What Is The Best Boxed Wine?

The 12 Best Boxed Wines to Drink in 2022

  • Best Overall: Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel.
  • Best Red: Pour Haus Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Best Rosé: Le Vieille Ferme.
  • Best White: Frontera Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Best Budget: Franzia Sunset Blush Pink Wine.
  • Best Chardonnay: Black Box Chardonnay.
  • Best Pinot Grigio: Bandit Pinot Grigio.


What is a good quality boxed red wine?

We Tried 5 Brands and Found the Best Boxed Red Wine

  • Big House Wine Co. Prohibition Red Blend.
  • Black Box Red Blend.
  • Bota Box RedVolution.
  • Franzia Dark Red Blend.
  • The Naked Grape Harvest Red Blend.

Which is better Bota box or black box wine?

I’d rate the Black Box significantly better for regular wine drinkers and Bota a good starting point for a beginner. Black wins the nod for overall quality.

Is boxed wine good quality?

Boxed wine can be just as good as wine that comes out of a bottle, and there are many factors to consider before determining a wine’s worth based on appearances. Both boxed wine and bottled wine have the potential to be of poor quality or of great quality. Keep that in mind as you are determining a wine’s worth.

What is the best Franzia box wine?

Chillable red comes out on top of many lists and appears to have the most votes as one of the best tasting Franzia wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon is next and is often listed as one of the best wine values in boxed wine.

Who makes Kirkland boxed wine?

The Kirkland Signature Napa Valley Red Blend is available exclusively at Costco for $10.99. Like many of the Kirkland Signature wines, it is cellared and bottled by DC Flynt MW Selections. It is made by Glenn Hugo, the winemaker at Girard Napa and B.R. Cohn.

Is Bota Box good?

Best Boxed Pinot Grigio: Bota Box 2018 California Pinot Grigio. Bota Box won this category as well! Bota Box 2018 California Pinot Grigio ($19 for 3 liters) was simply great-tasting, inexpensive Pinot Grigio. It has some nice flavors of ripe pear and crisp apple, bright, refreshing acidity, and a clean finish.

Is Trader Joe’s boxed wine good?

These Trader Joe’s Boxed wines are a really good value, easy to take on the go, and don’t taste too bad. It doesn’t have the most delicate or balanced taste, but this is actually very drinkable, as long as you go in with the right expectations.

How bad is Franzia?

Popular, budget-friendly wines brands like Charles Shaw (aka “Two-Buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s), Menage à Trois, and Franzia (Is nothing sacred?!) can contain up to five times the maximum amount of arsenic deemed safe for drinking water by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), reports CBS.

What is the difference between Bota Box and Nighthawk?

The Nighthawk line is in the same price range as standard Bota Box offerings, but features bolder flavors for more adventurous wine drinkers. This sauvignon blanc, for example, tastes more vividly of tart limes and leafy green herbs than their softer, more melony original offering.

Which is better black box or Bota Box chardonnay?

In general, Bota Box tends to have a stronger collection of wines, but narrowly, Bota’s Cab Sav is one of the fullest of the boxed Cab Savs, coming in right below Black Box which is saying something, because this varietal tends to lean sweet in boxed form for some reason.

Should Bota Box be refrigerated?

Storage Tips Black Box Wines don’t need to be refrigerated after opening because they stay fresh at room temperature. Before opening, all boxed wines can be stored either upright or on their sides. After opening, keep them upright or lay them down with the spout facing up.

Should you refrigerate boxed red wine?

It’s probably best to keep the bag-in-box wines in the fridge, even for reds, as with an opened bottle of wine. In any case, most red wines in a box tend to be lighter styles that are best enjoyed slightly chilled.

Is boxed wine as good as bottled?

That means boxed wine can stay fresh for up to one month, compared to bottled wines, which last for a week at best, once they’re open. And, vino in a box does more than simply save wine. That same simple packaging that turns off many wine drinkers is actually better for the environment than glass bottles.

Does barefoot wine come in a box?

Our wine comes in the classic 750ml bottle, handy 250ml cans and, our newest edition, Barefoot On Tap: a 3 litre bag in a box.

The 12 Best Boxed Wines (2022)

Boxed wine has a terrible reputation. The wine within is sometimes underestimated since it is assumed to be all mass-produced, low-quality juice, despite the fact that it is most typically packaged in a rubber bladder that is neatly packed inside a user-friendly cardboard box. And it is true that this is the case at times. Many of the popular big-box wine brands on the market are drank with quantity in mind rather than quality, and are rarely relished in the way that excellent wine is. However, this does not imply that all delectable vino is contained within a bottle.

Aside from that, boxed wine has an additional appealing feature: it’s ecologically beneficial.

Glass is difficult to get, it is ecologically harmful to manufacture, and it is tough to recycle.

One thing is as apparent as a slapped bag: boxed wine is here to stay, especially when compared to the lightweight, recyclable, and often biodegradable wonders seen below.

We then whittled it down to 12 of our favorites, which are listed below.

12. Le Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet ($34)

Picpoulis is the new Pinot Grigio, and you heard it here first: Le Petite Frog’s crisp French white wine exemplifies this style, which is light, uncomplicated, and rather neutral in flavor. It’s perfect for poolside drinking on the warmest of days, but it’s also good for a 5 o’clock pour at the end of a long workday in the winter. It makes up for its lack of flavor with crushability, which is another way of saying that it’s quite palatable and has a low alcohol content (12.5 percent ABV), which is perfect considering that each box includes the equivalent of four regular 750-milliliter wine bottles.

11. La Vieille Ferme Red Wine ($21)

The scents of this wine are initially overpowered by a sourness reminiscent of balsamic vinegar; nevertheless, after this scent has dissipated rapidly, an enticing bright fruitiness emerges, which carries over to the taste in a seamless transition. In the end, it’s a really good boxed wine from a well-known brand that can be found in practically any wine shop in America. Pair it with a slice of pizza and you’ll thank us later. 87 out of 100

10. ​​Vrac Rosé ($26)

According to Keith Beavers, head of tastings at VinePair, the current crop of Mediterranean rosés available on the market is sub-par. Vracrosé, a light, refreshingly pink wine packed in a simple bag, is an exception to this rule.

This wine has a flowery scent that is appealing and a grip that is intriguing on the palate. It is the epitome of “summer water.” It’s fruity, sessionable, and light enough to be the focus of any pool party, and it’s perfect for any occasion. 87 out of 100

9. Provisions Sauvignon Blanc ($17)

Without glancing at the label, it would be easy to mistake this ChileanSauvignon Blancfor a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, given the scents of green bell pepper, zesty lemon, and creamy melon that permeate the wine’s bouquet. In addition to having all of the easy-drinking charm that wine consumers look for in this style, it also has an inexpensive price point that makes it a go-to for seafood pairings as well as enjoying on its own. 88 out of 100

8. Volpina Toscana Rosso ($37)

This red blend from the central eastern coast of Italy has jammy scents that are accented by a hint of savory herbs. It is a perfect house wine because of its low alcohol content. Because of its intense acidity and drying tannins, this wine pairs exceptionally well with Italian cuisine, particularly pasta with pomodoro sauce. It will delight your box-averse pals as well as others with a wide range of tastes. 88 out of 100

7. House Wine Cabernet Sauvignon ($19)

House Wines’Cabis routinely outperformed the majority of the affordable bottles of the variety available on the market today, and it deserves to enjoy the same level of popularity as the rest of the market. It boasts a silky texture on the palate, excellent tannic structure, and a complex bouquet of black cherry, vanilla, coconut, and peppery spice flavors. 89 out of 100

6. Hérisson Vin Rouge ($30)

This red blend from Burgundy is lively and acidic, with rich berry fruit flavors and a high level of acidity. This is a wine that does not necessitate the consumption of food. Simply relax, get yourself a drink, turn on Netflix, and take it all in. Despite the fact that it is not the most sophisticated wine on the market, it is widely available, endlessly sessionable, and a step above many other wines in this price range. 89 out of 100

5. Wineberry Château Tassin Bordeaux Blanc 2020 ($40)

‘Wet rocks’ and a luscious, juicy pear drizzled with honey characterize the aroma of this Bordeaux Blanc, which is made of 85 percent Sauvignon Blanc and 15 percent Semillon. A strong minerality characterizes this wine, which also has a crisp, fresh tongue and a puckering acidity that is balanced by melony flavor. As a whole, this is a light, crowd-pleasing white wine that would be equally at home with light seafood pasta dishes as it would be with raw sushi rolls. 89 out of 100

4. Boxt Profile 5 ($89)

Boxt is a membership-based boxed wine business established in Austin, Texas, that provides eight distinct boxed blends, all of which are packed in stylish wooden boxes that look as good on your bar cart as they will taste in your glass. Profile 5 is a deep, rich California red mix that gives layers of rich, black fruit flavors and tannins that are tempered by a refreshing fruit core. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. This is a food wine that can stand up to hearty foods like lamb chops while being light enough to mix well with cheeses and other light dishes.

3. House Wine Chardonnay ($18)

This unoaked, easy-drinking Chardonnay from Washington State is a steal at less than $20 a bottle. It has everything we look for in an unoaked, easy-drinking Chardonnay: In spite of the absence of buttery oak that characterizes many other Chardonnays, it is crisp and refreshing, light enough to drink on its own at gatherings, and full-flavored.

The price per 750-milliliter bottle is less than $5, which means you can stock up for your next big party. 90 out of 100

2. Schplink Grüner Veltliner ($33)

Despite being a “serious” wine, this Grüner is a basic white wine at its best, with a lemony crispness and refreshing finish. Its intense acidity is countered by concentrated fruit notes, and it is clearly a wine to be enjoyed with food — try it with a charcuterie dish that is piled high with salty cheeses, smoked meats, briny pickles, and olives — or with a grilled chicken salad. It would be the center of attention at any dinner party or beach day. 90 out of 100

1. Sandy Giovese Vino Rosso ($34)

It would be easy to dismiss the wine contained within this bag-in-box as only aesthetically pleasing due to the innovative name and packaging design. However, this traditional Sangiovese should not be taken lightly. It satisfies all of the criteria we seek for in a daily beverage: With a pleasant acidity that balances the bitter sweetness of the cranberry and cherry fruit tastes, it is a simple and enjoyable drink. This is the ideal wine for a spaghetti night, and it can be sipped on its own while cooking or entertaining guests as well.

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Box Wines! The 2022 Guide To The Best Box Wine • Reverse Wine Snob

It’s no secret that box wine has a terrible name, and regrettably, most of it is well-deserved. In order to keep their expenses as low as possible, a disproportionate number of wine producers are relying only on the box — which includes filling it with the cheapest wine available. Lousy wine is bad wine, regardless of how cheap it is or what format it is served in! When it comes to respectable wineries offering fine wine in a box, we are continuously on the lookout for them for the right reasons – convenience, being environmentally friendly, no chance of cork taint, keeping fresh for weeks, and of course the cost savings in terms of packing and shipping (which hopefully get passed on to you).

To download a printable shopping list of the greatest box wines, please visit this page.

A brand that does not appear on our list is most likely because we do not recommend it in any way.

Read on for our list of The Best Box Wine!

This Wahluke Slope Cabernet-based combination, which is not your regular syrupy sweet stuff, elevates the standard for boxed wine. The Gratsi Old Country Red Box.Sauvignon Blanc from Horse Heaven Hills in a convenient 3 liter box, the Gratsi Old Country White boxed wine.Sauvignon Blanc from Horse Heaven Hills in a convenient 3 liter box, the Gratsi Old Country White boxed wine.Tempranillo from Castilla-La Mancha, Spain that has been partially aged in 100 percent French oak.The chicken strikes again!

In a box, you may enjoy a bottle of high-quality Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from Sokol Blosser.

The Evolution Lucky No.

I Tried Every Box of Wine I Could Find — Here’s What I’ll Buy from Now On

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Photograph courtesy of Sarah Crowley When it comes to wine drinking, it appears that many of us are putting more emphasis on quantity than on quality these days. What gives me such confidence? I work as a wine buyer at a retail establishment, where I’ve observed a trend in clients’ shopping behavior toward purchasing less priced wine in larger quantities. To be clear, I am not criticizing; rather, I am participating!

3 Reasons You Should Give Boxed Wine a Try

Despite the fact that boxed wine frequently receives a poor name, there are several reasons to like it. First and foremost, it is extremely cost effective. (The most obvious reason why it’s less expensive than most of its bottled equivalents is because the price per “bottle” is far lower when there isn’t actually a bottle.) Another significant advantage? When you drink wine from a box, you save money on wasted wine. The wine-in-a-bag-in-a-box may be the solution for you if you’re the type of person who can never finish a bottle before it starts to turn.

  1. It is not exposed to air since the wine is stored in a plastic bag while you are tasting its contents because it is sealed in the bag.
  2. This is due to the fact that cardboard packing is far lighter than glass.
  3. Are you in favor of the box?
  4. Now all you have to do is figure out which ones are worth your money.

How I Chose the Boxed Wines for Tasting

Given that casually stopping by different grocery shops isn’t the wisest course of action at the moment, I focused on items that were accessible at my local Kroger. Both Black Box and Dark Horse produce rosé in three-liter bag-in-box versions, but neither was available at the supermarket shop where I bought it from. As an alternative, I tried the same wines in their single-serve packaging. Furthermore, I included a number of possibilities from smaller importers that may be obtained through the internet.

As promised, here are some of my personal favorites from a variety of categories.

The Best Boxed Rosé: Provisions Rosé Wine

Choosing items from my local Kroger was the best option for me because randomly stopping by other grocery stores isn’t the best idea right now. I was unable to find either Black Box or Dark Horse rosé in the three-liter bag-in-box version at my local grocery shop, which was a disappointment. The wines were instead tasted in single-serve style, which was a nice change of pace. A number of alternatives from smaller importers that may be purchased online were also included. Observation: Although most of the boxes I purchased stated that they would be used for 30 days after opening, I have found that keeping the box in the refrigerator allows you to get more than five or six weeks out of it.

Continuing on with the promise, here are some of my favorite images in several different categories.

The Best Boxed Chardonnay: Bota Box California Chardonnay

A good value-priced Chardonnay in the “New World” style (with ripe fruit, pronounced oak influence, and buttery notes) is tough to come up with in the first place. It is not produced using pricey oak barrels; rather, it is created with “oak adjuncts,” which are oak staves or chips that are inserted in a stainless steel tank of wine to provide some oak taste. A clumsy application of oak adjuncts might result in wine that tastes like the scent of a Yankee vanilla candle. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about trying the Chardonnays in the boxes.

A bottle of Bota Box California Chardonnay ($20 for three liters) took first place in this category.

It came across as more balanced when compared to the other options I explored.

A barbecue is something I’d absolutely drink, and I might even have a second glass as I’m writing this.

Best Boxed Pinot Grigio: Bota Box 2018 California Pinot Grigio

Bota Box was also the winner in this category! Wines like Bota Box 2018 California Pinot Grigio ($19 for 3 liters) were simply excellent values in both of taste and price. Ripe pear and crisp apple notes, as well as a sharp, refreshing acidity, and a crisp finish characterize this wine’s taste profile. The nicest thing is that it wasn’t at all “sticky,” which is a negative effect that I frequently experience when drinking inexpensive wines. It was a wonderfully lovely pinot noir, to put it mildly.

Best Boxed Cabernet Sauvignon: Bota Box’s California Cabernet Sauvignon

My word is that I am not working in conjunction with Bota Box on this, but Bota Box’s California Cabernet Sauvignon($19 for 3 liters) is officially keeping the streak going. This was the greatest Cabernet I had had out of all the ones I tried. (However, if I didn’t know what I was tasting, I’d believe it was a low-cost Zinfandel because it’s a lot lighter in color than your typical Cabernet.) Baked strawberries come to mind when I smell and taste this wine, and there’s a hint of sweet spice in there as well — most likely oak adjuncts, but applied by someone who understands what they’re doing.

This would be a fantastic accompaniment to barbeque or Chinese takeout.

What I Learned About Boxed Wine During This Taste Test

To be honest, I didn’t anticipate a single brand to emerge as the clear victor, but Bota Box blew me away with their consistently excellent, easy-to-drink wines. As someone who has tasted wine as a retail buyer for many years, I can attest that the most difficult category to shop for is cheap wine. To come across an established brand that delivers on its promises over time is a rare and great discovery. A word of caution, though, about this method of consumption: unlike a transparent bottle, the opaque box makes it difficult to tell how much you’ve consumed, which might make your Zoom happy hours more fascinating than you meant!

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Originally from New York, Diane is a wine consultant, instructor, and author of the book This Calls For A Drink. Her education includes a Certificate in Wine and Beverage from the Culinary Institute of America, as well as certification from the Court of Master Sommels.

8 of the best boxed wines to try in 2021, and no, Franzia didn’t make our list

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Updated2021-07-22T18:01:04 ZBandit, Bota Box, House, Vin Vault, and Alyssa Powell/Insider are some of the names on the list. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, Insider may get a commission.

  • Unlike the Franzia that most people associate with boxed wine, there are many more sorts and brands to choose from
  • I recently taste-tested and compared numerous varieties and brands of boxed wine, and I’ve included my top alternatives in the following section

Something is in the process of loading. This content is meant for readers above the age of 21. Please remember to drink responsibly. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, seek assistance immediately. The National Helpline for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) is a free, confidential, and accessible service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you think about boxed wine, there’s a high chance that the first thing that springs to mind is the head-ache-inducing Franzia that you drank throughout your college years.

That is true of the majority of boxed wines.

Many boxed wines will keep for 30 days to six weeks after they have been opened, which is ideal for anyone who like to enjoy a casual glass of wine at a time without having to worry about a bottle going bad.

In addition, Blackwell-Calvert provided me with some helpful pointers on what to look for in a boxed wine to get me started.

How we tested

Something is in the process of downloading. There is a 21+ age restriction on the content on this page. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Obtain treatment if you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism. SAMSHA’s National Helpline (800-662-HELP (4357) is a free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week information and referral service for substance abuse and mental health treatment. When you think about boxed wine, there’s a high chance that the first thing that springs to mind is the head-ache-inducing Franzia that you drank back in your college days.

A lot of packaged wines are like this.

Not to mention that they’re popular with campers because they’re easier to pack and more ecologically friendly than their glass-bottle alternatives.

To find out if Franzia was truly as horrible as I remembered it (it was!) and if there were any better choices that I would really like sipping on (there are!

), I set out to find out if Franzia was really as bad as I remembered it (it was!) Also helpful were the suggestions from Blackwell-Calvert on what characteristics to look for in a boxed wine to get me started.

The best boxed wines to try in 2021

  • Bottle of Bota Box, Bottle of Bandit, Bottle of House Wine, Chateau Montaud Provence Rosé, Bottle of Vin Vault, Bottle of Via Borgia, Bottle of Waterbrook Two Ponds, Bottle of Bota Box

Bota Box

Box of Botanics/Facebook Bota Boxconveniently available in three distinct sizes: 3 liters, 1.5 liters, and a “small” version of 500 milliliters.Bota Box is packaged in environmentally friendly and reasonably easy to carry boxes. The three-liter choice is the more typical boxed wine size, and it’s your best pick if you’re planning on feeding a large number of guests. However, the minis are still less expensive than three glasses of wine and make an excellent argument for bringing them along on a picnic or a short weekend camping trip.

The Cabernet Sauvignon was exceptionally good, and the Malbec was my personal favorite of all the boxed wines I tasted.

Blueberry and blackberry flavors dominated the palate, with just the proper amount of heat to make it a refreshing drink that was also simple to consume.


Bandit Wines & Spirits/Facebook Bandit was another another clear favorite brand among the members of this group. These wines, which are clearly aimed towards outdoor lovers and people who want to take boxed wine on the move, are available in smaller one-liter and 500-milliliter sizes. The company, which is situated in California, was established in 2003 as an adventure-ready choice. Consumers who are ecologically aware will appreciate that the boxes are made from recycled materials and that one percent of all Bandit Wines sales is contributed to charitable organizations such as the National Park Foundation and Protect Our Winters, among others.

There are several distinct national parks represented in each of the four options on the box.

We loved a few of the Bandit wines, but the boxed whites were the standout performers.

House Wine

Winery Bandit Wines (Facebook page) For the group, Bandit was again another clear preferred brand. It is clear that these wines are aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and people who like to take boxed wine on the go. They are available in smaller sizes of one liter and 500 milliliters. Based in California, the company was established in 2003 as an adventure-ready alternative. The fact that the boxes are made of recycled materials and that one percent of all Bandit Wines sales is donated to charitable organizations such as the National Park Foundation and Protect Our Winters would appeal to environmentally aware shoppers.

There are several distinct national parks represented in each of the three options.

However, we were particularly taken with the boxed whites from Bandit, which we found to be quite appealing. Fresh, not-too-sweet fruity aromas like green apple characterized the Sauvignon Blanc, which was a particular standout.

Chateau Montaud Provence Rosé

Courtesy of Château Montaud on Facebook Following the advice of Blackwell-Calvert to choose wines from specific regions rather than broad nations, I chose this rosé from Provence and was rewarded with one of my favorite rosés of all the boxed rosés I tasted throughout my research. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I poured it out of the box myself, I would have been surprised to learn that it wasn’t from a bottle. A refreshing summer beverage with citrus and fruity aromas that is dry, light, and simple to drink, this wine is a great choice for sipping on a hot summer day.

Vin Vault

Courtesy of Château Montaud on Facebook. As a result of a recommendation from Blackwell-Calvert to choose wines from specific regions rather than broad nations, I decided to try this rosé from Provence, which turned out to be my favorite of the boxed rosés I tried. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I emptied it out of the box myself, I would have been surprised to learn that it wasn’t a bottle of anything. The citrus and fruity undertones make it a perfect choice for sipping on a hot summer day because it’s dry, light, and simple to drink while yet maintaining its refreshing taste.

Viña Borgia

Château Montaud’s Facebook page. Following the advice of Blackwell-Calvert to choose wines from specific regions rather than broad nations, I decided to try this rosé from Provence, which turned out to be my favorite of all the boxed rosés I tasted. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I poured it out of the box myself, I would have been surprised to discover that it wasn’t from a bottle. The citrus and fruity aromas make it a wonderful choice for sipping on a hot summer day because it is dry, light, and simple to drink.

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Waterbrook Two Ponds

Waterbrook, like House Wine, is a Washington-based winery situated in Walla Walla, Washington. The winery, which opened in 1984, is home to a 49-acre vineyard as well as the two ponds that bear the winery’s name. Sample the wines in the company’s tasting room or in selected restaurants, or you may have the wine appear at your next party thanks to the company’s boxed selections. The tropical fruit notes and a hint of vanilla in the Chardonnay made it crisp and easy to drink, which I appreciated.

Black Box

Similarly to House Wine, Waterbrook is a Washington-based winery situated in Walla Walla. A 49-acre vineyard and two eponymous ponds are part of the winery, which was established in 1984. You may taste the wines in the company’s tasting room or in some restaurants, or you can have the wine show up at your next party thanks to the company’s packaged choices. Thanks to tropical fruit notes and a trace of vanilla, I found the Chardonnay fresh and simple to drink. Meanwhile, the Cabernet Sav has a robust and somewhat acidic flavor that will appeal to those who like a dryer red wine.

What to look for in a boxed wine

Waterbrook, like House Wine, is a Washington-based winery situated in Walla Walla. The winery, which was established in 1984, is home to a 49-acre vineyard as well as the two ponds that bear the winery’s name. Sample the wines in the company’s tasting room or in some restaurants, or you may have the wine present at your next party thanks to the company’s packaged choices.

The tropical fruit notes and a trace of vanilla made the Chardonnay fresh and easy to drink, which I appreciated. Meanwhile, the Cab Sav has a robust and somewhat acidic flavor that will appeal to those who like a dryer red wine.

Precautions to consider

Waterbrook, like House Wine, is based in Walla Walla, Washington. The winery, which opened its doors in 1984, is surrounded by a 49-acre vineyard and the two ponds that bear its name. You may experience the wines in the company’s tasting room or in some restaurants, or you can have the wine show up at your next celebration thanks to the company’s packaged choices. The tropical fruit aromas and a trace of vanilla made the Chardonnay fresh and simple to drink, according to me. Meanwhile, the Cab Sav has a strong and somewhat acidic flavor that consumers searching for a drier red wine would like.

8 Boxed Wines That Will Change Your Opinion About Boxed Wine

Waterbrook, like House Wine, is a Washington-based winery situated in Walla Walla, Washington. The winery, which opened in 1984, is home to a 49-acre vineyard as well as the two ponds that bear the winery’s name. Sample the wines in the company’s tasting room or in selected restaurants, or you may have the wine appear at your next party thanks to the company’s boxed selections. The tropical fruit notes and a hint of vanilla in the Chardonnay made it crisp and easy to drink, which I appreciated.

The 10 Best Boxed Wines to Buy Right Now

Forget about the alcoholic beverages you consumed during your college years. Wine in a box is a terrific alternative for your summer drinking plans because it is environmentally responsible, readily transportable, and increasingly excellent. Boxed wine has its place and time, and it’s not simply because of the apparently infinite pours that wine connoisseurs are accustomed to. As an added bonus, they’re incredibly environmentally friendly, and they’ll last for at least three weeks in the fridge, whereas a conventional bottle would only last four to five days.

Most boxed wines are packaged in three-liter bags, which is the equal of four bottles of wine, making them ideal for large gatherings such as barbecues, home parties, and family gatherings.


They’re not complicated enough to necessitate the use of a Riedel wine glass, but that’s also one of the reasons they’re useful to have around.

Vin Vault Chardonnay California 3L($20)

Rich and creamy, with acidic apple and pear aromas and delicate notes of caramel and toasted toffee on the end, this wine is a delight. Also keep an eye out for the Cabernet Sauvignon, which has a rich ruby-purple color and has luscious black fruit scents, as well as hints of graphite and sweet oak spice, among other things. Intensely flavored with chocolate-covered black cherry and vanilla bean, it has chewy tannins and a slight smoky herbaceous note that lingers on the finish, which has a blueberry compote undertone.

Bota Box Merlot California 3L($15)

Intense acidic apple and pear flavors abound in this wine, which finishes with faint caramel and toasted toffee notes in the background. There is also a Cab Sauvignon in this vineyard, which is a rich ruby-purple in color and has very luscious black fruit flavors, as well as graphite and sweet oak spice. Intensely flavored with chocolate-covered black cherry and vanilla bean, it has chewy tannins and a slight smoky herbaceous note that lingers on the finish, which has a blueberry compote tint.

Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon Chile 3L($17)

This wine has a ruby-purple hue in the glass, and it has gentle and warm flavors reminiscent of black cherry and black currant that lead to a finish that is tinted with vanilla bean, toast, and chocolate. If you don’t want to commit to a complete box, you may get 500 mL Go-Packs.

Wineberry Chateau Tassin Bordeaux Blanc 3L($39)

This Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon combination is fresh and clean, with clear citrus aromas, sharp minerality, and robust acidity. It’s well worth the search. Consider the possibilities of virtually endless pours with oysters and seafood!

2017 VRAC Rosé VdP de Méditerranée France($30)

There are wild strawberry flavors in this wine, and it has a good mineral through-line as well as a pleasantly sharp acidity.

Bandit Pinot Grigio California 1L and 500ml Tetra Pak or 3 L($7 and $22)

Bandit vintners Charles Bieler, Joel Gott, and Roger Scommegna have partnered with the National Park Foundation, donating a significant sum of money in honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System. Look for the National Park themed tetra paks to commemorate this partnership, which is available now. Expect bright and crisp tropical fruit aromas, a creamy texture, and a generous mouth-coating character with a generous mouth-coating profile.

La Vieille Ferme White Wine (Vin Blanc) France 3L($25)

The white wine, which was my favorite of the three La Vieille Ferme box wines I tasted, has a light gold color, a tropical fruit scent with notes of underripe banana and hints of pineapple, and a chalky, mineral flavor on the finish. It has decent acidity and a mouth-coating texture. In addition, seek for the boxed rosé, which has a pale salmon pink hue and is fairly basic and clean in flavor, with strawberry, white peach, and prickly pear aromas and flavors as well as delicate Mediterranean herb notes.

This wine has a deep ruby-purple color and is rather soft on the palate, with mouth-coating tannins, delicate red berry and earthy scents, and a peppery finish that lingers.

Beso Del Sol White Sangria Spain 500ml Tetra Pak($6)

Featuring a smooth texture and flavors of lychee, candied peach, and prickly pear, this cocktail is best served over ice with slices of ripe pear and pineapple, as well as granny Smith apple. Also try the pink sangria, which features flavors of rich candied watermelon, happy rancher green apple, and overripe peach in addition to other fruits. Serve it over ice, garnished with peach, pear, and green apple slices sliced into small pieces.

Finally, the red sangria is also delicious, with overtones of acidic, candied red berry fruit and brown spices in addition to the other flavors. Sliced peaches, plums, pears, and apples should be served on ice with the sauce.

Vina Borgia Garnacha Campo de Borja Spain 3L($20)

In this medium ruby colored wine, flavors of dark cherry and blueberry compote blend with undertones of milk chocolate on a round and plush texture that is round and plush. When was the last time you drank a bottle of Spanish box wine? Seek it out and you will find it!

2019 Radio Boca Tempranillo 3L($23)

Intense notes of black berries and plum combine with an oaky mocha finish to create this Tempranillo from the Castilla area of Spain’s Alavesa region. The 3-liter box’s stylish retro-radio design is sure to please the masses, and the same can be said about the flavor.

I Drank (Nearly) All the Boxed Wine in the World. These Are the Best Kinds.

Courtesy My favorite bottle of wine in college was Franzia, Chillable Red, which I used to keep in my refrigerator. I would categorize it as the box of the people. My friends at that little liberal arts college were well aware that they might walk into the building at any time and find me sipping on my second or third Mason jar full of the concoction. Because it was in a box, they were also aware that if they chose to knock on my door, they would always find a glass waiting for them inside. With the exception of my five-year stint as a chain smoker (in the literal sense, not the musical meaning), I’ve struggled to find something more uniting than sharing a box of wine with friends and family.

  1. The difference is that, after a certain point, the majority of us begin to drink wine from proper wine glasses.
  2. Our palate develops beyond the vague red mix that we keep in the refrigerator.
  3. We’ve made progress.
  4. The idea of boxed wine may conjure up images of a specific cultural style, something that more sophisticated people could dismiss as trashy.
  5. But I was really interested in seeing what the area beyond Franzia looked like these days, so I went out there.
  6. For reasons that are personal to me, this list is heavily skewed toward reds.
  7. To get you started, the Chardonnay from House Wine and the Pinot Grigio from the Naked Grape are both fantastic choices.

With that said, here is my judgment of the top boxed wines available right now on the market.

So I knew this was the first box I had a strong connection with since it was also the first box I had gladly devoured in one sitting.

It was made by combining different red varietals together, resulting in a glass that was neither too dry nor overly sweet.

Bota Box Nighthawk Black Rich Red Wine Blend (Bota Box Nighthawk Black Rich Red Wine Blend) Among the grape varieties tested in this experiment, I feel it is the red mixes that stand out the most.

This box holds a tremendous amount of significance for me.

Moreover, although other boxed wines are a little thin on the palate, Nighthawk is rich and full-bodied in a way that its competitors just cannot compete with.

Let’s simply put it this way: I would have never imagined that this was coming from a plastic faucet.

Chillable Red, this isn’t my first offspring, believe it or not.

But it also manages to touch me in that nostalgic collegiate sense that I remember from back in the day.

I also woke up with a huge hangover since the risk with boxed wine is that you don’t complete a whole bottle in one sitting as you should.

This is where I climb on my pedestal, which is made of cardboard, and declare that Franzia is a real contender in the world of fine wine.

Also notable is the buttery tang that adds an unusual depth of taste that raises it above and beyond a typical boxed red wine experience.

However, you must improve the spout mechanism, since I came close to choosing sobriety over the struggle to get it open in the first place a few of times.

I believe I had a slight bias going into this experiment since I wanted to concentrate on Cabernet Sauvignon, which happens to be my favorite grape variety.

This is, without a doubt, the box I would pick to keep on hand at all times if I wanted to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Black Box has a well-established taste, an excellent depth of flavor, and a long shelf life.

Please don’t sue me.

This one is perfectly OK.

That’s saying something considering that this variety, for whatever reason, tends to lean sweet when packaged in a box.

This is an excellent wine to serve at a gathering when you plan to share your box of wine.

The answer is yes, to a large extent.

I thought it tasted fresh but less powerful than the bottle, and there’s a technical reason for that: a process known as “flavor scalping,” in which some of the more flowery notes in wine are able to escape into the plastic, which is why it seemed less robust.

Was La Vieille Ferme in a Box still a good buy in my opinion?

Something that reminds me of summer must be present till the sun is visible for more than three hours every day again.

There isn’t a single wine on this list that I would dismiss out of hand.

This isn’t what we want to call a church.

When it comes to this list of (mostly) red wines, this is the one exception where I would say: If you want a Syrah, go buy a bottle of Syrah.

This wine has a lot going for it, including a unique Syrah twist that you won’t find in a red blend.

The Naked Grape California Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine made from the grapes of the Naked Grape.

Naked Grape is the bottle of wine I give to people when I want them to believe I’ve tried something when, in fact, I haven’t.

It’s a good name.

However, this Cabernet Sauvignon varietal in a box is much stronger than it should be!

I would also say that I prefer the packaging of the product over the bottle.

That’s a bold statement, but consider the context in which we live today.

Block Red Shiraz is a blend of shiraz and shiraz.

Even if we want to act as sommeliers about flavor profiles, if you have an unsightly exterior, selling your product will be much more difficult to accomplish.

What is it about their homey designs that always manage to draw me in?

Not only is it a jab at Trader Joes, but it also describes my own personal style perfectly.

Yes, there are better Australian Shiraz options available, but do they come packaged in a way that makes you feel cooler than you actually are?

There’s a distinct impression that this is a wine that was created specifically for a box.

Some firms, I believe, just put the same wine they bottle into a bag and then into a box and say, “Here you go!” However, there is a layering to Vin Vault that a lot of other varietals don’t strike as hard.

It’s my own fault that I didn’t like the fruits and spices.

Every day, get expert advice on the best beverages to consume.

In addition to being a writer for Esquire, Justin Kirkland is an East Tennessee native who presently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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We Tried 5 Brands to Find The Best Boxed Wine

Every editorial product is chosen on its own merits, while we may be compensated or earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links. As of the time of writing, the ratings and pricing are correct, and all goods are in stock.

Boxed wine can be surprisingly delicious (and affordable). Find out which brand deserves to be called the best boxed red wine.

Home Cooking at Its Finest It’s possible to feel a bit stressed right before a party when I’m fully immersed in the entertaining mentality. In between all of the cooking and decorating—and don’t get get me started on the cleaning—I prefer to take a break from the usual fare when it comes to consuming alcoholic drinks. When it comes to large families and large celebrations, a bottle or two of red wine just will not suffice. I’d be uncorking bottles all night long! When that happens, I prefer to rely on pre-packaged wine.

Recently, though, it appears that the boxed wine area of my local grocery shop has grown in size.

The wines we tasted were as follows:

  • The Big House Wine Company was founded during the Prohibition era. Naked Grape Harvest Red Blend
  • Black Box Red Blend
  • Bota Box RedVolution
  • Franzia Dark Red Blend
  • The Naked Grape Harvest Red Blend
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While we did drink them in a blind test, we did take a look at the cost at the conclusion of the process. Here are a few of our personal favorites:

Best Crowd-Pleaser: Bota Box RedVolution Red Blend

Home Cooking at Its Finest When it comes to red blend wines, you can never be certain of what you’ll receive until you taste it. After all, red wines range in sweetness from fairly sweet (think of some Zinfandels) to quite dry (think of some Cabernets). Bota Box’s mix was on the sweeter side, which in my opinion made it more appealing to a wider range of people. It found the ideal mix between being a little sweet (great for us Pinot Grigio fans) and having a richness that was reminiscent of red wine.

In terms of flavor, we discovered that this combination had a strong presence.

Despite the fact that it was robust, this wine was quite smooth and completely palatable.

  • The cost of a 3L box (20 glasses) is $15.47
  • The cost of a glass is $0.77.

Best for Red Wine Fanatics: Black Box Red Blend

Taste of HomeApart from the crowd-pleasing selections, the red wine connoisseurs in our tasting group favored this blend from Black Box. A strong scent was immediately noticeable once we poured ourselves a little sample. A wine having a strong scent, it seems to reason that it would have a strong taste as well. Yes, you are quite correct! The red mix from Black Box was pleasantly robust, as we discovered after taking a drink. When compared to the range of sweet to dry wines, this one fell perfectly in the middle, making it a delight to drink on its own or with food.

It took us a little while (and a few drinks) to figure out which tastes were which, but in the end, we detected undertones of plum, berries, vanilla, and a hint of spice (which sounds like the makings of a delicious dessert!).

The finish of this wine was lengthy, allowing us to absorb the delicate nuances that had been introduced earlier.

  • The cost of a 3L box (20 glasses) is $15.99
  • The cost of a glass is $0.80.

Best Value: Franzia Dark Red Blend

Home Cooking at Its Finest Who doesn’t think of Franzia when it comes to boxed wine, and for good reason. The perceived value of this vintage brand was highly praised. It costs less than $20 to buy a five-liter box (usually boxed wines are just three-liters), which equates to $0.46 per glass. But, aside from its incredible value, Franzia’s Dark Red Blend also struck us with its complex fragrance. This red mix was slightly dry, but it also provided us with some earthier tastes that were complimented by faint hints of currants.

It was something about the deep fruit tastes and a dash of spice that made us think of fruitcake (in a nice way, of course).

  • The cost of a 5L box (34 glasses) is $15.47
  • The cost of a glass is $0.46.

The Bottom Line

Taste testing may be a challenging endeavor. The fact that we all agreed on our top three choices after tasting these wines was unusual for our panel. As a whole, we’d be happy to taste any of these delectable boxed wines – Bota, Black, or Franzia – at the next holiday gathering.35 Flavorful Ways to Finish Off a Bottle of Wine

Shrimp Puttanesca

To make a hearty seafood pasta dish, I combine these daring ingredients in a jiffy. • Lynda Balslev, from Sausalito, California (Read on to find out what “cooking wine” truly means.)

Parmesan Chicken with Artichoke Hearts

For a long time, I’ve been a fan of the chicken and artichoke combination. Here’s how I put my own lemony spin on it. This supper is a lot of pleasure to serve, especially with all the positive feedback it receives. Carl Giles of Hoquiam, Washington, contributed to this article. Here are some professional recommendations on how to prepare meals with wine.

Burgundy Pears

Despite the fact that they’re so simple, these warm spiced pears transcend slow cooking to an entirely new level of elegance. Your guests will be surprised to learn that this elegant dessert was made in a slow cooker. The author, Elizabeth Hanes, of Peralta, New Mexico,

Beef Osso Bucco

Serve beautiful comfort food to your holiday visitors to make them feel special. We use a rich, savory sauce for our osso bucco steak, which is accentuated by the addition of gremolata, which is a chopped herb condiment created from lemon zest, garlic, and parsley. —Greendale, Wisconsin’s Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Parmesan Risotto

Risotto is a creamy rice dish that originates in Italy. In this variation, the rice is briefly sautéed before being cooked over a low heat with wine and spices until tender. — Test Kitchen for Taste of Home

Peppercorn Beef Top Loin Roast

This mouthwatering meal is enhanced with a red wine sauce that matches the brown sugar rub on the roast. You can’t go wrong with this hearty cuisine from the South! —Taste of Home Cooking Demonstration Kitchen

Chicken Piccata with Lemon Sauce

This zesty, yet delicate lemon chicken piccata will become one of your favorite dishes to serve to guests after you’ve tried it.

The chicken is seasoned with parmesan and parsley and then cooked till golden brown before being drizzled with a mild lemon sauce. Susan Pursell, of Fountain Valley, California, provided this testimonial.

Beef Filets with Portobello Sauce

These delectable steaks appear to be something exceptional, yet they are simple enough to prepare for a weeknight supper. The filets with mushrooms on top are served with crusty French bread, a mixed salad, and a light lemon dessert, which we particularly appreciate. Tampa, Florida resident Christel Stein wrote in to say

Wintertime Braised Beef Stew

This simple beef stew is wonderfully hearty and filling. Because it tastes even better the next day or two, it’s a good idea to prepare a double batch. Californian Michaela Rosenthal, of Woodland Hills, expressed her gratitude.

Sour Cherry Sorbet

My mother-in-law has a sour cherry tree in her yard that produces several quarts of cherries every June, and this recipe is a terrific way to use up some of the cherries she produces. On a hot summer day, this icy sweet-sour sorbet is a delightful treat to indulge in. Carol Gaus of Itasca, Illinois, sent in this message.

Ultimate Pot Roast

Cooking a pot roast in a Dutch oven is the ultimate in comfort cuisine. As soon as the juicy pot roast is simmering in a sauce of garlic and onions, and vegetables are added, everyone comes racing to ask, “When can we eat?” What is the solution? Just be patient; it will be worth it in the end. —Taste of Home Cooking Demonstration Kitchen

Chicken SausageGnocchi Skillet

When I wanted a quick meal, I threw together a bunch of fresh vegetables with sausage, gnocchi, and goat cheese that I had in the fridge. Make your own concoctions by combining and matching different components. The author, Dahlia Abrams of the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan

Honey-Roasted ChickenRoot Vegetables

When my entire family gathers for supper, I prepare a large dish of roast chicken served with sweet potatoes, carrots, and fennel, among other things. My father is the president of the fan club. Kelly Ferguson, of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, sent the following response:

Pork ChopsMushrooms

This recipe was given to me by my mother-in-law years ago, and I have been making it ever since. My family like the combination of sweetness and a little spice. Helen Rigo of Wickenburg, Arizona, sent in this message:

Skillet Chicken with Olives

My cousin Lilliana, who lives in Italy, prepared this delectable chicken dish for me while I was there visiting her. It has become a family favorite in the United States as well. • Rosemarie Pisano, of Revere, Massachusetts, writes:

Poached Pears with Orange Cream

With this simple and gorgeous dessert, you may bring the meal to a close with a flourish. A smidgeon of orange provides just enough sweetness to balance the wine’s assertive flavor. —Julianne Schnuck from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mixed Greens with Lemon Champagne Vinaigrette

This champagne vinaigrette recipe is both simple and tasty, and it goes great with mixed greens or any salad of your choosing. —Ray Uyeda, of Mountain View, California, United States

SweetSpicy Pickled Red Seedless Grapes

When it comes to making a canned pickle recipe, most people don’t think of grapes first. The pickling liquid for these grapes is made out of red wine, vinegar, and conventional pickling spices such as coriander, mustard seeds, and hot pepper; it also contains warm spices such as cinnamon and star anise, as well as brown sugar and other ingredients.

If you’re serving an antipasto, pickle or cheese platter, these flavor-packed grapes will stand out from the crowd. Cheryl Perry, of Hertford, North Carolina, sent in this message.

The Best ChickenDumplings

Cooking chicken and dumplings from scratch is a rewarding experience. Bring me back to my youth and the chilly days when we ate those adorable tiny dough balls soaking in a heated, creamy soup. It’s one of those soups that you’ll want to eat again and over again and again. The writer, Erika Monroe-Williams, of Scottsdale, Arizona

Duck Breasts with Apricot Chutney

Consider using a chafing dish to keep this dinner warm if you’re serving it as part of a buffet-style spread. —Taste of Home Cooking Demonstration Kitchen

Chicken Thighs with ShallotsSpinach

What could be better than an entrée that comes with a side of creamy vegetables to accompany it? This quick and easy meal comes together in no time and makes a visually appealing presentation as well. The writer, Genna Johannes, of Wrightstown, Wisconsin

Sea Scallops and Fettuccine

This beautiful and lemony pasta dish is so simple to prepare that it has quickly become one of our family’s weekly supper staples. However, it is also formal enough to be served to visitors. Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

SausageCannellini Bean Soup

Here’s a meal that I based on a dish from a well-known Chicago restaurant. We believe it is on par with the original. This is a dish that I prepare at least once a week. It’s a delicious method to ensure that my lunchbox is full of nutritious selections. Mariann McGinnis of Peoria, Arizona, contributed to this article.

AniseWine Cookies

My grandma could not communicate effectively in English, but she understood the language of delicious food. This recipe for wine biscuits is crisp and delicious, and it is best enjoyed after being soaked in even more wine. — Julia Meyers of Scottsdale, Arizona, sent in this photo.

Spring Green Risotto

Approximately once each week, I post a new dish on my blog, An Officer and a Vegan. When I first prepared this risotto, I was in desperate need of something cheery and comforting to eat. While asparagus, zucchini, and summer squash would all be excellent additions, feel free to use whatever vegetables are in season. —Deanna McDonald, who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Spicy Lemon Chicken Kabobs

When I see Meyer lemons at the grocery store, I know it’s springtime. These simple chicken kabobs are a favorite of mine to make with them, but normal grilled lemons still have the distinctive smoky taste that I love. — Terri Crandall lives in Gardnerville, Nevada, and she is a writer.

White Wine Garlic Chicken

This garlic chicken dish is delicious served over cooked brown rice or your favorite pasta dish. Don’t forget to finish with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. —Heather Esposito, from Rome and New York City

Wine-Braised Chicken with Pearl Onions

This is a traditional family recipe that was passed down from my grandma in London. It was something she cooked for every family event. Whenever there was a meal, it was always the first to arrive on the table and the first to depart. • Wayne Barnes, a resident of Montgomery, Alabama

Contest-Winning Chicken Cacciatore

My husband and I are the owners and operators of a thriving farm.

There are days when there just isn’t enough time to prepare a meal! The scent of this delicious slow cooker chicken cacciatore filling the home as you walk in the door at night is really intoxicating! In Liberty, Pennsylvania, Aggie Arnold-Norman writes:

Chili Sauce Chicken

Chili sauce, garlic, and basil give these juicy chicken thighs a delicious flavor boost. We like the soft grilled chicken not just during the summer months, but all year round as well. Idyllwild, California resident Marilyn Waltz shares her thoughts.

Chicken with Red Wine Cream Sauce

My creamy chicken recipe tastes like a dish from a five-star restaurant, yet it just takes minutes and only a few ingredients to prepare. Fresh rosemary should be used. Trust me on this. —Sarah Campbell, a resident of Terre Haute, Indiana

Cozumel Red Snapper Veracruz

Cozumel, Mexico, is home to superb red snapper in the manner of the Veracruz coast. You won’t be able to bring it home, so make your own. Instead of using the foil package, try using parchment paper. • Barb Miller (Oakdale, Minnesota) says

Slow Cooker Spiced Poached Pears

There are a variety of reasons why I enjoy this dessert dish, including the fact that it is on the healthier side, that it is simple to make, that it can be made in large part ahead of time, and that it is visually appealing. —Jill Mant, of Denver, Colorado, United States

BeefMushroom Braised Stew

Every spring, my family and I travel out to our wooded acreage to forage for morel mushrooms, which we subsequently use to make this hearty stew. Of course, morels are used in this recipe, but baby portobellos or button mushrooms would also work. —Amy Wertheim of Atlanta, Illinois, U.S.

Three-Cheese Fondue

This simple dish was sent to me by my daughter, who currently resides in France. It’s become my go-to fondue, and I prepare it for my family on a regular basis. — Betty A. Mangas, a resident of Toledo, Ohio

Italian Sausage Kale Soup

Every fall, my mother dehydrates the remainder of the tomatoes from her garden, which makes them ideal for fast soups like this one. When I have the opportunity to prepare dry beans, I do it; but, don’t be concerned if you don’t. Beans in a can are just as wonderful as fresh beans. Liri Terry from Chicago, Illinois sent this in.

Honeydew Granita

Make this cool summer treat when melons are ripe and tasty, which is throughout the summer months. To finish off each glass, I like to garnish it with a sprig of mint or a little piece of honeydew fruit. —Bonnie Hawkins from Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Sirloin with Mushroom Sauce

A tantalizing mix of rich brown mushroom sauce and delicate pieces of peppery steak is a delicious way to wind down after a long day at the office or at home. It’s impressive enough to serve to guests and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. —Joe Elliott from West Bend, Wisconsin

Lehmejun (Armenian Pizza)

This pizza-style dish was given to me by my buddy Ruby’s mother, who is an insanely talented cook. Preparing flour tortillas instead of making a dough gave the dish a personal touch and a tweak that I like. Ketchum, Idaho resident Tamar Yacoubian

Warm CrabSpinach Dip

In Maryland, we stayed at a motel that provided visitors with a recipe for crab dip as well as a spice packet to take home. Now, I’ve created my own dip that brings back fond memories of that vacation. — Kristina Wenner lives in Jamison, Pennsylvania with her family.

Glazed Roast Chicken

This is a dish that I enjoy making for midweek dinners.

This roast chicken may be served with either an apricot glaze or a quince jelly. Victoria Miller, of San Ramon, California, sent in this message.

Artichoke Mushroom Lasagna

The addition of artichokes and baby portobellos enhances the taste and depth of this outstanding meal. —Bonnie Jost from Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

After finishing our Christmas shopping, we decided that a bottle of wine would be too much for us to consume before starting our holiday cooking. I substituted half a cup of sugar for the juice in the cranberry sauce, and voila! A new dish was born! —Helen Nelander from Boulder Creek, California.

Red, WhiteBlue Potato Salad

Cooked potatoes are infused with flavor when they are immediately tossed with stock and wine after they have been drained. It’s as though the liquid absorbed by magic. • George Levinthal from Goleta, California Following that, here are 13 simple food and wine pairings that everyone should be familiar with.

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