How To Make Wine Charm? (Correct answer)


  1. Start out by making a template with friends names on it.
  2. Trace the circles with pencil.
  3. Trace the names (or words) with Sharpie markers.
  4. Cut them out.
  5. Punch a hole in them.
  6. Shrink them according to package instructions.
  7. Add them to the wine charm ring and add a bead!


What size beads do you use for wine charms?

Use to make Beaded Wineglass Charms or earring hoops Thin enough that many 8/0 or larger seed beads will fit.

How do you make glass beads?

Modern lampwork beads are made by using a gas torch to heat a rod of glass and spinning the resulting thread around a metal rod covered in bead release. When the base bead has been formed, other colors of glass can be added to the surface to create many designs.

How are charms made?

The process is relatively simple. First an artist creates a model for the design that they want to see made into metal. Tubes of wax, called vents, will be attached to the wax piece that will stick out of the next solid mold that has to be made, so wax can be melted out and metal can be poured into the piece later on.

What is memory wire made of?

Remembrance Memory Wire is stainless steel wire, made into coils, and sized for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The diameters are given in ranges to account for the variations in the manufacturing process. Remembrance is made in the USA, and is the highest quality available.

How to Make a Wine Charm with Memory Wire

It is possible to construct a variety of crafts with memory wire since it is so quick and simple to use, but it is most commonly used to create very simple beaded jewelry. The following article will show you how to build a wine charm out of memory wire, a few beads, and a charm of your choice. But first, just in case you’re not familiar with memory wire, here’s some background information on it. What exactly is a memory wire? Memory wire is a type of wire that has been reinforced to the point that it will maintain its form indefinitely unless subjected to great pressure.

It is from this property that annealed wires get their name: memory wire.

Please keep in mind that memory wire is not suitable for wire wrapping crafts since it is not pliable in the same way as artistic or crafting wires such as Soft Flex Craft Wire are.

Larger loops of wire may be used to produce necklaces, while smaller coils are known as ‘ring size.’ The next size up is used to make bracelets, and the one after that is used to manufacture rings.

Now, on to the demonstration.

A wine glass charm is a little charm that attaches to the stem of a wine glass.

Let’s manufacture some wine glass charms, shall we?

  • Memory wire in the shape of a ring
  • Memory wire cutters (which are distinct from conventional cutters)
  • And other accessories. pliers with a round nose
  • Colorful beads of various sizes and shapes Charms

A word of caution: Do not cut your wire with your typical jewelry-making cutters before you have finished your design. If you don’t have the means to purchase memory wire cutters or don’t have them on hand, you might use an old pair of standard cutters that you don’t care about because you will more than likely wind up with nicks in the cutting blades as a result of the process. To begin, consider the following: Gather all of the beads and charms you intend to use for your wine charms and devise a basic design concept for your wine pendants.

  1. Also, make certain that your beads are easy to thread onto the wire.
  2. Cut a loop and a half from your memory wire coil for each charm that you wish to make with it.
  3. Take your round-nosed pliers and form a tiny loop at one end of the memory wire with one of the ends of the wire.
  4. It will be easier to bend the loop inwards than it will be to try to move against the curve.
  5. Using the wire, thread half of your bead pattern onto it.
  6. Depending on where the loop is located on your charm, you may need to attach a little jump ring to it in order for it to face the correct direction.
  7. Finish your beaded pattern by making a little loop at the end of the wire to hold it in place until the next step is completed.
  8. Have a good time!
  9. Alternatively, if you get carried away and create a large number of wine glass charms, you might sell them on your Etsy shop.

Make your wine charms according to one of the numerous themes available, which you may tailor to certain events or even a specific party theme if you so like. They are quite simple to create and extremely addictive, so you could find yourself making a set for each holiday season!

How to Make Wine Glass Charms

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Wine glass charms, also known as wine glass markers, are frequently used at parties in order to keep track of which glass belongs to which guest. Charms, beads, or a mix of the two are affixed to a wire ring that is designed to fit around the stem of the wine glass. Plain wine glasses can be dressed up with beautiful or quirky embellishments created by crafters. There are many different ways to manufacture wine glass charms, and they are all really simple to do.

  1. 1 Get some ring-sized memory wire. Memory wire is a unique form of wire that retains its “ring” shape even after it has been twisted together. Memory wire is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from ring to bracelet to necklace in diameter and length. The ring size is the lowest size available, thus you should get it. The base of your wine glass will be damaged if you use anything larger than this.
  • To begin, obtain some memory wire in a ring-sized configuration. Memory wire is a specific form of wire that retains its “ring” shape over time. Memory wire is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from ring to bracelet to necklace in diameter and thickness. When purchasing rings, you want to choose the lowest size available. It is impossible to keep anything larger than this from sliding off the base of your wine glass.
  • 2Measure and cut 114 to 112 loops with a pair of heavy-duty wire cutters after measuring them out. You’ll need a set of heavy-duty wire cutters for this since memory wire is extremely tough to cut with regular wire cutters. Do not cut the wire with your expensive jewelry wire cutters. They are far too sensitive for this work, and the memory wire may cause the blades to become dull over time. Advertisement
  • s3 Make a little loop out of one of the ends of your memory wire by twisting it. Pinch the end of your memory wire with a pair of round nose pliers to secure it. Using the pliers, raise them upwards against the curvature of the memory wire until you get a little loop. Remove the pliers from your pocket and place them aside
  • 4 If you choose, you can add your bead(s). You may use a single large bead or a slew of little beads to complete the look. Another option is to use a combination of the two techniques: a large bead with little beads on either side of it. Always leave an extra 14 to 12 inch (0.64 to 1.27 cm) of wire at the end of the wire so that you may build another loop later on. 5 Instead of beads, consider using a charm as an embellishment. To open a jump ring, use a pair of needle nose pliers to pry it open. It is preferable to pull the jump ring ends past each other as opposed to away from each other. Insert the jump ring through the loop at the top of the charm and tighten the jump ring around the charm. In order to complete this step, slip the jump ring onto the memory wire.
  • You may use a charm on its own or with several little beads on either side of it to create a more elaborate look. You may pinch the jump ring to press the ends closer together until they contact if they aren’t touching already. Some charms may already have a jump ring attached to the top loop, which is a convenient feature. If you have a charm like this, all you have to do is put it onto the memory wire.
  1. 6Make a second loop at the end of the memory wire to attach the beads in the final position. Using your round nose pliers, squeeze the end of the memory wire in the same manner as previously. Remove the memory wires by twisting them against the curvature of the memory wires and sliding them out
  2. 7 Make use of the charm that looks like a wine glass. To connect the charm to your wine glass, just pull the ring apart a little bit and put it into the stem of the glass. Because the memory wire will automatically maintain its shape, you will not need to seal the ring with the loops you created before. Advertisement
  1. 1 Get a pair of earring hoops or earring wires that are between 34 and 1 inch (1.91 and 2.54 centimeters) in diameter. If you go to your local craft store or bead shop, you can locate them under the jewelry findings department. When it comes to the type that you exactly require, it looks like a split ring. On one end of the wire, the ends are as they should be, whereas on the other end, the ends have been flattened and a hole has been punched through them
  • Alternatively, you may use the sort of earring hoop or earring wire that has a looped end (rather than a flattened or punched end) to create your earrings.
  • 2If wanted, add your bead(s) to the design. You may either use a single large bead or a collection of smaller beads. You may also use a mix of the two techniques, placing a large bead in the center and several smaller beads on either side of the center. 3 String as many beads as you desire onto the wire, but allow approximately 14 inches (0.64 centimeters) between each bead so that you may spin the wire
  • Instead of a charm, you may consider using one. To open a jump ring, use a pair of needle nose pliers to pry it open. Instead of pulling the ends of the ringpaste apart, pull them together instead of away from each other. Make a loop with the jump ring and then shut the jump ring to complete your charm design. Attach the jump ring to the earring hoop by sliding it on.
  • Alternatively, you may wear the charm alone or with a pair of little beads on either side of it. It is necessary to squeeze the ends of the jump ring together if they are not flush with one other. Some charms may come with a jump ring already connected to them. In this case, just put the charm onto the earring hoop
  • Otherwise, use a different charm.
  1. 4To fasten the beads, raise the usual end of the wire by 14 inches (0.64 centimeters) and twist it. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, pinch the end of your wire together. Make a 90-degree bend on the tip of the wire and bend it upwards
  2. 5 Close the charm on the wine glass. Place the turned end of the wire beneath the flattened end of the charm in order to secure the charm. Push the wire into the hole that has been punched. If the charm does not stay in place, carefully take it out from the sides. This will increase the level of stress
  3. 6 Make use of the charm. Simply push the flat end of the charm up and away from the stem of your wine glass, and then slip the ring onto the stem. To shut the charm, push the flat end of the charm back onto the bent end of the charm. Advertisement
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  • Keep your designs as minimal as possible. When it comes to wine glass charms, the less is more approach is recommended. If you are producing a batch of wine charms, make sure that each one is special and one-of-a-kind from the others. Wine charms are used by people to distinguish which glass is theirs. In order to produce your own beads and charms out of polymer clay, follow these steps. Choose a charm that is appropriate for the situation. Sports-related charms, wedding couples or college graduation caps are examples of what you may use as charms. A year-number charm can be used to commemorate a memorable year, such as a birthday or an anniversary. Plastic or glass stemware embellished with charms that have the year on them is a festive way to ring in the new year. Creating charms with a wedding theme for a bride and groom, as well as for guests who will be seated at their table during the celebration

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  • Remember not to cut memory wire with regular household scissors since the wire will corrode the scissors.


Things You’ll Need

  • Memory wire in the size of a ring
  • Crystal or glass beads
  • Jewelry findings such as charms and jump rings (optional)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers (for use with charms and jump rings only)
  • Wire cutters that are built to last
  • Hoops for earrings, crystal or glass beads, charms and jump rings (optional), needle nose pliers

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Summary of the ArticleXTo begin making wine glass charms, begin by purchasing some ring-sized memory wire from a craft store or dollar store. To reduce the length of memory wire to roughly an inch and a half, use heavy-duty wire cutters to cut it to the appropriate size. After that, using a pair of pliers, crimp the end of the wire together to form a little loop. Once you’ve fastened one end of the wire, you may start adding beads or charms. Make another loop at the opposite end of the wire once you’ve attached all of the embellishments you wish.

Continuing reading will teach you how to create wine glass charms out of earring hoops.

Thank you to all writers for contributing to this page, which has been read 51,010 times so far.

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I decided to make sets of 12 charms each, so I got 12 different colorsI bought 6mm druk beads (simple Czech glass) – I originally wanted 8mm but those did not fit over the rounded wireI bought base metal (as opposed to sterling silver) 1″ hoops that are actually earring findings – they also carried 3/4″ which probably would have worked out even better, but may have created more problems getting the bead ondetail of the ends, one is flattened and has a hole punched in it creating it’s own clasp laterSTEP ONE: put the bead onSTEP TWO: grab the regular end with some pliers (needle nose would work best if you have them) – just 1/4″ or less. I found holding the hoop right where I was going to bend it worked bestSTEP THREE: bend upwardsSTEP FOUR: admire your work. Slip the flattened end with the hole over the bent end to secure.detail of closed charmIf it doesn’t want to hold, gently pull the hoop open so that it will have some tension when closed.ta da!I packaged some in those glass topped favor containers which are so trendy these days. These simple wine charms are so easy to make it’s silly. All I ended buying were the hoops and the beads themselves. I bought my hoops– base metal silver, 100 for $9. The beads I bought atGeneral Beadhere in San Francisco. They came in units of 25 for $1.50 to $3.00 per unit. I also found the hoops at General Bead. If you want you can get more complex and start adding charms attached with little jump rings.And a few threads on wine glass charms at Glitter:oneandtwoAnd the very clever Jenny makepersonalized wine glass charms with shrinky dinks!

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DIY Wine Charms for Party Favors

This website may include affiliate links with the purpose of making it easier for you to shop. Please see our complete disclosure policy by clicking here. Are you interested in learning how to manufacture wine charms? If you think manufacturing drink glass charms is difficult, you’ll be shocked to find how simple it is! I made these bespoke Boho cocktail charms for a girls’ night out party at my house, and they turned out beautifully. The combination of wood beads and ornate charms is quite appealing to me.

After that, we placed our wine glasses on these adorable pallet popsicle stick coasters that I had created.

These would make excellent hostess presents.

(You could even give them as a present together with a beautiful bottle of wine and some elegant wine glasses!) Additionally, they make an excellent craft to sell at craft fairs.

Check out myDIY Wildflower Seed Bombs if you’re looking for another amazing party treat idea. It takes only 5 simple steps to create your own own wine glass charms! These adorable wire heart bookmarks and a minimalist wreath may both be made using craft wire.

How to Make Wine Charms

  • Copper wire (24 gauge)
  • Wood beads
  • Charms
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Sharp scissors
  • 24 gauge copper wire


  1. Cut a length of wire that is approximately eight inches in length. A sufficient amount will be required to wrap around the stem of the glass and to form loops at either end. To begin, cut a test piece and only manufacture one at a time. Decide whether or not you like the size, and make any necessary length adjustments. Then you may cut a large number of wire pieces at the same time to help the operation run more quickly
  1. Make a little loop at the end of the wire with the help of the pliers. To keep the loop in place, wrap the end of the loop around the wire with the pliers. This should be done before you add the beads to prevent them from slipping off the end.
  1. Beads and a charm should be strung together on the wire. Attach four beads, the charm, and four more beads to complete the look.
  1. Once you’ve finished attaching all of the beads, clip away any extra wire, leaving around 12 inches of wire at the end. Curl the end of the wire into a hook with the help of the pliers.
  1. If you want to connect the charms to the wine glass, you may do so by winding the wire around the bottom of the glass and placing the hook into the loop to make a circle, then hooking the two ends together.

Helpful Tips for How to Make Charms

  • If you don’t want to use wood beads, you may use glass beads instead. If you are not using copper wire for this project, you will need to have a pair of wire cutters on hand. Copper wire is softer than steel wire, and as a result, it may be cut with sharp scissors. Unless you’re working with very thin silver wire, you’ll need wire cutters to cut it. Get some wire, such as picture hanging wire, and experiment with it. Make sure you get something that isn’t too thick and difficult to manipulate
  • Everyone’s wine glass will appear different if you use various charms on each one, making it easy for them to distinguish which one is theirs. Alternatively, you might create a matched set.

You should now have a finished wine charm that you can use to decorate your glasses for a party. Party guests will enjoy selecting a one-of-a-kind charm to wear on their glasses to help them identify their glass throughout the evening. Check out thesedecorative wooden spoonsfor another another fantastic present idea to make for friends and family members. Are you looking for more party inspiration? TheseDIY Confetti Poppers are really simple to make. Additionally, you may create your own cake topper with the Cricut.

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How to Make Easy, Custom, Personalized DIY Wine Glass Charms

This post contains affiliate links as well as images. Please see our complete disclosure policy here.

In this post: Make these quick and easy personalized DIY wine glass charms to keep track of your wine glass at home and avoid sharing germs!

These DIY wine glass charms are really simple to make. They are self-explanatory in the most basic sense. Because you only need six items total: hemp string, scissors, circular key tags, a pen, wine glasses and.WINE! In any case, I’ll show you how to do it anyhow. Just in case you got a little too carried away with the wine before you started the endeavor.

What are Wine Glass Charms?

In order to identify the owner of a wine glass, charms are frequently fastened to the stem of a stemmed wine glass or to the stem of a stemless wine glass using temporary glue or suction.

How Do You Make Wine Glass Charms?

There are a plethora of different ways to manufacture wine glass charms, and you may use practically any material to do it, including beads, paper rings, and other embellishments. For those who have stemless wine glasses, wine glass markers are a simple and effective solution! Alternatively, there are these suction-on charms.

How Do You Store Wine Glass Charms?

Because the same customers utilize our charms over and over again, we have a tendency to re-use them in this establishment. We put them in a kitchen drawer alongside other liquor or alcohol-related items such as a bottle opener, beer cozies, and wine bottle stoppers, among other things. Of course, if you’re actually concerned about germs, you could simply throw or recycle the DIY wine charms listed below, which are incredibly inexpensive and easily recyclable as well as decorative.

How to Customize Your Wine Glass Charms

The only thing you have to know with generic, store-bought wine glass charms is whatever color or shape you’ve been allotted. Obviously, this is not always the most convenient thing to do! However, with this DIY version, you have the freedom to make them exactly as you want them. Incorporate a person’s name, nickname, number, or a fun shape or character into your design!

Project Tutorial: Easy DIY Wine Glass Charms

The only thing you have to know with generic, store-bought wine glass charms is what color or shape you’ve been given. Obviously, this is not always the most convenient option! The difference is that you can make them your own with this DIY version. The name, nickname, number, or interesting form or character of a person may all be included!


  • Hemp rope
  • Round key tags (such as these Avery ones or the brightly colored ones from Michael’s)
  • Scissors
  • Pen/marker
  • Wine glasses
  • Wine snifter


1. Using a pen, write the names, numbers, letters, or anything you like on each label. Make them stand out from the crowd. Through the use of these DIY wine glass charms, it will be possible for people to distinguish whose drink belongs to which, so avoiding the spread of diseases.

2. Cut a strand of hemp rope approximately 3 inches in length. Tie a loop through the hole in the key tag and around the stem of a wine glass. 3. Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax!

Like this simple DIY?Check out our other home crafts here.

Take note of the fact that the white wine is branded as No. 1 and the red wine is labeled as No. 2 on the bottle. I named them completely at random for the sake of the photograph. There’s no real rhyme or sense behind it. As for our household, Dean is a red wine drinker, while I like white wines. I’d say I’d prefer it. (With the exception of a wine named Bodacious Smooth Red that we have on hand. That particular shade of red appeals to me.) This indicates that I received number one and he received number two.

Do you have favorite wine charms? Are you a red or a white wine lover?

Take note of the fact that the white wine is branded as No. 1 and the red wine is listed as No. 2 on the label. When it came to labeling them for the shot, I was completely arbitrary. Neither rhyme nor rationale can be discerned. In our household, Dean prefers red wine while I prefer white. Preferably, in a strong way, Aside from a bottle of Bodacious Smooth Red wine that we have on hand.) ) I prefer the color red.) In other words, I was given the number one spot and he was given the number two position.


  • A baking sheet and aluminum foil
  • Shrink Dinks paper
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch
  • Sharpie markers
  • Wine charm rings
  • Beads
  • And a hole punch


  1. To begin, create a template with the names of your pals written on it. If you go to, you can simply create one. Then you may print it out. Instead of doing names, it would be interesting to do words like “Hope,” “Love,” and “Faith,” which are all positive terms. Alternatively, if your buddies are weirdos like mine, you may use less conventional language. Using a pencil, trace around the circles
  2. Using Sharpie markers, trace around the names (or words). There’s no need to be flawless since the defects won’t be visible after you’ve shrunk
  3. Remove them from the picture. Be a perfectionist in your own right. Once the circles have been reduced, you can definitely see the imperfections. Make a hole in them with a punch
  4. Shrink them in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. Glue them on the wine charm ring and finish up with a bead

Using a pencil, trace around the circles. It is not necessary to be flawless in this situation. Additionally, it is beneficial to tape the Shrinky Dinks paper to the template to ensure that nothing moves. As previously noted, if you want to avoid printing out a template and doing the necessary tracing, you could simply get some printableShrinky Dinks paper and print out what you want them to look like! Sharpie Markers should be used to trace the names. As previously said, you are not required to be a perfectionist in this situation.

They appear to be much more flawless when they are scaled down in size.

Alternatives to Name Charms

Additionally, you could do names, but it would be interesting to try your hand at other things as well! You could perform the following:

  • Identifying characteristics of cities
  • Writers’ book titles
  • Amusing terms
  • Nick names
  • And sorts of wine

Cut out the circles and punch a hole in the center of each one. Remember that you want to cut out the circles as evenly and properly centered as possible. As they get smaller, the irregular circles become more visible. Don’t forget to poke a hole in them before you put them away! They are now ready to be baked in the oven! Simply place them in the container and keep an eye on them. If they start to fold in on themselves, you should take them out and pull them apart as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will remain firmly attached to themselves after they have been cooked.

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All of these suggestions are included in the piece above, but if you are like me and are anxious to get started on a project, a list of bullet points may be useful in your planning.

  • If you don’t want to trace your wine charms, you may use this printer paper to print out what you want your charms to look like. Don’t be concerned if your tracing isn’t flawless
  • This is normal. Don’t be concerned if your circles aren’t perfectly round. (See the photograph above.)
  • If your wine charms begin to fold in on themselves while you are cooking, you should remove them from the pan and peel them apart. In any other case, they will remain glued to themselves after cooking

Friends, have a good time!

Watch me make Homemade Wine Charms


Hello, my name is Lisa Longley, and I am dedicated to providing you with simple supper ideas and recipes that are simple to prepare; food that will bring joy to your household. is owned and operated by me, and I am delighted that you have found your way here.

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The act of presenting a gift is not always an easy one. Not only do you want the present to be just beautiful, but you also want it to be truly heartfelt! That’s why these DIY Wine Charm Tutorials are the ideal spot for you to begin your journey of discovery. Wine enthusiasts all over the world will fall in love with a handcrafted charm that you created just for them. Don’t forget to pick up some wine glasses to display your finished charms in after you’re finished! On Amazon, you may find some fantastic bargains!

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top wine charm tutorials that will have you well on your way to creating the perfect present for the wine enthusiast in your life.

Heart-Shaped Wine Charms

Amy Latta Creations is a small business that specializes in custom-made clothing and accessories. If you’re searching for a unique Valentine’s Day present, these heart-shaped wine charms will fill any glass with love instead of wine, making it the perfect choice. Consider pairing this gift with one of our Valentine’s Day Cocktails!

DIY Elegant Party Wine Charms

Oh, My Imagination These charms are ideal for use as bridal party gifts, bachelorette party gifts, or even just as a friendship gift for your closest friends.

Felt and Button Wine Charms

Sugar Bee Crafts is a small business that specializes in sugar bee crafts. These are reminiscent of little ties. This gives them the appearance of being the appropriate wine charm for a wedding reception.

Vintage Cracker Jack Prizes as Wine Charms

Sadie’s Seasonal Merchandise Do you remember when you used to receive toys in actual boxes? These wine charms harken back to simpler times and are the ideal present for any wine enthusiast on your shopping list.

DIY Pom Pom Wine Charms

Seasonal Goods from Sadie’s Keep in mind the days when you used to receive toys in actual boxes. Bringing up fond memories of the past, these wine charms are the ideal present for any wine enthusiast.

DIY Chalkboard Wood Slice Wine Charms

The Contented Housie These charms, I believe, are my absolute favorite out of anything on this list, bar none. These charms are ideal for giving as gifts because wine enthusiasts enjoy hosting wine parties. These tiny fellows make it much easier to distinguish which wine glass belongs to whom.

DIY NYC Themed Wine Charms with Free Printable

Mod Podge is a fantastic technique. I have a friend who adores New York City, as well as, of course, wine, and I think she is totally right! As a result, these wine charms are ideal for giving as Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts.

DIY Name Beaded Wine Charms

It’s My Turn to Speak for Us With this customized wine charm, your loved one will never again misplace their wine glass. These would make wonderful presents for friends.

DIY Tassel Wine Charms

Let me speak for the rest of us. Thanks to this personalized wine charm, your loved one will never again misplace their wine glass! These would make wonderful presents for friends and relatives.

Seashell Wine Charms

Amanda’s handicrafts How absolutely beautiful are these?

These are ideal for folks who wish to be on the beach but are confined to a lakeside location. Seriously, though, these are adorable for any occasion and at any age.

Shrinky Dinks Wine Charms

Moms from the Midwest Here’s another incredibly simple wine charm technique to share with you. It’s true that anyone can manufacture this charm, and it’s quite cute.

Shrinky Dink Initial Wine Charms

Women from the Midwest An additional incredibly simple wine charm instruction is provided below. It’s true that anyone can build this charm, and it’s quite attractive.

DIY Bottle Cap Wine Charms

Today’s Creative LifeDo you want something that screams “Vintage”? These Bottle Cap Wine Charms, on the other hand, are just the ticket. Furthermore, they are really simple to construct.

Clue or Cluedo Wine Charms

Instructables One of your pals did it in the kitchen with the rope, and you were there to see it! Making these charms is a lot of fun and really straightforward. In fact, I would think that you could utilize whatever game pieces that you wanted in this situation.

DIY Recycled Wine Cork Wine Charms

DIY Projects That Inspire With the wine cork as their focal point, these wine charms are all about wine. Simply elegant, they are also adorably charming.

Scrabble Title Wine Charms

Crafts Unleashed is a collection of short stories about people who make things. If you manufacture enough tiles and get enough people around, you might use these charms to play a game of Scrabble. These charms are simple to manufacture and make wonderful gift ideas.

Halloween Themed Wine Charms

Laura’s Creative Way of Life Do you have a birthday in October? Do you have a friend that enjoys Halloween even throughout the holidays? These charms are adorable and would make a wonderful birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just because present. They are available in a variety of colors.

DIY Barbie Shoe Wine Charms

Something with a splash of turquoise Some of us prefer things that are basic, attractive, and polished. That’s exactly what these Barbie shoe wine charms are intended to be. You won’t find anything cuter or more feminine than this.

Crochet Beaded Wine Charms

From Peonies to Picots If you enjoy crocheting, you may find this guide to be both entertaining and simple to complete. Not only are these charms absolutely adorable, but they also provide a nice splash of color to the wine glass.

Bottle Cap Initial Wine Charms

Incorrect Information / erroneous information Here’s another creative technique to utilize bottle caps to create charms for your jewelry. I believe I prefer these ones a little bit better than the previous ones, although they are all really lovely in their own way. In case you enjoyed these wine charms, you might also like ourWine Cork Holders and DIY Crafts or these 14 Decor Ideas Using Wine Glasses. Did you like these easy-to-make DIY wine charms tutorials? If yes, please pin this post to your Pinterest board so that others can discover it.

Add Charm to Your Wine Glasses: 20 Great DIY Wine Charms Ideas

With the aid of the following DIY ideas and instructions, you can make your own unique and adorable wine glass charms. For those who wish to personalize their wine glasses in a creative and original way, wine charms are an excellent alternative. Choose one of the following suggestions from among the many available.

Flower wine charms

Scrabble wine charms

Mod Melts Wine Charms

Beaded Crochet Wine Glass Charms

Customized Single-Use Wine Charms

Jewelry Inspired Wine Charms

Glitter Wine Charms

Easy Wine Charms

Repurpose Your Wine Corks

Personalized Drink Markers

Scrabble Inspired Wine Glass Charms

Felt tuxedo wine glass charms

Wine Cork Charms

Felt and Button Wine Glass Charms

Earring Loops Wine Charms

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass

Cute Wine Charms

Recycled Cork Wine Charms

Halloween Wine Charms

How Make Your Own Wine Glass Charm Rings and Markers

Tammy works as a paralegal, is an accomplished freelance writer, is a mother of four children, and enjoys crocheting. A simple beaded wine glass charm in a conventional design.

Make a Set of Wine Glass Charm Rings for Under $1.00

For as little as $25 for a group of four, you can get elaborate wine glass charm rings and markers from retail establishments. However, while these popular trinkets add flare to any table setting and are a fantastic way to differentiate one guest’s glass from another, they are somewhat pricey in comparison to their value. Making wine glass ring charms is an easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, economical project. A set of four wine glass charm rings costs roughly a dollar to create in the basic beaded versions that are often found in retail establishments nowadays.

Supplies Needed:

  • In your preferred color of memory wire (if you prefer pre-made wine glass ring circles that are self closing, many craft stores sell sets of these for a few more dollars)
  • Lots of brightly colored beads (make sure the beads are the right size for the width of memory wire you’ve chosen)

A loop should be formed with one end of the wire using the needle nose pliers. Bend the other end of the wire up to form a tab that will hold your wine glass rings in place.


  • The memory wire should be cut into 1.5-inch segments using the wire cutters (not included). Build a piece for each ring you intend to make
  • Using your beads and charms, string them onto the wire in the pattern of your choice (see image below). Fill the base of a wine glass with as many beads as it takes to completely cover the base of the glass. In the event that you are utilizing charms or other add-ons, position them in the center of the charm.
  • A loop should be formed at one end of the memory wire by using the needle-nose pliers.
  • To finish, take the second side of the wire and bend it at a 45-degree angle using the pliers
  • Close the wine glass ring charm by inserting the 45-degree angle side into the loop on the other side. That is all there is to it.

Enjoy your wine glass ring charms now that they’ve been finished! It’s important to remember to remove them from the wine glass before cleaning it. They can be washed by hand, but they should not be put in the dishwasher. Measure and stretch the wire for your craft, which will result in beautiful rings to embellish mason jars when completed.

Wine Glass Charm Ring Ideas

  • Wedding shower and baby shower favors can be made with customised wine glass charm rings. A mother-to-wedding be’s favors may be made even more memorable by including charming charms such as baby bottles or rattles. Wine glass rings and conversation starters made from personalized bottle caps with images and phrases are popular choices. Charms from children’s jewelry may be used to create adorable wine glass rings. Wine glass rings may be embellished with Scrabble tiles that spell out messages for your visitors. In order to create a wonderful conversation starter, you might spell out guests’ names or other words. Scrap charms from ancient or vintage jewelry may be used to embellish wine glass charms in an exquisite manner.

Wedding shower and baby shower favors can be made using customised wine glass charm rings, for example. A mother-to-wedding be’s favors may be made even more special by including charming charms such as baby bottles or rattles. Wine glass rings and conversation starters made from personalized bottle caps with images and phrases are popular. Make wine glass rings out of charms from children’s jewelry. Wine glass rings may be decorated with Scrabble tiles that spell out greetings for guests. To get the conversation started, you might spell out the names of your guests or other terms.

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Tammy (author) wrote the following on September 1, 2012, from North Carolina: Thank you so much, Cyndi 10. Although I admire your efforts, the prices charged for these items, particularly at high-end retailers such as Pier 1, are outrageous. Thank you very much, Susan! These are wonderful gifts, and you can personalize them for each recipient.:P Thank you, Lord. That is so sweet! Suzie’s Headquarters- That’s really kind of you. These are excellent for vacations. When giving a gift to someone who enjoys drinking wine, you may wrap a beautiful bottle of wine and utilize the charms on the outside as a tag holder.

  • Suzanne Ridgeway wrote the following on August 31, 2012, from Dublin, Ireland: Hello, Tammy.
  • This is another another outstanding idea from you, my friend, who has created several fantastic craft hubs.
  • I’ve already come up with several ideas for Christmas gifts, and I know my sister-in-laws would like them!
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  • Cynthia B Turner, a resident of Georgia, wrote on August 31, 2012: These will be the ideal finishing touch to that bottle of wine that you’re giving as a hostess present.
  • Thank you for providing instructions on how to make our own.

Tammy (author) wrote on May 27, 2012, from North Carolina: “Thank you, Thelma Alberts!” Greetings to you as well.:) Tammy (author) wrote on May 27, 2012, from North Carolina: “Thank you, Rastamermeraid!” On May 27, 2012, Thelma Alberts from Germany wrote: What a fantastic idea for a present for any and all occasions!

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  • Kelly Umphenour, a resident of St.
  • Actually, I don’t drink wine, but I enjoy the attractions of it and occasionally indulge.

The Mad Housewife has just been delivered to my door by my mother!

I’m going to attempt to make some cute ones since I enjoy doing that sort of thing when I’m hosting a party or entertaining visitors.

I do a lot of summer entertaining, and it’s the tiny details that make all the difference:) Tammy (author) wrote on April 28, 2012, from North Carolina: “Thank you very much for your visit, Maralexa!” Tammy (author) wrote on April 28, 2012, from North Carolina: This is an excellent point.

Consider what types of humorous and caustic name tags we might use to torment our pals with if we had these.

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People are delighted when they get them as gifts.

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Thanks Tammy Emma from the United Kingdom wrote on April 28, 2012: Charm rings made of wine are an excellent concept for preventing misunderstanding at gatherings.

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Because I am allergic to sulfates, I am unable to consume wine, but sparkling cider is a terrific substitute.

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Making stuff for my wine glass, to name a few things.

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I don’t drink wine, but these would make wonderful gifts for those who do indulge in the beverage.

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Ebay features a plethora of one-of-a-kind items, with the majority of auctions starting at a cent.

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Actual mastery of the art necessitates a significant increase in effort.

I’m looking forward to seeing your invigorating works.

And it’s also quite simple to put together.

This gets my vote for Up and Beautiful.

Making the one for the mason jar as a gift for my mother-in-law is something I’m looking forward to.

Take precautions, Kelley On April 19, 2012, Ishwaryaa Dhandapani wrote to us from Chennai, India: Starting with resin vintage inspired, then nail polish, now wine glass, and so on.

I really enjoyed the shot of the mason jar with watermelons arranged around it.

The following is what I told my jewelry-designing instructor: “One of my fellow-hubbers called Tammyswallow, who is a highly popular and established hubauthor, made exquisite nailpolish jewelry.” Your teacher was taken aback by this outlandish suggestion of yours!


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I appreciate you taking the time to stop by!

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Tammy (author) from North Carolina on April 18, 2012: I appreciate you taking the time to say such nice things.

Tammy (author) wrote on April 18, 2012, from North Carolina: Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, Made!

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How to Make Wine Charms

Anyone who spends more than a minute reading my site will quickly realize that I am a woman who appreciates a good glass of wine. Colors such as red, white, sparkling, and even pink on rare occasions are not important! As long as it’s delectable, I’m on board. So, how absurd is it that a wine aficionado of my caliber is missing even the most basic of wine accoutrements?

AKA: I don’t own any wine charms.

EEK! There’s no need to panic — I’m quite the artist! I’ll simply go ahead and make some myself!

Oh, I’m a blogger too. So I guess a tutorial on how to make wine charms is in order!

EEK! You shouldn’t be concerned since I’m really creative. I’ll simply go ahead and make some!

Step Two: Start Assembling Your Charms.

You could simply use any type of jewelry wire you like, but I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to crafts. I decided to utilize wire hoop earrings as a base for my charms because they were inexpensive. Two beads of the same color were strung onto the threading needle, followed by my selected pendant and two more beads to finish it off. I curled the straight end of the hoop back around to form a loop, then I expanded the little circlet on the other end to create a hook by using needle nose pliers.

That’s it, you’re done!

That one has been dealt with. Of course, you’ll have to put the rest of it together! In order to produce a set of four charms per pendent, I alternated my color beads with my pendant charms. It would need three separate pendents to complete a 12-piece stemware set! Having twelve people drinking wine at the same time is something I’ve never experienced, but at least I’m prepared now!

More Quick and Easy Crafts:

DIY Stained Glass Vase Baking Soda Craft Chalkboard Coffee Sign How to Make Pretty Wine Glasses with Alcohol Ink from Our Crafty Mom How to Make Pretty Wine Glasses with Alcohol Ink

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It is undeniable that many of us are consuming greater quantities of wine these days. As a result, I decided to put together four quick, inexpensive, and simple ways to manufacture your own do it yourself wine charms.

  1. Mod Podge Paper Wine Charms
  2. DIY Glam Skulls
  3. Nautical Wine Cork and Shell Wine Charms
  4. Last Minute Wine Charms
  5. Personalized Mod Podge Paper Charms

Last Minute Scrapbook Paper DIY Wine Charms

The first of these DIYs is a quick and simple method for creating your own disposable wine charms. Change the color of the paper to match the party’s theme or colors. In the examples below, I utilized a single piece of scrapbook paper from a scrapbooking pad that I had on hand.


  1. Using a circular punch, create circles out of paper. If you don’t have one, you may just cut little 2 inch pieces out of paper. Make sure each circle is distinct from the others. After that, punch a hole in the paper with a hole punch. It is not necessary for it to be properly centered. Finally, make a little “V” shape in the center of the hole using a sharp knife. Attach them on the wine stem.

Glam Skull Wine Charms DIY

Even though I made them for Halloween, I find myself using them all year long! They are entertaining, but also horrifyingly frightening! I bought a bag of the skulls depicted above at the Joanncraft shop in New York. Get the Complete Tutorial by clicking on the following link: Wine Charms with Skulls

Recycled Wine Cork Wine Charms

She believed they were earrings when she first saw them, and she was right! Haha! Keep those wine corks aside for these simple beach-inspired wine charms that are perfect for the summer or for a seaside home. Get the Complete Tutorial by clicking on the following link: Wine Charms Made from Recycled Cork

Personalized Mod Podge Paper Wine Charms

One of my dearest friends is getting married, and her family and I are throwing her a wedding shower with a wine tasting theme for her to commemorate the occasion.

When it came time to hand out the favors, I chose to give out the wine glass along with a personalized wine charm that included each guest’s initial. A wine tasting party may be made more personal by creating personalised charms that are disposable, simple to produce, and affordable to purchase.


This materials list contains affiliate connections to Amazon for goods that have been suggested.


  1. Punch out the required number of 1″ circles
  2. Punch out the desired number of 1″ circles and 1″ circles. Using this technique, I created a front card with printed and punched guest initials, as well as a back card with a personalized message and date. Adhere 1/2″ circles to 1″ circles using double-sided tape or decoupage medium, if necessary. I find that using double-sided tape is less time-consuming and less untidy. Make a tiny hole in the top of each charm and attach an earring hoop to the top of each charm to complete the look. Seal the edges of each side with decoupage medium. Brush on two coats of glue on each side, allowing the glue to dry completely between each coat (approximately 15 minutes).

Note: When applying the decoupage, the circle will curl somewhat; however, when two coats of decoupage have dried on both sides, the charm will straighten out completely. To save time, skip step three if you are only producing blank charms. After you’ve finished painting your second coat, place the 12-inch circle on top of the still-wet second coat and allow it to dry.

DIY Wine Charm Tassels

We don’t see the point in spending money on pricey wine charms when our buddy Alexis Murphy demonstrates how to create them yourself. Pour yourself a bottle of wine and get to work on your DIY project! When it comes to a Summer Party, there is nothing more pleasant than a bright, colorful method to distinguish between your guests’ glasses of wine. Creating tasseled wine charms is an easy craft that is excellent to accomplish while sipping on a glass of wine (you have to make sure they function, after all).

To produce two tassels of the same color, follow these steps: Remove the tags, and after they are gone, the floss forms a circle around the work surface.

Remove the 16-inch strand from the machine and cut it into four 4-inch sections.

It is likely that you will end up with two bunches that are roughly 6 inches in length.

  1. We don’t see the point in spending money on wine charms when our buddy Alexis Murphy demonstrates how to create them yourself. Put on some music and go to work on your DIY project! When it comes to a Summer Party, there is nothing more pleasant than a bright, colorful method to identify each guest’s glass of wine from the others. Tasseled wine charms are an easy craft that is excellent to accomplish while sipping on a glass of wine (you have to make sure they function, after all! ). Begin by purchasing colored embroidery floss from a craft supply store. 2 tassels of the same color may be made by following these instructions: Remove the tags, and after they are gone, the floss forms a circle around the work space. Take one of the stray ends and trim it to 16 inches in length, as shown. Separate the 16-inch strand into four 4-inch sections and place them aside. The circle should be cut off at both ends. You will be left with two bunches of flowers that are roughly 6 inches in length total. Then:

Repeat the process for your second tassel with your remaining 3′′ cut strands and two 4′′strings. Trim them at the bottom to make them even and attractive. Continue to experiment with different colors and you will soon have. We’re now in the home stretch of the race. Make your beautiful tassels into wine charms, or, if you’re feeling frivolous, a ridiculous piece of jewelry out of them. Attach the wine charm tassel to the levered earring wire by threading and tying it. These may be found at the majority of craft stores.

And the tassels are up!

Cork Wine Charms

I recently attended a bridal shower for a close friend of mine. As modest favors, they distributed engraved wine glasses with wine charms to guests during the shower. I felt it was a fantastic concept. When there are a lot of individuals drinking the same item out of identical glasses, wine charms are a terrific method to separate the glasses from one another. For my next dinner party, I decided to construct my own set of wine charms from scratch.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of the materials you will need to make your own wine charms. Wine cork—a synthetic cork will suffice in this situation. Exacto KnifeWire and tiny pliers are also required. glue, ink, and cool stamps -as well as any additional materials you may need to embellish, such as beads, paint, markers, and so on

Step 2: Cut Your Cork

Use your exacto knife to cut the cork into 1/4″ thick pieces.

2. Cut the cork into 1/4″ thick pieces using the same exacto knife you used to cut the cork. If you use a used cork, the corkscrew hole will be in the centre, which is what you want. If this troubles you, be sure to use a cork that hasn’t been used before.

Step 3: Create the Small Loop (Bail)

The next step is to create a little loop for your charm (which I later discovered is referred to as a bail). 1. Begin with approximately 1.5 “a strand of wire Bend.5 is the second item on the list “turn the wire over so that it forms an u shape in the wire 3. Twist the wires together to form a little loop at one end of the necklace. 4. Ascertain that the twists of the wire take up as little area as feasible. –

Step 4: Add Bail to Cork

1. Insert the pointed end of the wire into the cork – you may need to drill a small pilot hole for this step if the cork is particularly thick. I didn’t, and it took me a little while to get the wire to work its way into the cork. The wireloop should be level with the edge of the cork when it is finished. 2. Pull the wire out and apply a little amount of glue on the pointed end of the wire. – rubber cement works well for this3. Reinstall the wire in the cork and allow to dry.

Step 5: Add Stamps (or Other Decoration) to Your Cork

It is important that the décor on each one be distinct so that people can tell which glass is theirs from the others while they are looking at them. 1. Stamp the cork with lettering stamps if you have them. I have some wonderful lettering stamps that I utilized for this project. You may also use other forms, colors, and pretty much anything else you want.

Step 6: Create the Metal Hook

Each one should have a unique design so that when people look at them, they can tell which one is theirs and which is not. 1. Stamp the cork with lettering stamps if you have them. I had some wonderful lettering stamps that I utilized for this project. You may also utilize shapes, colors, and pretty much whatever else you wish to express yourself creatively with.

Step 7: Use at Your Next Dinner Party

You now have a sophisticated choice for distinguishing glasses at your next dinner party or gathering. Overall, I was pleased with the outcomes and am looking forward to making more. Enjoy!

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