Winking Owl Wine Where To Buy? (Solution found)

You’re going to need to keep plenty of shopping bags and quarters in your car because Winking Owl wines are sold exclusively in Aldi stores. But even if you’ve never heard of Winking Owl, you’ve probably sipped one of the brand’s pretty famous cousins at some point.

  • If you’re looking for a bottle of the low-cost wine to conduct your very own taste test, there’s only one place to get it. You’re going to need to keep plenty of shopping bags and quarters in your car because Winking Owl wines are sold exclusively in Aldi stores.


Does Trader Joe’s sell winking owl wine?

So yes, there was a Charles Shaw; no, he has nothing to do with the wine at Trader Joe’s. Winking Owl comes from E.J Gallo, the largest exporter of California wines and on an interesting side note, Bronco CEO Fred Franzia is Ernest Gallo’s nephew. Winking Owl is sold exclusively through Aldi’s.

How much is a bottle of winking owl wine?

All about Winking Owl At just $3 to $5 per bottle, you may be surprised by the consistent quality and taste. The label has even won several awards from the Beverage Testing Institute.

Who makes ALDI’s winking owl wine?

The first thing I thought when encountering a wine called “Winking Owl” had nothing to do with the fact that it sells for less than $3, is exclusive to the Aldi grocery store chain, and is made by Gallo.

Why is ALDI wine so cheap?

But How Does Aldi Keep All This Wine So Affordable? Aldi’s wine partners own their vineyards outright. This means the company isn’t paying any overhead on the land or fruit needed to create high-quality wines.

Is Charles Shaw and Winking Owl the same?

ALDI and Trader Joe’s are each owned by different branches of the same family and Winking Owl (Gallo) is ALDI’s version of TJ’s Charles Shaw or 2 Buck Chuck (Bronco Wines).

Is Two Buck Chuck the same as Winking Owl?

While Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw (aka Two Buck Chuck) may have popularized the concept of cheap wines you needn’t be ashamed to drink, Aldi’s Winking Owl is another rising star in the booze-on-a-budget field.

Why is Aldi alcohol so cheap?

The lower price for Aldi’s alcohol products was one of several reasons given by the Director of Liquor Licensing to reject the German supermarket giant’s application to sell liquor at its Harrisdale store.

Which Winking Owl is the best?

Of all the Winking Owl varieties, Moscato averages the highest, according to And with a 3.8 out of 5-star rating, it isn’t hard to see why. The flavour is that of a light honey mead, but without a sickeningly syrupy taste.

Is Aldi wine any good?

Aldi wines have to be some of the most reasonably-priced wines out there. We like Aldi’s gin too, but that’s not why we’re here Aldi has a huge selection of reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines for sale in store as well as online. And as well as being a total bargain, Aldi’s wines are downright delicious.

What percent of alcohol is in winking owl wine?

The Winking Owl is also listed as semi-sweet and medium to light bodied. Non-vintage wines use grapes from more than one harvest, when the grape yield is plentiful and the prices are down, buy a lot of juice and in years when yields are low and prices are up, buy only what you need. The alcohol content is 12%.

What is the best red wine at Aldi?

Read on for our picks for the best wines at Aldi.

  • Union & Branch Cabernet Sauvignon From Aldi.
  • Stormchaser Wild Ride Red – A Smooth Filly.
  • Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon – Sweet and Oaky.
  • Exquisite Collection Sauvignon Blanc – Nicely Done.
  • Scarlet Path Lodi Zinfandel – A Juicy Jam.

What wine does Trader Joe’s carry?

25 Best Wines You Can Buy at Trader Joe’s

  • Charles de Marques Champagne.
  • Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc.
  • Trader Joe’s Reserve North Coast Brut Rosé
  • L’Eclat Blanc de Blancs.
  • Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava.
  • Tribunal Red Wine North Coast.
  • Pasqua Amarone della Valpolicella.
  • Phigment Red Blend.

Is winking owl Moscato sweet?

A Sweet White Wine Sold at Aldi for Only $3 a Bottle Keep reading to find out about my favorite brand, Winking Owl Moscato.

What kind of wine is winking owl?

Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon Subtle flavors of blackberry, plum, toasted oak and a hint of vanilla.

Is winking owl sangria sweet?

Winking Owl Sangria 2020 4.0Medium bodied, sweet, fruity, very nice, especially for the price! Easy drinking.

Winking Owl Moscato Wine

Amount (see in-store price list)*Description


Winking Owl Wine in Moscato is a popular ALDI Fan Favorite because of its low price and high quality. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the notes of juicy citrus, apricot and peach in this light and airy white wine. Produced in California, Winking Owl Moscato works nicely with spicy foods, light cheeses, and practically any of your favorite sweets, according to the company.

Product highlights:

  • 750 milliliters of California wine
  • Check out our shop finder to discover a location near you
  • 47260 is the product code.

Learn more about Winking Owl Wine by visiting their website.

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  • A:Dry white wines do not have a sweet taste.
  • A: What is a sweet white wine, and what does it taste like?
  • Moscato and Riesling are two of the most popular sweet wines, and they are both produced in large quantities.

Winking Owl Wine – Learn About & Buy Online

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  • Pricing for Winking Owl 2014 is regular price. This service is currently unavailable. $3.99 If you want to save money, choose theWinking Owl Chardonnay ChardonnayfromCalifornia, which costs $0.00 (zero percent).
  • Price at regular intervals This service is currently unavailable. $3.99 Take a look at theWinking Owl 2016 Regular price for $0.00(zero percent). This service is currently unavailable. $3.99 Try theWinking Owl Sangria Fruit WinefromCalifornia, which will save you $0.00 (zero percent).
  • Price at regular intervals This service is currently unavailable. $3.99 Try theWinking Owl Shiraz Syrah/ShirazfromCaliforniafrom$0.00(0 percent)
  • Winking Owl Shiraz Syrah/ShirazfromCaliforniafrom$0.00(0 percent)
  • Winking Owl
  • Price at regular intervals This service is currently unavailable. $3.99 Try theSave$0.00(0 percent)
  • It’s free.

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The Truth About Aldi’s Winking Owl Wine

For a wine enthusiast, there is nothing better than a well-chosen bottle of red or white wine. Whether you’re enjoying a beautiful dinner, a romantic date, or a night of binge-watching your favorite television series, it might be the ideal accompaniment. And as wine grows in popularity, it is becoming increasingly accessible to customers who are realizing that a nice bottle of wine does not have to cost a fortune to enjoy. When it comes to finding reasonably priced wine selections, consumers are realizing that Aldihas a collection of locally produced wines that will not entirely deplete your bank account.

Customers are attracted to the low price and the attractive bottle design.

Nonetheless, wine experts and customers have given Winking Owl varying degrees of approval, with many unable to agree on how they feel about Aldi’s wine brand.

In reality, the wine has been characterized as ranging from ” delectable” to ” awful.” So, what precisely is the problem with this highly divisive wine?

It’s part of a huge wine family

Wine enthusiasts who haven’t yet sampled a glass of Winking Owl may be perplexed as to what all the fuss is about with this wine. Is it even feasible to acquire a decent bottle of wine for less than three dollars? When looking for a bottle of low-cost wine to use in your own personal tasting test, there’s just one place to look: the supermarket. Because Winking Owl wines are only available at Aldi shops, you’ll want to make sure you have enough of shopping bags and quarters on hand. Even if you’ve never heard of Winking Owl, chances are you’ve had a drink from one of the brand’s more well-known relatives at some time in your life.

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The family-owned firm was established in 1933 by brothers Ernest and Julio Gallo and is a key participant in the wine industry.

There are lots of wines to choose from under the label

When it comes to wine, everyone has their own preferences. Some wine enthusiasts choose to drink a sweet white wine, while others prefer to savor a deep, full-bodied red wine. Winking Owl, on the other hand, provides a wide selection of wines to satisfy every palate’s desires. The company produces ten different types of wines, ranging from a sweet moscato to a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon, among other things. Winking Owl wine is offered in five different variations of red, including a medium-bodied red blend that comes in a 3-liter box, which is ideal for a girls’ night in with the girls.

A Winking Owl White Zinfandel can soothe your thirst whether you’re out on a picnic or having a backyard BBQ.

It gets some pretty bad reviews

The Winking Owl wine from Aldi is getting a lot of attention right now, and that’s understandable. A lot of people are talking about winkingowlwine on Instagram, which is very amazing for a brand that doesn’t do much in the way of marketing and promotion in general. However, sadly, not all of that conversation is pleasant. According to some, Winking Owl wines are a terrible choice, as seen by a fast Google search on the name of the brand. Winking Owl’s red mix was criticized on the wine evaluation website Vivino, with some customers complaining that it was “poor in flavor” and tasted “like water.” As of April 2019, the wine has a poor rating of only 2.8 stars out of a possible five.

Shiraz gets the best reviews

You may not want to depend only on the Winking Owl evaluations, preferring instead to taste the wines for yourself and make your own judgment. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the options and aren’t sure where to begin, the shiraz can be a good place to begin your search. This crimson Winking Owl cultivar receives the most attention online out of all the Winking Owl varieties. The shiraz has received some of the most positive online evaluations of any wine in general. Metasip, a website dedicated to wine, beer, and spirit reviews, characterizes the wine as “very pleasant” with a “nice aftertaste.” Winking Owl’s shiraz is described as “smooth with no bitterness” and a “wonderful value” by Vivinoreviewers, who also praise its “excellent value.” The shiraz, according to Robert Scheer, who wrote an in-depth brand evaluation for The Indianapolis Star, was “the winner” of the Winking Owl brand and lauded the wine for its “excellent fruit notes.” Given the overwhelmingly great feedback, red wine enthusiasts may want to investigate Winking Owl shiraz as a nice low-cost domestic choice.

You can get it super cheap

Aldi is gaining a reputation as a store where you can acquire a fine bottle of wine at a reasonable price. According to an Aldi salesperson who spoke with EatingWell, around 90 percent of the store’s wine options are priced at or below $10. Winking Owl is one of such brands, and it is one of the wines that is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Winking Owl is available at a variety of pricing points around the country, but on average, a bottle costs slightly under $3 (and you should never pay more than $5 for it).

We can all agree that no one purchases a single bottle of wine.

But you can’t get it everywhere

If you’re looking for a lower-priced option to practically everything on your shopping list, it’s no secret that Aldi outperforms the competition in this department. Customers in some regions of the country are unable to benefit from Aldi’s incredible low-cost wine selection, despite the fact that Aldi’s more than 1600 locations throughout the United States provide a reasonable range of cheese, bread, and other pantry basics. Unfortunately, in other jurisdictions, such as New York, Mississippi, and Arkansas, wine may only be purchased from a licensed liquor shop or through a private party.

You can use their handystore finder to find out whether your local Aldi store has Winking Owl or other wines in stock. Even if they don’t have wine on hand, you can always look for the next store over the state border that does and fill up your car with petrol for a Winking Owl road trip.

It goes great with Aldi cheese

“Everything is better with a little wine in the belly,” as Tyrion Lannister memorably quipped on the HBO seriesGame of Thrones. Erica Banas, a rock music reporter for Boston’s WROR radio station from the 1980s, put Tyrion’s words to the test when she tasted a cheeseeseline from Aldi brand Happy Farms that was designed after a musical instrument. A well-known 1980s rock song was used to inspire the names of each cheese variety in the range. Examples include: “Total Eclipse of the Havarti” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina.” Banas writes in her review that, while she appreciated the majority of the tastes, several of the cheeses didn’t taste particularly good on their own.

The Winking Owl cabernet sauvignon, she said, was the perfect way to “take things to the next level” after eating the “Pour Some Gouda On Me” sandwich.

It is not vegan

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images Although grapes are the primary ingredient in wine, vegetarians and vegans still have a cause to be concerned about the process by which their wine is produced. In order to speed up the process of eliminating all of the contaminants and undesired elements that remain in the wine after fermentation, wine producers frequently use animal products such as gelatin and egg whites. This practice of employing “processing aids” speeds up the process of getting wine from the vineyard to your table far more quickly than if the process were left to proceed naturally.

Vegans can take advantage of theBarnivorealcohol directory, which keeps a searchable database of information on wine labels, because wineries will not necessarily promote whether or not their wines are genuinely vegan.

By analyzing each batch of wine that has been processed, we go one step further to ensure that any milk or egg components are not traceable following the filtering process.” You are the final arbiter.

It wasn’t included in a 2015 arsenic scare

In 2015, wine consumers received some unexpected news that caused them to take a deep breath before popping their corks: According to a complaint, many popular (and inexpensive) California wines contained dangerously high quantities of inorganic arsenic — in other words, poison — when they were produced. According to the scientists who conducted the tests, the wines analyzed contained significant levels of the toxin, “in certain cases up to 500 percent or more over what is deemed the maximum tolerable safe daily intake limit.” A notable absence from the lawsuit’s list of 83 wines was Gallo, despite the fact that well-known brands like as Charles Shaw, Wine Cube, Sutter Home, and Beringer were mentioned among the producers.

So, how did Gallo manage to avoid being implicated in this allegation?

Gray, on the other hand, offered something considerably less provocative: “Gallo, which has been recognized for decades for its technical excellence, may produce super-cheap wines with arsenic levels that are lower than others.” Indeed, the plaintiff’s attorney informed him that “According to the testing we’ve done, Gallo does everything correctly.

That, in my opinion, demonstrates that excessive arsenic is not required in wine production.” For what it’s worth, the case was ultimately dismissed in 2016, but you can still be certain that Gallo and its Winking Owl wine are completely safe to consume.

The brand is growing

In the end, the quantity of income generated by a brand is the ultimate indicator of its success. The Winking Owl brand has shown itself to be a useful part of the Aldi family, despite some bad internet reviews. The brand has experienced the type of growth that would make any shop happy. During the period 2014 to 2017, Winking Owl had a steady growth in sales, which has piqued the interest of some in the beverage business. Beverage Dynamics, a trade magazine for the liquor store industry, maintains track of the greatest wine brands in the sector in an effort to assist sellers in deciding which kinds to offer on their shelves in their stores.

Sales of Aldi’s brand climbed from 1270,000 to 1450,000 cases between 2016 and 2017.

It’s definitely not Aldi’s best tasting wine

Wine fans and wine reviewers alike agree that Winking Owl is one of Aldi’s most popular wine brands, but they also agree that it is not the greatest tasting brand in the store’s wine area (even if its pinot grigio did once manage to win a silver medal). Many of Aldi’s lesser-known wine labels, in fact, have garnered high praise and prizes from well-established industry associations. Progressive Grocer named Aldi’sMoiselle Moscato, which is available in three colors: white, red, and pink, as an Editor’s Pick for 2014.

And who could forget Aldi’s $8Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rose, which was only available in limited quantities in the United States for a short time?

When you’re at your local Aldi’s wine aisle, pick up a bottle of one of the award-winning brands and see how it compares to Winking Owl’s own brand of wine.

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Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon

California Cabernet Sauvignon is available for $2.69, yes, $2.69. Aldi’s unique non-vintage Cabernet Sauvignon is manufactured by EJ Gallo, and while Bronco Wines produces their low end wine, Charles Shaw (really $2.99 in Illinois), Aldi’s discount wine, Winking Owl, is produced by EJ Gallo. Grapes for this wine are supplied from vineyards around California, as Gallo is the world’s largest winery and hence has access to a great number of grape varieties. In addition to flavors of “toasted oak with a hint of vanilla,” which would indicate oak aging, at $2.69 per bottle, it is unlikely that oak barrels were used in the production of this Cabernet.

  • When I first started drinking wine ten years ago, I was skeptical of $10 bottles because you didn’t know what you were going to receive and it was really hit or miss.
  • Three years ago, I hated drinking $5 wine since there were some weird bottles on the market.
  • This brings us to the final cheap wine frontier, the wines priced at $3 and lower.
  • The hue is cherry red in the middle of the glass, and it becomes lighter as it progresses to the edges of the piece of glass.
  • This is a very mellow wine; there are no sharp edges to be found here.
  • Mid-palate notes of chocolate and vanilla are present, with a dash of tart cranberries added at the end of the tasting.
  • Even if the label said Merlot instead of Cabernet Sauvignon, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in flavor or aroma.
  • This wine is slightly sweet, and because the tannins have been removed there is not a great deal of structure, but it has a decent combination of flavors with no “off” flavor or unusual textures to speak of.
  • A handful of examples would get the celebration began for a wedding on a budget or an anniversary party in the garden.
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The Definitive Ranking of Aldis Winking Owl Wine

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Pinot Grigio

  • It has a high alcohol content of 11.5 percent and is nearly translucent with a tint of ivory in color, which makes it the most transparent of all the Winking Owl wines. It has the scent of: a lovely, sweet champagne
  • The score is ten out of ten.

This is my personal favorite of the Winking Owl collection, and I have many others as well. It is really smooth and palatable, and it does not have an excessive amount of sugar. It has the ideal blend of sweet and tart flavors, and I could easily drink several ice-cold glasses of this on a hot summer day without feeling guilty. It has just the right amount of carbonation, as well as a crisp apple flavor that is really refreshing to drink. This is a fantastic deal for less than three bucks that is worth every cent and then some.


  • Of the entire Winking Owl collection, this one is my personal favorite. Although it has no sugar, it is exceptionally smooth and palatable. During a hot summer day, this drink has the right blend of sweetness and acidity, and I could easily drink many glasses of it ice-cold. It has just the right amount of carbonation, as well as a crisp apple flavor that is really enjoyable to sip. This is a fantastic deal for less than three bucks that is well worth your money.

According to, the Moscato variety has the highest average rating of all the Winking Owl kinds. And with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars, it isn’t difficult to understand why this is the case. The flavor is similar to that of a light honey mead, but it does not have a sickeningly sweet aftertaste. Because of the natural richness that all Moscatos have, I wouldn’t recommend drinking more than a glass or two at a time, but it would be delicious served chilled as an after-dinner dessert treat.

Given that most Moscato wines have an alcohol content of 5-7 percent ABV, and this one has an ABV of 8 percent, I was a little concerned that there could be a cheap alcohol flavor; nevertheless, I was pleasantly delighted to discover that you can’t really taste the alcohol in this.

Sauvignon Blanc

  • ABV: 13 percent
  • Color: yellowish beige
  • ABV: 13 percent It has the scent of: a half-dried lemon Clorox wipe
  • 4 stars out of 10 for this one.

Even though I really wanted to appreciate this wine, it ended up being a disappointment for me. You receive an initial burn that reminds me of a lemon drop shooter, and the flavor is overpoweringly acidic. It had 13 percent alcohol by volume, and I could taste every drop of it. The flavor, although being light in body, reminds me of a watered-down cleaning solution, which I find amusing. I recommend paying a few additional dollars for a somewhat better brand, because with this one, you (unfortunately) get what you pay for (in this case, a lot more).


  • Alcohol by volume (ABV): 12 percent
  • Color: a greenish straw yellow tone. Aromas include: hints of lemon, although not as much as the other Winking Owl white wines in terms of aromatic intensity
  • 2 points out of 10 for overall performance

This wine is by far my least favorite of the Winking Owls, and I have tried them all. This bottle of Chardonnay is overpriced in my opinion. I prefer boxed Chardonnay. There’s something acidic and cheap about the flavor. It has the flavor of a really sour apple jolly rancher with a strong sour kick. I’ve had a lot of cheap Chardonnay over the years, but this one has to be the worst I’ve ever had. The only reason it receives a two is because I may be able to use it in the kitchen in the future.

White Zinfandel

  • ABV: 8.5 percent
  • Color: light rose, reminiscent of a Shirley temple
  • ABV: 8.5 percent Peaches and mild raspberries are the predominant scents. The overall rating is 7 out of 10.

What a nice surprise it was to find this wine to be so refreshing and simple to drink. As an alternative to a mimosa, it has a very pleasant fruity and tangy flavor that makes it a wonderful brunch drink to serve instead. A non-alcoholic Washington apple is the flavor profile of this drink, which is quite smooth. The undertones of pineapple and strawberries, as well as the fact that it is well-balanced and not excessively sweet, are all wonderful. This wine is excellent value for the money.


  • The alcohol content is 13.5 percent
  • The color is midnight purple
  • It has the scent of: a very fragrant red wine mix
  • The overall rating is 8 out of 10.

This is the most full-bodied of the Winking Owl wines, and it is also the most expensive. It features undertones of blackberries and plum, as well as a somewhat spicy undertone. When compared to the other Winking Owl red wines, this one has a remarkably rich and complex flavor profile. When served with a hard cheese on a chilly winter night, it is easy to drink and great to match with a hard cheese. If you’re looking for the most complex of the W.O. red wines, this is the one to go for.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

  • The alcohol content is 12 percent
  • The color is black cherry red
  • Likes to smell like: Slightly flowery, but not too fragrant, which is unusual for a standard Cabernet
  • The overall rating is 7 out of 10.

I have to admit that I feel the majority of Cabernet drinkers would not rate this wine a 7 out of 10 on the scale. It has a very weak body, and most people would characterize it as being watery in nature. Because of the mild flavor, I didn’t find it to be very unpleasant and found it to be fairly drinking as a result. It has a very fruity, sweet flavor and is not very complex in flavor. For those who dislike sweet, light-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, this is not the wine for you.


  • I have to admit that I feel the majority of Cabernet drinkers would not rate this wine a 7 out of 10 stars. Watery is the best way to characterize this beer’s body, which is incredibly weak. It was highly drinking for me because of the mellowed-out flavor, which I personally didn’t dislike at all. It has a very fruity, sweet flavor and is not very complicated. It’s probably not the wine for you if you don’t like sweet, light-bodied Cabernets.

I have to admit that I feel the majority of Cabernet drinkers would not award this wine a 7 out of 10. It has a very weak body, and most people would characterize it as watery.

Personally, I didn’t dislike the milder flavor, and I found it to be highly drinking as a result of this. Although it is not particularly complicated, it has a very fruity and sweet flavor. For those who dislike sweet, light-bodied Cabernets, this is not the wine for you.

My final impression of the range

Overall, I believe that the majority of these wines are rather exceptional for their price. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are the only ones that, in my opinion, are problematic, and I advocate reserving them solely for cooking purposes. Each of the Pinot Grigio, Moscato, and Shiraz wines retails for less than three dollars, making them excellent value for money to drink and enjoy with your family or friends. In case you’re inquisitive, I propose that you sample your favorite flavor for three bucks.

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Overall, I believe that the majority of these wines are rather good for the money. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are the only ones that, in my opinion, are problematic, and I advocate reserving them solely for culinary purposes. To drink and enjoy with your family or friends for under three dollars each, the Pinot Grigio, Moscato, and Shiraz are all excellent value for money. When in doubt, I recommend giving your favorite type a try; after all, it’s just three bucks.

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Aldi Finds: Have A $3 Wine Night With Winking Owl

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to have a wine night! Purchasing bottles of wine on a regular basis, though, may prove to be too expensive at times. The fact that there are so many inexpensive wines available is a wonderful thing, but it can be difficult to select one that is genuinely good. So if you’re searching for a great yet reasonably priced bottle of wine, look no further. Wine with a winking owl When you want something wonderful but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, this is a great brand of wine to choose from.

  • This wine is available in a broad range of varieties, ranging from cabernet sauvignon to white zinfandel, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy!
  • Winking Owl produces ten different varietals of wine, all of which are sourced from California.
  • It goes well with a cheese board or any other salty food, such as pretzels or popcorn, which is one of my personal favorites!
  • Winking Owl is constantly available at Aldi, and it is actually rather tasty for the ridiculously low cost.
  • Because there are so many various variations of this wine available, and because it is so affordable, it is enjoyable to vary it up and taste all of the different varieties.
  • Personal faves are the White Zinfandel and the Pinot Grigio.
  • This product is particularly appealing to me because it is both reasonably priced and delicious.

That combination is quite rare, so you should take advantage of it while you can! Aldi’s Wine is a supermarket that sells wine. This wine has a nice flavor and is reasonably priced. It’s just $3, which you can surely put towards your weekly wine evenings!

Get the scoop on more of ourAldi finds!

More information is available at

  • Scoop #2: There’s more to it than that!

Winking Owl Moscato (Perfect For Beginners)

When I first began to explore the world of wine, a buddy of mine advised that I try Moscato. I was intrigued, so I tried it. I heeded her advise and purchased a bottle, which I instantly got addicted to. Continue reading to learn more about my favorite brand of Moscato, Winking Owl Moscato.

What Exactly is Moscato?

Moscato is the name given to a kind of wine created from grapes belonging to the muscat family. Moscato wine is usually sweet and medium-bodied, with citrus notes dominating the palate. The Moscato d’Asti is the most well-known kind of Moscato in the world. Moscato d’Asti is a sweet wine from the Veneto region of Italy that is somewhat frothy and has a low alcohol percentage. I prefer the non-sparkling form of Moscato, which has the same fantastic taste as the sparkling version but does not include any bubbles.

I’ve tried pretty much every inexpensive brand of Moscato that I could get my hands on, and I have to say that Winking Owl Wine is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

Winking Owl Moscato

The Moscato wine collection at Aldi is the most popular, according to my conversations with friends, reading the internet, and being a member of numerous Aldi-themed facebook groups. If someone asks for a recommendation, the Moscato will almost certainly be the most frequently mentioned. If you’re just getting started with wine, the Moscato is a great place to begin your exploration. You will not be disappointed. Many people will tell you that Winking Owl Wine tastes terrible or that it isn’t “sophisticated” enough, and you will believe them.

Winking Owl detractors are free to spend more money if that is what makes them feel better.

With only $3 to risk, what do you have to lose by giving it a shot?

Who Makes Winking Owl Wine?

Despite the fact that Winking Owl Wine is offered by Aldi, it is not a German-made wine imported from Germany. Following some online research, I discovered many sites that cite the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau as the source for the Gallo Winking Owl Wine. I believe this is correct. Considering how much I enjoy the Gallo Family’s wines, this makes perfect sense to me as well!

Winking Owl Moscato Alcohol Content

Occasionally, you will hear someone claim that they are unconcerned about the amount of alcohol in their wine since “it is all about the flavor.” That, however, is not my style. Don’t get me wrong, I drink it for the flavor as well, but I appreciate knowing that after a glass or two, I’ll feel comfortable and rested. Having said that, Winking Owl Moscato has an alcohol level of 8 percent by volume (abv) (alcohol by volume).

For a sweet wine, this isn’t half bad. The majority of sweet wines that I taste seem to be about 6 percent alcohol by volume. My preference is at least 10 percent, but when it comes to Winking Owl, I’m a little more lenient.

What to Pair With Winking Owl Moscato

One of my favorite things about Winking Owl Moscato is that I can sip it at any time of day or night without feeling deprived. Moscato goes well with spicy dishes, a variety of cheeses, and a wide variety of desserts, among other things. Just a few suggestions whether you’re searching for food pairings for your next dinner party or just want to treat yourself to a relaxing evening at home with wonderful food and beverages.


  • When it comes to Winking Owl Moscato, one of my favorite aspects is that I can enjoy it at any time of day. A spicy dish, cheeses from around the world, and a wide variety of desserts are all good matches for Moscato. You can use these recipes to inspire food pairings for your next dinner party, or you can use them to pamper yourself with delicious food and beverages on your own time.

Main Dishes

  • Shrimp Scampi, Lo Mein, Kimchi Jjigae, Chile Relleno, and Fish Tacos are some of the dishes on the menu.


  • Pecan Pie
  • Cheese Platter (Sharp White Cheddar, Mozzarella, Smoked Gouda, and Pepper Jack)
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Fruit Salad
  • Banana Pudding I could go on and on. imagine what I’m talking about

So, if you’re just thinking about trying wine, or want to find one that’s sweet And super cheap, run to your local Aldi and pick up a few bottles of Winking Owl Moscato! You Deserve it!

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