  • Region: California, Paso Robles
  • Tasting Notes: Cherries, earth, pepper, vanilla
  • ABV: 13.5 percent

This region of California’s Central Coast is renowned for its adaptability, allowing the cold Pacific air to work its magic on a wide range of grape varietals. Pinot noir from Alloy has an earthy appeal to it that makes wine all the more elegant when paired with a range of meat meals ranging from beef to poultry. It’s also a pleasure to look at on its own.

Best Design: Eufloria Rosé

Drizly is the source of this image.

  • Washington, Columbia Valley
  • ABV:11.5 percent
  • Tasting Notes: Peach, Grapefruit, Lychee, Rosemary
  • Region: Washington, Columbia Valley

Obviously, selecting a wine only on the basis of its aesthetic appeal is improper, but when the wine in question is as wonderful as Eufloria, one need not be concerned with correct etiquette. Wine lovers will like this rosé combination, which comes in a gorgeous can (thanks to artist Flora Bowley) and is fragrant and pleasant to look at.

Moscato, riesling, and malbec are blended together to create a wine that is both aromatic and visually appealing. Continue reading: The Best Soft Coolers

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