How To Wrap Wine Glasses For A Gift? (Solution)

You can wrap a wine glass using the same method as above. Simply place the wine glass in the center of the cello sheet. Pull up the edges and corners wrapping a ribbon around the excess. For added cushioning add tissue paper or bubble wrap inside the cellophane before wrapping.

How do you wrap glass in wrapping paper?


  1. Prepare the Box. If you’re using paper, whether it’s packing paper or newsprint, crumple up several sheets, enough to cover the bottom of the box.
  2. Wrap Big, Heavy Glasses.
  3. Wrap Identical Glasses 2 at a Time.
  4. Box Up the First Layer.
  5. Fill the Box.
  6. Wrapped Stemmed Glasses.
  7. Cushion the Top.
  8. Check and Seal the Box.

How do you pack wine glasses without dividers?

When packing stemware without dividers, we want to make sure the cushioning on top of and below each layer of wrapped stemware is thick and stable. Lay some wrinkled paper across your layer, add a layer of crumpled paper balls, then cover with more flattened paper before packing your next layer of glasses.

How to Wrap Wine Glasses for a Gift

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Drinking glasses are a simple yet elegant present that may be given to anybody. The proper wrapping of wine glasses is essential to preventing them from breaking, and there are various different ways to do this task. If you need to wrap glasses fast, placing the glasses in a gift bag that has been wrapped in tissue paper is an excellent choice. You may also arrange wine glasses in a box with packing material or even tie them together with cellophane to create a visually appealing presentation.

  1. Lay 2-3 pieces of tissue paper or cellophane flat on a table to create a tablecloth. If you want the wine glass to be seen through the cellophane wrapping, use two sheets of transparent cellophane per wine glass. Alternatively, choose tissue paper in the colors you like (for example, yellow, pink, or blue) and arrange them on a flat surface on top of one another.
  • Prepare a sufficient amount of cellophane or tissue paper to wrap each wine glass individually.
  • 2 Decorate the wine glass with any additional embellishments or fillings, if desired. Decorate the wine glass by wrapping imitation flowers around the stem or filling it with little cosmetic objects such as chocolates or cosmetics. Add decorations to the wine glass before wrapping it to make it appear more festive if you so choose
  • Fill the wine glass with different colored candies to give it a festive look, or fill it with strands of colorful tissue paper if you’re wrapping it in transparent cellophane to give it a festive look.
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  • s3 Place the wine glass in the center of the paper or cellophane, so that it rests on the paper or cellophane. Place it as evenly as possible on the tissue paper or transparent cellophane so that you’ll have plenty on each side to tie the glass together. There will be plenty of paper or cellophane left over if you’re using a stemless glass. Pulling the four corners of the paper up will help to keep them together at the top. Keep the glass firm in the center of your hand while lifting each corner of the paper or cellophane so that you’re holding them above the glass. This group of flowers over the rim of the glass is where you’ll tie everything together
  • 5 Tightly bind the pile of paper together over the rim of the glass with a ribbon. Choose a ribbon in a color that complements your tissue paper, and make sure that the ribbon is of a thickness that will allow you to knot it effortlessly. Prepare an at least 1-foot-long (0.30-meter) string of ribbon, and tie it in a bow around the four corners of paper or cellophane to keep them together neatly
  • Make the bow a little tighter than usual so it doesn’t fall undone
  • Using the same procedure, wrap the remaining wine glasses in your collection.
  1. 1 Prepare a flat surface by laying down two pieces of plain packing paper. Breakable goods should be packed using packing paper that is often seen in moving boxes and can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement shop. On a table, spread out two pieces of paper and stack them on top of one another in an equal layer
  • You may also use bubble wrap instead of packing paper to protect your belongings.
  • 2Put the wine glass on its side on the sheet of paper and set it aside. The optimum position to place the wine glass is towards the middle of the table or close to one of the edges. If you put it down in the center, it will ensure that you have paper on all sides to wrap it with, while placing it at an edge will make rolling it up incredibly simple
  • 3 Roll the glass in the paper and tape it to the table using masking tape. Holding one side or edge of the packing paper to the wine glass, continue rolling it in the opposite direction of the original direction of movement. You should keep holding the paper to the glass until you can roll it without the paper coming undone (around 10 minutes). When you’re finished, use a piece of tape to hold the paper in place.
  • Take care to ensure that the paper completely covers the wine glass.
  • 4 For added protection, add another piece of paper on top. Place the wine glass on another sheet of paper, this time rolling it in a different direction so that it completely covers the glass. Repeat the process with the third piece of paper. This will assist you in covering up any locations that you may have missed or that are very delicate.
  • To hold the second layer in place, tape it down with a piece of masking tape. For wine glasses with stems, it’s a good idea to add a second layer of paper to help preserve the stem from damage.
  • 5 To give cushioning to the wine glass, fold the extra paper inside the glass. Make sure the paper at the bottom of the wine glass is flat by pressing it down. Using your fingers, carefully press the top of the paper into the wine glass to provide further protection and to complete the wrapping
  • This gives the packaging a more organized and secure appearance
  • 6 Place the wine glass in a gift bag once it has been wrapped. Choose a gift bag that is large enough to accommodate the wine glass and place the glass inside the bag to protect it. Packing a wrapped wine glass in a bag vertically is best, so that the bottom of the wine glass rests on the bottom of the bag as well. Add a couple of sheets of tissue paper to the bag to give it a more beautiful appearance while also concealing the wrapped wine glass from view.
  1. 1Either purchase a wine glass storage box or repurpose an existing box for this use. Several big-box retailers provide wine glass boxes that you may use to easily wrap your present in a short amount of time. Additionally, if you have a box at home that you can reuse and that will fit the wine glass (or glasses), that works perfectly as well. 2 Put shredded paper or some type of filler in the box to make it more substantial. Fill the box with packing peanuts or another soft substance that may be laid down in the box to prevent the wine glasses from breaking. Fill the box halfway with the filling, making sure that the entire bottom is covered and that the box is approximately two-thirds of the way filled, before sealing the box.
  • Obtain present packaging materials from your local dollar shop or large box store.
  • 3 Carefully pack the wine glass in the box, using as much packing material as possible. Place the glass in the box and use the packing material to wrap it, ensuring that it is cushioned on all sides of the box. As soon as the wine glass is placed in the box, add more packing paper to the top of the glass to ensure that it is extremely well cushioned
  • Check to be that there is adequate packing material around each glass if your box is holding more than one glass. This will prevent the glasses from bumping against one another. If you are concerned about the glass sliding around in the box, you should include additional gift packaging paper.
  • 4 If the box is not adorned, wrap it in wrapping paper and secure it with tape. To wrap the box, cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to wrap around the entire thing. Place the box in the center of the wrapping paper and fold the material up over the edges of the box to conceal the box’s contents. Apply pressure and fold the paper edges against the box to make them flush with the surface, and then use the tape to hold the paper in place
  • Boxes purchased from a store will most usually already be decorated and ready to be sent as a gift, so there is no need to wrap them yourself.
  • 5 If desired, add a bow or other embellishments to complete the look. Add a touch of flare to your gift with an adhesive bow, or wrap a ribbon around it for a more formal appearance. You may even make your own curly bows with curling ribbon and scissors by dragging the sharp edge of the scissors along the length of the ribbon to generate curls
  • However, this will require a lot of practice.
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  • Include the wine glasses in a gift basket together with additional items such as a bottle of wine, bread, cheese, or other nibbles for a more complex present.

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If you make a purchase after clicking on an Eater link, Vox Media may receive a commission. See our code of ethics for more information. Congratulations, you made a wild sprint for the ideal present and were successful in your search. But now that you’re staring at it — the glass banana you bought for your pal who is obsessed with fruit-shaped trinkets — you’re stumped: how in the world do you wrap it? Never be concerned! This man is capable of wrapping a cat, so you can wrap oblongs, cylinders, and other oddly shaped items with relative ease.

Candles, jars, and other small items

Tissue paper is not just useful for gift bags; in fact, it is preferable to wrapping paper since it is a more manageable material to deal with. All you have to do is set the candle or jar in the centre of two pieces of tissue paper and draw the four corners of the tissue paper up toward the center of the candle. This results in the creation of four tiny pockets. Bring the four pockets all the way up to the center. You see the pleating all around the object, don’t you? Make a tight pinch on the base, and then wrap a ribbon around it to finish.

If all else fails, place the item in a box and wrap it in holiday gift wrap, or place it in a gift bag and stuff it with tissue paper to make it look more festive.

Tissue paper can easily be substituted with cellophane gift wrap (sometimes surprises are overrated).


A wine present can be approached in one of four ways, and wine is pretty much the most popular hostess gift of all time. The first and second questions are the simplest: Put it in a gift bag and seal it with some tissue paper, or wrap it in cellophane and tie a ribbon over the neck of the bottle to finish it off with a beautiful bow. For a more meta approach, place the bottle of wine in a box and wrap it in prosecco (or any other wine-related) gift wrap before handing it out. Though it’s not necessary, placing the item in a reusable feltbottle container (hello, mom) or attempting to make a statement is a good idea when giving a present to someone who is very special (hello, mom).

This is something that anybody can use to transport wine, whether it’s for a restaurant that allows guests to bring their own drinks or a holiday meal when the objective is not just to eat and mingle but also to wow the host.

Things shaped like other things

We’ve returned to the dreaded glass banana. Strangely particular, items formed like other things are a perfect gift for a buddy who most likely has an excellent sense of humor — so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! Instead of using festive wrapping paper, personalize each present with a finishing touch that is unique to it. To package the item in this example, place it in a box with some tissue and wrap it in banana print gift wrap, finishing it off with a yellow bow. The same idea may be used to that pancake plushie (complete with brunch gift wrap), cookie ornament (complete with biscuit wrapping paper!

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4 Easy Ways To Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle

Have you ever had the impression that delivering a wine bottle was a touch “lazy” when compared to other types of gifts? I don’t think it’s so much about the present itself (after all, I’d gladly accept a bottle of wine any day!) as it is about the sentiment behind it. more so because when presenting a bottle of wine or spirits, the wrapping isn’t always as exciting, thus it might seem a little lackluster. but not anymore! Here are four easy methods to dress up your wine bottle and make it seem a bit more unique.

  1. Put a tiny hat and sweater on your wine bottle: I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks a wine bottle dressed up in a little hat and sweater is crazy cute!
  2. If you enjoy old Christmas movies, you’ll most likely enjoy this one as much as I did!
  3. Wrap it in a tea towel: Wrapping your bottle in a nice tea or hand towel is a simple and effective method.
  4. I really like this method of gift-wrapping wine since you not only offer the gift of the wine itself, but you also provide the gift of the tea towel in which the wine is packaged!
  5. 3.
  6. Tie on a nice bow or ribbon, but don’t forget to include an ornament or seasonal decoration so that they may display it on their tree in your honor!
  7. I used a vehicle ornament, but these croissant ornaments and this hot dog ornament are my favorites.


Placing your bottle on a piece of wrapping paper, with a little additional covering at the bottom and a lot of extra coverage at the top, is all it takes.

Fold the bottom paper up so that it completely covers the bottom of the bottle and tape it shut.

In accordion-style folds, fold your paper back and forth in 3/4-inch increments until you’ve folded your paper all the way down to the cork.

Extend your fan’s blades to the top and use tape to connect the two sections of your fan together (either use double-sided tape or tape from the back).

I love how elegant and beautiful the wrapping appears, but it’s also easy to put together, allowing you to wrap numerous gifts at the same time for a large group of people.

That’s all there is to it!

This year, I think this is the ideal gift to leave on someone’s porch as a surprise “thinking of you gift,” and I’m sure the brightly colored wrapping will provide an extra splash of color to the occasion.

Perhaps include an item like as an electronic wine opener (which Emma adores) or a humorous wine glass. You may also include a handmade card, such as thisDIY snow globe card, with your purchase. Congratulations on your giving! xo. Laura

Dress up your wine (literally!)

  1. The holidays (or reindeer! ), a sweater for winter/Thanksgiving, or a more generic cover if it isn’t the holiday season are all possible options for your cover. Furthermore, it is a simple item to store in a gift wrap supply so that it may be completely reused the next time they offer a bottle of wine as a gift

Wrap it in a tea towel

  1. This is a simple method for wrapping your bottle in a lovely tea towel or hand towel. Simply fold your towel in half over the bottle of wine, fold up the right and left bottom corners to meet the body of the bottle, fold up the right side first, then the left side, gather the top cloth together with a ribbon, knot the ribbon, and you’re ready to give the present.

Decorate with an ornament

  1. This is yet another option to send two gifts in one package! Tie on a nice bow or ribbon, but don’t forget to include an ornament or seasonal decoration so that they may display it on their tree in your honor! If you can match the color of your wine to the ornament as well, you’ll get extra points.

Wrap the bottle with a paper fan

  1. Although this approach appears to be a little complicated, it is actually rather simple and looks absolutely charming. Placing your bottle on a piece of wrapping paper, with a little additional covering at the bottom and a lot of extra coverage at the top, is all it takes. Pull the paper around your bottle until it is completely covered, then tape it shut. Fold the bottom paper up so that it completely covers the bottom of the bottle and tape it shut. With your fingertips, flatten out the top tube of the paper above the cork, just above the cork. In accordion-style folds, fold your paper back and forth in 3/4-inch increments until you’ve folded your paper all the way down to the cork. Wrap a thread or ornamental wire around the fanned paper from top to bottom, then cut the paper in half (use a bit of tape on the bottom and back to keep the string in place). Extend your fan’s blades to the top and use tape to connect the two sections of your fan together (either use double-sided tape or tape from the back). Make a bow out of your string and you’re finished
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Whatever method you use, relocating is a physically and mentally draining endeavor. You may have anxiety when transporting precious and extremely breakable goods, such as crystal glassware. We can’t take the weariness out of your moving process, but we can take the worry out of packing your crystal glassware with a few helpful hints, tactics, and the best solutions for packing wine glasses on the market today. Before we go into our recommendations, let us tell you a little about the KnowWines blog.

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How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

You’ll need to measure the height of your tallest glasses in order to determine the appropriate box size. You’ll want to be certain that the boxes you choose have adequate space to fit your glassware collection. You will end up with shattered crystal glassware if you try to push crystal glassware into a box that is too tiny!

Find the Right Boxes

A “banker’s box” is the sort of box that we prefer to use when packing wine glasses. Construction of the top is accomplished using a single piece of cardboard (versus four pieces as seen in traditional boxes). Furthermore, because the lid of a banker’s box does not require tape to close, the amount of pressure required to close the box is reduced. Finally, when you’ve moved, you may repurpose the banker’s box to keep paper files or other household things in your closet. These containers have separators as well as cushion foam.

Simply ensure that you have enough of packing material on hand!

Select Your Packing Paper

You’ll almost certainly need some sort of packaging material to keep those wine glasses safe throughout transit. Packing paper is less costly than bubble wrap, and it is also far less voluminous. It may also be recycled or repurposed by children for use as a drawing or painting canvas! Newsprint paper that has not been printed may be found at most moving supply stores as well as on the internet. Yes, you could use a conventional printed newspaper as well.

Some inks, on the other hand, may discolor wine glasses, which is why we recommend using plain paper instead of printed paper. If you do manage to stain your wine glasses, you might want to experiment with an overnight soak in the sink or in a bucket filled with unscented denture cleanser.

Find Good Quality Packing Tape

Get some high-quality tape to fasten the box’s top and bottom, as well as the sides and bottom of the box. A higher-quality tape will ensure that your box’s lid is tightly fastened to the box, preventing the box from popping open during the transfer and perhaps ruining your glasses. These heavy-duty rolls will get the job done just fine.

Get Some Packing Labels

It’s critical to make it clear to movers (or to friends and family members who are assisting you with your relocation) which boxes contain fragile materials. These color-coded packing labels are a favorite of ours since they make box sorting a snap. Labels are included to indicate that other boxes should not be stacked on top of your wine glasses and to direct the movers or your guests as to which end of the box should be up.

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Wine Glasses

When we move, we follow this procedure to ensure that our wine glasses are safely packed. Considering that we have a large number of wine glasses (and have relocated multiple times), we believe this is a tried-and-true solution!

Prep the Moving Box

Assemble the movable box in the manner specified. Do not forget to use the high duty packing tape to completely seal the bottom of the container. Taping the box tightly not only keeps the box from being opened, but it also gives the box more structure and makes it stronger overall. Using glass dividers, place them within the box when it has been completely created.

Wrap the Wine Glasses

Open the box and take out one sheet of packing paper, laying it out flat on the floor. Place the wine glass in one corner of the paper, far enough away from the corner so that you can slip a little piece of the wrapping paper into the bowl of the wine glass without it catching on the corner. Gently fold the bottom corner of the packing paper up and wrap the stem in this manner. After that, carefully roll the wine glass to make use of the remaining wrap. To avoid breaking the wine glass bowl, avoid cramming too much paper into it at once.

As soon as you’re finished wrapping the glass, gently place it inside the box (either between layers of additional packing paper or between the glass dividers you’ve placed).

Secure the top of the box

Tape the box’s top shut with a lot of pressure. Label it with all of the appropriate labels, such as “This End Up,” “Fragile,” “Kitchen” (to indicate where the box should be taken by movers), and so on. Make sure that no additional boxes are stacked on top of the boxes containing wine glasses. Finally, if at all feasible, watch over the transportation of these boxes to ensure that they are handled with care and respect!

How to Wrap Wine Glasses (for Visual Learners)

For those of you who like to see (rather than read!) an example of how to wrap wine glasses for moving, check out this video. You will learn how to wrap wine glasses for shipping in this video, just way the professionals do it!

For those of you who like to see (rather than read!) an example of how to wrap wine glasses for moving, check out this video. You will learn how to wrap wine glasses for shipping in this video, just way the professionals do it!

That’s a Wrap on Packing Wine Glasses!

To summarize, the following is our strategy in a nutshell: Make a list of all of your materials (you can use the fancy boxes with dividers, or use the more economical process we show). Wrap each pair of glasses separately. Make certain that the box’s outside clearly shows that the contents are delicate before shipping it. You shouldn’t stack a hefty box on top of it, such as a box with wine glasses. You may reuse your bank box for keeping files or other objects that you want to keep dust-free and away from light while you’re unpacking (which is far better than packing!).

People are often on the lookout for this sort of box, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding takers!


4 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas For Wine and Champagne Bottles

Although wine and champagne are excellent choices as gifts for any occasion, it is all about the presentation! See what makes these innovative gift wrapping options for wine and Champagne stand out from the crowd. The simple act of giving someone a bottle of wine or Champagne is a wonderful way to express gratitude, welcome, and many other sentiments. Wine and champagne bottles are wonderful gifts for a variety of occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, classy gatherings, house-warming celebrations, and more.

  1. Wrong!
  2. Get ready to learn some innovative gift wrapping ideas for your wine-loving buddies as soon as possible.
  3. 1.
  4. If this is the case, there is a significant probability that you have discovered the hard way that it just does not function.
  5. If you like to use a piece of cloth to wrap the bottle, that is an option.
  6. Fabric featuring Christmas motifs, as well as just about anything else, is readily available.
  7. 2.

If you want to make the tissue paper a little more durable, you can fold it twice.

To finish the appearance, wrap it around the bottle and tie a bow around the neck of the bottle.

A clear bag, tissue paper, and a ribbon are all you’ll need.

Because they’re made of plastic, they’ll be able to grip the bottle securely.

You could even want to explore using a range of different colored tissue paper to add some more flare.

Fourth, a Cheese Board with Bread And A Ribbon Wine bottles do not have to be completely wrapped in order to be given as a gift.

All of the components should be laid out on the board and held together using a strong ribbon.

This wrapping technique uses a wine bottle label created from high-quality polyvinyl alcohol sources, which will attach nicely to the bottle and act as its own wrapper.

There are more options for wrapping a wine bottle than you would expect.

Which one of these creative gift wrapping ideas for wine and champagne bottles would you pick to implement? Choose one of them or be inspired by them to come up with your own unique and entertaining wrapping concept! Visit us on a regular basis for additional information on themes like this one!

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The Correct Way to Pack Wine Glasses for a Move

Laura McHolm, co-founder of NorthStar Moving Company, contributes to this piece. If you are one of the fortunate individuals who will be relocating this month, you are most likely buried by a mountain of boxes and packing paper. You’re scrambling to figure out how to pack everything so that it arrives in one piece at your new house without breaking anything. As a result, we’ll assist you with one of the most difficult items to pack: your wine glasses. Because of their unusual design, they are frequently packed incorrectly, resulting in the breakage of their fragile glass and lengthy stems during the transportation process.

Let the plastic frat house red cups be thrown out of the window!

A straightforward, step-by-step advice on how to properly pack wine glasses so that they remain undamaged and are easily accessible after moving day – with photos.

  1. Make Use of the Appropriate Box: Using the proper box is one of the most important things in preventing your wine glasses from breaking or becoming crushed. You’ll need a box that’s large enough to hold your glasses while still being secure. It is recommended that you pick a “dishpack” box since it is 5.2 cubic feet high and has double thick walls for further protection. Obtain the Appropriate Materials: As soon as you’ve found the right box, start gathering the materials you’ll need to wrap and protect the glasses. Here is a list of the supplies you will require:
  1. Packing Paper (There’s a lot of it. In addition, go for plain recyclable packaging paper rather than newspaper to avoid having to spend extra time cleaning newsprint off all of your stemware. Inserts made of cardboard (if you are unable to obtain these inserts, we will instruct you on how to make do without them)
  1. Wrap: Lay a wine glass horizontally on a piece of packing paper. Grab a corner of the packing paper and roll the glass up in the paper until it is completely covered. To wrap the tortilla, be careful to tuck the sides of the paper in, just as you would a burrito. Continue to roll the glass along the paper until you reach the end of the paper’s length. Place the glass, which has now been wrapped, on another piece of packing paper and roll it up again. Depending on the thickness of the glass, you may need to repeat the process 3-5 times with additional pieces of packing paper until the glass is securely cushioned. Continue this process for each wine glass. Clearly label the exterior of your “burrito” package with the words “glass” so that it does not be thrown away with the extra packaging paper. Ensure that the bottom of the box is cushioned with packing paper before putting any wine glasses in it that have been individually wrapped. If you are using cardboard inserts, place one layer of inserts in the box on top of the packing paper and place one wrapped glass into each cardboard insert. If you are not using cardboard inserts, place one wrapped glass into each plastic bag. If you are not using the cardboard inserts, stack the glasses in the box vertically in one layer if you are not using them. Make certain that they are placed standing up and not resting flat. They are more secure in the vertical direction. Rep Layer 1: After completing the first layer, apply a layer of packing paper on top of it. Increase the number of inserts or arrange the wrapped glasses vertically. Continue to build up the layers until the box is completely filled. Make Use of Any Leftover Space: Once the box is completely stuffed, use crumpled packing paper to fill up any leftover empty space. An additional layer of crumpled paper will provide additional cushioning and security for the glasses. Last but not least, firmly seal the box shut and hand it over to the movers so they may properly transport it to your new home! Make sure to mark each side of the box with the words “FRAGILE Wine glasses” and to include arrows pointing up on each side of the box as well. Also, indicate the name of the room in your new house where you wish the box to land up: “kitchen” or “dining room.”

To wrap a wine glass, place it horizontally on a sheet of packing paper. Grab a corner of the packing paper and wrap the glass up in the paper until it is completely enclosed. Ensure that the paper is tucked in at both ends, much as you would when wrapping a burrito. Carry on rolling the glass on the paper until you reach the other end of the sheet. Reply with another piece of packing paper horizontally and roll the glass one more to complete the process. Depending on the thickness of the glass, you may need to repeat the process 3-5 times with additional pieces of packing paper until the glass is suitably cushioned.

  1. Clearly mark the exterior of your “burrito” package with the words “glass” so that it does not get thrown away with the extra packaging paper.
  2. If you are using cardboard inserts, place one layer of inserts in the box on top of the packing paper and place one wrapped glass into each cardboard insert.
  3. The wrapped glasses should be placed vertically in one layer in the box if you are not using cardboard inserts.
  4. In the vertical direction, they are more secure.
  5. More inserts can be added, or the glasses can be placed vertically after being wrapped.
  6. For the glasses, a layer of crumpled paper will provide additional cushioning and security.

Always mark the box on both sides with “FRAGILE Wine glasses” and include arrows pointing up on both sides of the box. In addition, put the name of the room in your new house where you wish the box to end up: “kitchen” or “dining room.”

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·TRENDY, FUNNY STEMLESS GLASS GIFT: Looking for gift ideas for a bridal shower then this is the perfect gift idea for any bride-to-be. This stemless wine glass has a funny saying printed on it with ‘I Love to Wrap both My Hands and Swallow’. This funny wine glass has a capacity of 17 ounces and is 3.5” in width and 4.8” in height.·MADE WITH QUALITY CRYSTAL: This elegant red wine glass is made up of quality crystal material, manufactured in the USA. Its specific structure gives you the most comfortable grip while sipping your drink. Enjoy each moment of the sip of your favorite beverage in this wine glass.·LEAD-FREE, DURABLE: This no-spill wine glass is lead-free, so it’s tough and break-resistant than other leaded glasses. Which also makes it durable in the long run. No worries about cracks, peel, fading, or any kind of damage, it is dishwasher safe.·STABLE BASE, TRANSPARENT: This transparent glass is more stable than other wine glasses. You no longer have to worry about spills and sloshes. Being transparent this spill-proof wine glass gives you the fullest appreciation of the color while sipping.·MULTIPLE USE:Use this stemless glass as a regular water glass, juice glass, cocktail glass, coffee, tea, or any type of beverage, it is comfortable to handle any type of hot and cold drinks. Enjoy your evening drinks with this funny, elegant stemless wine glass. CM’s Bachelorette Wine Glass Gift for Brides Our funny stemless wine glass is an ideal gift for any bride-to-be. Its whole structure and letters are printed with quality material that will not fade even by regular usage. This makes it a memorable gift idea for your beloved friend. Make her big day even more special with these naughty stemless glasses, our glasses are securely packed in a gift box, so no worries about any damage.Amazing Reasons to Choose:·Perfect gift idea for wine lovers·Designed with Sophistication in the USA·Smooth Round Rim·Dishwasher Safe, Durable·Can hold both hot and cold drinks

Wedding Planner Survival Glass

Wedding planner presents for ladies that are amusing. With this exquisite wine glass, you can celebrate every event! Optional crystals may be added to this huge 20 oz wine glass to give it a little additional glitter! It’s even possible to pick the base design that you like the most =) This is one of the most popular student wine glasses that we sell. Names of your choice can be added to these personalized gifts. Wedding planner presents for women that are amusing The following colors are shown: Ultra GoldBlack Maintain the Health of Your Glasses!

It is not advised that you scrape, bleach, or rub the glasses dry after they have been cleaned.

Due to the fact that each glass is individually personalized, there may be subtle changes from the photographs shown.

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