What To Wear Wine Tasting? (Question)

It’s smart to pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and wear clothes made of comfortable, breathable materials. That said, daily temperatures can fluctuate significantly in Wine Country, so definitely bring layers, such as a sweater, jacket, and/or a scarf.

How to dress for a wine tasting party?

  • Wine Tasting Outfits Neutral Wine Tasting Outfit. The first wine tasting outfit is a blend of neutrals and one gorgeous printed top. Stylish Wine Tasting Outfit. For a stylish approach consider a striped shirtdress. Monochrome Wine Tasting Outfit. When a lot of walking is involved consider a cute pair of sandals. Cute Wine Tasting Attire.


What do you wear to an evening wine tasting?

Unless you plan to visit a particular vineyard or tasting room with a formal dress code, a tie is usually unnecessary. Instead, wear dress jeans or dark slacks with a collared shirt and carry a jacket to dress up if necessary.

What should I wear to a winery trip?

A nice, collared button down shirt or polo is perfect attire for the winery. You can opt for either short sleeves or long sleeves depending on the weather, and shorts – as long as they are “dressy” shorts – are acceptable as well. Try to avoid cut-off jean shorts, athletic shorts, or light blue jeans.

What should you not do at a wine tasting?

Wine Tasting Etiquette— Things to Do & Things to Avoid

  • DO Go in With an Open Mind.
  • AVOID Wearing a Fragrance.
  • DO Cleanse Your Palate.
  • AVOID Drinking Too Much, Too Fast.
  • DO Spit or Dump.
  • AVOID Holding Your Glass By The Bowl.
  • DO Ask Questions.
  • AVOID Acting Like an Expert, Unless You Are One.

Can I wear jeans to a wine tasting?

Wine Country Casual Yes! Jeans are acceptable year-round – we call it wine country casual (for women — sundresses, blouses and skirts, nice jeans, wedges, sandals, etc.; for men – golf shirts, khaki pants, nice jeans, dressier shorts, stylish sneakers, boat shoes, etc.).

How should a man dress for a wine tasting?

For men, that means a short-sleeved dress shirt, golf shirt or designer tee shirt with dress shorts, casual pants or dressy jeans. Casual dress shoes or stylish sneakers.

What do you wear to a wine tasting in the summer?

In the summer opt for light colors, pretty prints, in light fabrics. Instead of jeans, wear skirts, shorts, and dresses. If you do want to wear pants wear chinos instead of jeans. Chinos are very comfortable because it’s not very thick and not too tight.

What do you wear to a wine tasting in the winter?

In fact, a nice floral dress and a pair of sandals or a pair of dark-wash jeans and a polo or dress shirt are all you need to look great and fit right in at most wineries. Just make sure you layer a blazer or a cute denim jacket if the weather calls for it!

Is the wine train worth it?

Overall, recent passengers of the Napa Valley Wine Train reported loving their experience. While admittedly pricey, visitors found the food to be fantastic, service excellent and the views of the vineyards from the train simply breathtaking.

What should I ask at a wine tasting?

Wine and wine tastings should be fun, not a chore.

  • “Where is this wine from?”
  • “What type of soil are the grapes grown in?”
  • “What’s the landscape like where the grapes are grown?”
  • “What types of grapes were used to make this wine?”

What do you spit wine into?

It’s called a spit bucket, or dump bucket, but some call it a spittoon. While you’re correct that it’s used to dump leftover wine, it’s also there for you to spit. A public service announcement: Dr.

How do you manage a wine tasting room?

10 Tips for Successful Tasting Rooms

  1. Great Greeting.
  2. Referral Source.
  3. On Stage vs.
  4. Service Heart.
  5. Build Rapport by Asking Open-Ended Questions.
  6. Use Analogies & Storytelling.
  7. Sell the Brand First, the Wine Second.
  8. Leverage Silent Selling Tools.

What do I wear on a first date?

According to Experts, Here’s What to Wear on a First Date to Increase Your Chances of Success.

  • Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident.
  • When in Doubt, Wear Red or Black.
  • Avoid Wearing Orange and Brown.
  • Wear Something Comfortable and Practical.
  • Show Off Your Neck Instead of Your Chest.

What do NAPA employees wear?

Yes shirts,slacks and name tags.

What do you wear to a winery wedding?

In general: Most winery weddings lie between semi-formal and dressy casual attire, so a pretty cocktail dress or floral wedding guest dress or maxi dress would be my first pick. A special occasion skirt and top, jumpsuit, or dressy combination of pants and a top if you don’t want to wear a dress, are also appropriate.

25 Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas: What To Wear & What NOT To Wear

What theheck do you wear to a vineyard in the first place? A self-proclaimed wine country fanatic (I reside in San Francisco and visit Sonoma and Napa frequently, maybe to an excessive degree), I have my wine tasting ensembles on a strict no-fly list. I’ve learnt from my mistakes in the past – on my first trip to Napa Valley, I wore a little dress and high heels for a February visit, and it was miserable. I ended up falling all over the place (because heels and wine don’t mix!) and freezing my buttocks to death.

I’m here to share my fashion mistakes with you so that you can avoid them in the future.

Read on to learn more!

The month of August is scorching hot at Sterling in Napa.

What To Wear Wine Tasting: 8 Cardinal Rules No Matter The Season

It doesn’t matter where I’m wine tasting or what season it is; there are some fundamental criteria I adhere to when selecting wine tasting clothes to ensure I’m comfortable and confident (and stylish).


I had to write that in all caps because, yeah, I am yelling at you over the internet. Look, I’ve completed the task. This has happened more than once. I see women in high heels all the time, tripping over vines (one of them even injured her ankle), and it’s just not the shoe to be seen in in this environment. Because not all wineries provide seating for tastings, you should prepare to be on your feet for the most of the day. Wine combined with high heels and standing for long periods of time is already a recipe for aching feet, but when you throw in uneven ground (such as cobblestones or grass), you’ll be wishing you’d worn something else.

In the winter, I might even put on a pair of boots.

These Winery-Friendly Shoes are available for purchase.

2. Wear A Crossbody Purse

It is likely that you will be holding a wine glass and will require the use of your other hands to unlock doors or shoot photographs with your phone. Skip the cult Gia bag and believe me when I say that you’ll be happy for a compact, hassle-free handbag like this one instead. Make sure it has a top that is simple to reach into and out of because, as previously said, you will not have two hands to access a zipper or tricky button.

3. Wear Smudge-Free Lipstick

When you’re wine tasting and eating cheese for six hours straight, long-lasting lipstick is essential.

I discovered this lipstick last year when hunting for a lipstick that would stay on under my facemask, and I already know it will be my go-to lipstick when I go wine tasting this summer for the second time.

4. Wear White With Caution

Is it true that I’ve never worn white to a wine tasting before? Yes! Is it possible that I have spilled red wine on myself? YES. Here’s the thing: I really like the way white grapes appear in vineyards. Everything about it is stylish and timeless. However, you must exercise caution when wearing white. If you are prone to spilling things on yourself, save your white denim pants for special occasions such as Mumm or Korbel Champagne Houses.

5. No Strong Perfumes

Is it true that I’ve never worn white to a wine tasting? Yes! Has it occurred to me that I had spilt red wine over my own person? YES. This is the thing: I really like the way white vineyards appear when they are blooming. Everything about it is stylish and classic. You must, however, exercise caution when wearing white. Only wear those white denim trousers to champagne houses like Mumm or Korbel if you are prone to spilling on yourself.

6. Dress Up

I realize that “wine country casual” is a little more premium than “regular casual,” but I still enjoy using wine country as an excuse to show off a particularly stylish dress. A tulle skirt, perhaps? What’s with the bow top? Maxi dress with a romantic feel? Yes, yes, and YES! Shop for the Perfect Dress for a Winery Occasion In March, there will be a wine tasting in Guerneville.

7. Layer Up Your SPF

I’ve come away from a wine tasting in January with sunburns on my arms and legs. Always use a decent face sunscreen beneath your makeup (I use this!) as well as a good body sunscreen to protect your skin.

8. When In Doubt – Go With A Simple Outfit

Honestly, wine tasting is nothing more than a posh version of day drinking. After a long day of tasting wines, you’ll be exhausted and perhaps a little tipsy. Instead of opting for a button-up romper that is difficult to put on and take off, or a wrap dress that tends to blow around, opt for something simple and/or hassle-free to wear instead. It’s time to get some serious fashion inspiration! When wine tasting in the cold, it is essential to dress in layers.

Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas Winter

To be honest, wine tasting is nothing more than a posh day out with friends and family. After a long day of sipping wines, you’ll be exhausted and a little tipsy. Instead of wearing a button-up romper that is difficult to put on and take off, or a wrap dress that tends to fly around, opt for something simple and/or hassle-free to avoid becoming a distraction. Time for some big fashion inspo, shall we? While wine tasting in the winter, it is essential to dress in layers to keep warm.

Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas Spring

Springtime in wineries is typically marked by the arrival of FLOWERS! In addition to muck from rain and occasionally cool gusts. During the spring, the vines will gradually begin to flower, although they will still be predominantly brown in appearance (with just a little bit of green.) Whenever I visit a vineyard, I am inspired to wear white or flowery dresses, midi skirts, espadrilles, and, of course, denim jackets in case the weather turns cold.

This will be the time of year when I wear shoes that are prepared to get dirty, as it is possible that the vines will be muddy. But, for the most part, I’m really taken with the romance of winery gardens and want to dress accordingly. Shop for Wine Tasting Outfits for the Spring Season.

Wine Tasting Outfits For Summer

Summer in wine region can be scorching, scorching, scorching. In addition to a high-quality deodorant, I always reach for sunglasses, sun hats, straw hats, flowy dresses, and linen jumpsuits when the weather gets warm. Every now and again, I want to capture the vibes of a Greek island – huge dresses that billow in the breeze and keep me cool while yet appearing easy. Summer is the time of year when the vines are clothed with green foliage and produce purple grapes. You should try to take that classic photo walk through the vines this month if you haven’t already.

(Keep in mind that apparel in shades of brown, black, and green will blend in too much).

Napa Valley’s early fall / late summer season Downtown Napa in the late autumn.

Fall Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas

It may get quite hot in the summer in wine country. I always seek for sunglasses, sun hats, straw hats, flowing skirts, and linen jumpsuits in addition to a high-quality deodorant when the weather becomes hot. Every now and again, I want to embody the vibes of a Greek island — huge dresses that billow in the breeze and keep me cool while yet appearing easy. Vine leaves and purple grapes will be abundant throughout the summer months when the vines are fully grown. Take that traditional picture walk through the vines this month if you’ve been wanting to try it out.

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Brown, black, and green apparel will blend in excessively with the surroundings.

In a vineyard, the fall foliage is spectacular.

Late autumn in downtown Napa

What to wear to a wine tasting event

Is it difficult to decide on the appropriate attire for a wine tasting party or even a vineyard wedding? Dress even more formally than you would if you were simply going to a normal tasting session. For special parties, wearing winery clothing means having more freedom to experiment with costumes and styles! The Nuuly website has provided me with outfit rentals for events and weddings in the past. They offer an incredible variety, including some really cool dresses (such as this sequin dress!) that would look amazing in a winery setting.

But make sure you have a place to put your handbag or coat so you don’t have to lug them around with you all the time.

In downtown Sonoma, it’s a dreary winter day.

True confession: I enjoy looking at what other bloggers are wearing in order to get updated wine tasting outfit inspiration.

While happy hour will always be enjoyable, there’s something particularly special about gathering your girlfriends and traveling to Calistoga or the Santa Cruz Mountains for a day of wine tasting. In addition, dressing up in a charming vineyard outfit makes the experience much more enjoyable!

What to Wear to a Winery (Your Ultimate Style Guide for Winery Outfits)

A wonderful time is always had by all at a wine tasting! When you’re surrounded by wonderful wine, stunning scenery, interesting people, and perfect weather, the last thing you want to be concerned about is your attire. That is why I put together this comprehensive guide on how to dress appropriately for a winery visit. Although this style guide will not only answer the question of what to wear to a wine tasting, many style tips, outfit ideas, and what to wear during different seasons will be discussed, and it is jam-packed with outfit photos!

  • These are general guidelines that may be used to any and all of your wine tasting attire, regardless of location or season!
  • 1.
  • Conversely, being comfortable does not necessarily imply wearing sneakers.
  • Take into account which vineyards you will be visiting, as you may be walking on grass, dirt, gravel, or cobblestone depending on where you are in the world.
  • 2.
  • If you don’t wear your purse with you, you run the risk of forgetting about it or setting your bag down without paying attention to it.
  • 3.

Wearing a denim jacket in the summer, a flowery blazer in the spring, an extra-long cardigan in the fall, and a coat in the winter will depend on the season.


Despite the fact that vineyards are essentially farms in the country, don’t expect to be able to show there in jeans and a t-shirt and call it a day (unless, of course, that’s what you want; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this piece).

I still consider wine tasting to be a quite upscale hobby, so I make an effort to always appear well-dressed and refined.

Hairstyles that require little upkeep: Your wine tasting apparel includes your hair, so put your hair up or arrange it in a way that will require little maintenance throughout your wine tasting activities.

This way, you won’t have to worry about it growing frizzy or turning flat, and you won’t have to fiddle with it while on your wine tasting trip in the vineyards.


After all, you don’t want to be constantly checking your lipstick or reapplying it when you arrive to your car.


If you don’t want to smell like perfume, that’s also a politeness to the group you’re with and to other visitors in the wine tasting room or cave.

Choose a Vibrant Print: If you want to add some excitement to your wine tasting suit, opt for a print instead of a single color.

In the spring, choose for a flowery shirt; in the summer, opt for stripes; in the fall, opt for plaidstartans; and in the winter, opt for houndstooth.

Less is More: Avoid dressing in an ensemble that requires too much care.

Do not be afraid to dress in white when visiting a winery: There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing in white when visiting a winery.

I have worn white pants to wine tastings, as seen by the clothing choices provided below. If you know you’re going to spill a lot, I’d recommend foregoing the white wine altogether.


While on vacation in Napa Valley, there are a variety of activities to choose from. Think on where you’re going to stay, which vineyards you’re going to visit, when you’re going, and what you’re going to bring with you. Packing the appropriate wine tasting attire is not difficult; however, you must take into consideration the locations you will be visiting as well as the time of year you will be visiting them. Spring and October are my favorite times of year to visit wine country since the weather is neither too hot or too chilly.

If you’re thinking about visiting Napa Valley, I’d recommend visiting during one of these seasons.

What to Wear to a Winery in the Spring

During the spring months, the temperature in Napa ranges from the high 60s to low 70s during the day to the mid to upper 40s during the morning and nighttime hours. May in Napa Valley may be cool in the mornings and nights, but the weather is wonderful during the daytime hours. Because I prefer temperatures in the 70’s during the daytime, I would recommend visiting Napa Valley later in the spring or early summer if you want it a bit hotter during the day. Pack more sweaters than you think you’ll need in the spring.

In addition, it is beneficial to store them in your car when the tasting room is too chilly or when you want to enjoy a glass of wine outside on the winery patio but the weather is too windy.

What to Wear to a Winery in the Summer

Even though the summers in Napa Valley are hot and sunny, it is precisely this that draws so many visitors from all across California and beyond because it is so lovely! During the summer, the temperature fluctuates between the 80s and the 90s during the day and can drop as low as the mid-50s at night. In the summer, bright colors, attractive designs, and light materials are the best choices. Instead of jeans, opt for skirts, shorts, and dresses to liven up your look. If you really want to wear pants, opt for chinos rather than jeans.

These two factors would make this wine tasting excursion quite unpleasant for me.

What to Wear to a Winery in the Fall

September is my favorite month to go wine tasting since the mornings and nights are crisp, but not too chilly, and the temps throughout the day vary from the 80s to the 90s, making it a pleasant time to be outside. It’s the end of summer, but it’s not quite the beginning of fall. It’s the ideal time of year to relax with a glass of wine on a vineyard patio or deck while taking in the breathtaking sights. However, because it is harvest time in Napa Valley, the fall season is also one of the busiest times to visit.

As the grapes are being picked from the vines during harvest season in the wine regions, wine enthusiasts from all over the world come to take part in harvest events and special activities held during the season. Make sure you have a plan in place.

What to Wear to a Winery in the Winter

In addition to the weather, the most noticeable difference between the seasons before spring or fall and winter is the number of people. If you’ve ever been to Napa Valley during the peak tourist season, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when it comes to the crowds. The tasting area at vineyards can be 10 people deep, and you must make your way to the counter to get your wine. In the winter, Napa takes on a completely different atmosphere; it is peaceful and quiet, and you can find yourself with some of the best views in the world.

  • Temperatures in the nights drop into the high 30’s, while during the daytime they range from the mid to upper 50’s degrees.
  • In case you’re thinking about going wine tasting during the winter, here are some things to keep in mind: Wear comfortable footwear, just as you would at any other time of year.
  • For days filled with wine tasting and tours, this sort of shoe is the finest choice.
  • If you want to wear a thinner sweater, make sure to layer it with a coat.
  • An olive green turtleneck sweater with long sleeves was my choice for the outfit shown below.
  • I paired my light-colored skinny jeans with a big sweater and high-heeled black boots to complete the look.
  • (For additional information on how to put together a well-balanced ensemble, see How to Look Stylish Every Day – Your 5-Step Checklist.) Because the boots are thick and hefty, it is necessary to balance them.
  • It was also important to me that the shoes stood out, and if I had worn black trousers, you wouldn’t have noticed the boots at all!
  • You don’t want your jeans to bunch up around your ankles, so make sure they don’t.
  • The importance of comfort cannot be overstated.
Shop the look

In wine regions such as Napa Valley, you may choose from a selection of fashionable wine tasting costumes to wear. The fluctuation is due to a variety of factors such as activity, weather, and location. Both of these elements are critical in ensuring that these outfits are both fashionable and comfortable. Anyone who has participated in a wine tasting event is aware that there is a great deal of standing, walking, and more standing involved. You should dress in a way that allows you to be comfortable while participating in these diverse activities.

An clothing that is neither too fancy nor too casual at the same time. Assuming you are not planning on returning to your hotel to change, you’ll need to dress in a wine tasting outfit that you can comfortably wear all day and seamlessly transition into evening dinner.

Neutral Wine Tasting Outfit

The first wine tasting attire is a combination of neutrals and a stunning patterned shirt that is perfect for the occasion. The halter top serves as the focal point of this ensemble, with the olive green cargos and wedges serving as supporting pieces. The cargo pants keep the style from being too flashy, while the wedges keep the pants from being too casual. This suit is in its ideal surroundings, thanks to the use of a natural color palette. In addition to the gorgeous nature design, the blouse provided the appropriate amount of interest without becoming an overbearing single item.

Because it is such a calm environment and the scenery of most vineyards is earth-toned, a neutral outfit to wear for wine tasting is ideal for this wine country pastime.

Keep in mind the month, the location, and the terrain when deciding what to dress to a wine tasting.


Consider wearing a striped shirtdress for a more fashionable look. The attire I chose was more “dressy,” but it still had the vibe of a casual weekend getup, which was perfect for me. The casual fit of the dress, as well as the strips, make this dress perfect for wine tasting. I’m well aware that wearing heels while wine tasting is frowned upon, but I couldn’t resist wearing those stunning laser cut heels. The two were a wonderful match for one another. It’s understandable that some of you might be concerned that you’ll spill red wine on the white, but take it from someone who spills a lot: you can wear white wine tasting as I indicated in the ten fashion recommendations at the beginning of this essay.

It comes in a variety of colors.

Monochrome Wine Tasting Outfit

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, consider investing in a nice pair of sandals. Keep in mind that I stated “cute pair of sandals,” not “flip-flops.” Maintain your sense of style, even while you’re reducing the volume. When wearing one of these casual wine tasting clothes, make sure you have a focal point and something that maintains the ensemble looking sophisticated at all times. In this third look, the sandals provided a bright flash of color in contrast to the monochromatic blue ensemble.

The top is made of a different material and has a distinct shade of blue than the pants.

Another difference between this casual wine tasting attire and the other two blues is the structured patent handbag in blue.

Remember that if you want to wear the same colors in a single outfit, choose different materials with a slight change in color, which can also mean that the material is shiny or reflective.

The color of the pants in this outfit is muted; the top is silk and has a sheen to it; and the handbag is metallic.

Cute Wine Tasting Attire

Lastly, this attire would be appropriate for wine tasting sites where walking on soil would be limited. Overall, it’s a lovely and easygoing style, with the patterned trousers adding a little of originality and the heels adding a touch of sophistication. Because the pants are so busy, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible. I matched these patterned pants with a top that corresponded to one of the colors in the pattern to create this look. By layering a light chiffon blouse over a simple tee in the same hue, I achieved an airy, lovely layered appearance.

The purse and the orange shoes added a splash of color to this ensemble.

The browns and oranges, with a dash of red, are pleasing to the eye and work well together as a design element.

Planning Your Trip to Napa Valley

A unique experience in Napa Valley is on my list of favorite locations to visit, and wine tasting there is no exception. Napa brings together so many great things that I enjoy, from delicious cuisine and wine to breathtaking views and a tranquil setting in which to unwind and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. You are likely to find a wine that you will enjoy during wine tasting in Napa Valley, which has more than 400 wineries (600+ if you include Sonoma). If you have a limited amount of time, you might be able to visit 15 wineries over the course of a weekend; you might be able to do more, but I wouldn’t recommend it since you’ll become too exhausted or too intoxicated otherwise.

  • Sterling Vineyards, Beringer Vineyards, Beaulieu Vineyard, and Castello di Amorosa are just a few of the well-known wineries in the area.
  • When visiting this wine region for the first time, be sure to read my guide on The Best Napa Valley Wineries for First-Time Visitors before you go.
  • If you want a more personal experience where you can speak with the winemakers and gain insights into what makes their wine unique, I recommend visiting smaller tasting rooms.
  • During our wine tasting visits in Napa, Peter and I have visited both well-known vineyards and smaller family-run establishments.
  • Our preference is to plan ahead, but if you’re wine tasting without a specific agenda, that’s fine too.
  • I hope you now have a better understanding of what to dress to a vineyard and that these style advice will assist you in putting together nice wine tasting clothes.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about what to dress to a wine tasting? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below! Continue to be fashionable. -V

What to Wear to a Wine Tasting & Other Wine Country Vacation Tips

Working at a destination vineyard in Healdsburg, we get a lot of inquiries from tourists who are trying to figure out how to have the best possible wine country holiday experience. When it comes to providing tips and advice, we do everything we can to ensure that their Sonoma wine tasting and dining experiences are as memorable as possible. The most often asked question we receive at Jordan Winery is about what to dress to a wine tasting, by a long shot. Listed here is a collection of the most often asked visitor questions, along with responses from members of the Jordan hospitality team, many of whom have lived and worked in Sonoma wine region their whole life.

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What to Wear to a Wine Tasting

Are you unsure about what to dress to a wine tasting? Before you start digging into your closet, make sure you understand what your wine tasting would involve. It’s important to be comfortable but yet looking nice and trendy whether you’re visiting tasting rooms in the towns of Healdsburg, Sonoma, Yountville, or Napa. For more information, read “What is Wine Country Casual?” below. Wearing a gorgeous top and a sundress or a casual skirt and a cute top are both acceptable options for females’ attire.

(See the photographs in the gallery below.) If you’re visiting a winery where you’ll be strolling around the vineyard as part of the experience (which is becoming increasingly frequent, particularly in Sonoma County), leave the stilettos at home and opt for flat, close-toed shoes instead.

Because temperatures in wine region change substantially throughout the day (which is one of the reasons why the grapes are so tasty), it’s always a good idea to carry a sweater or light jacket with you to morning tastings and evening dinners.

What to Wear to a Wine Tasting: Women’s Fashion Photos

What should you dress for a wine tasting? Find out here. Take the time to learn about your wine tasting experience before you go digging through your closet. It’s important to be comfortable but yet looking nice and trendy whether you’re visiting tasting rooms in the towns of Healdsburg, Sonoma, Yountville, or Napa. (See “What is Wine Country Casual?” below for more information. Wearing a lovely top and a sundress or a casual skirt and a cute top are good options for the females. Wedge sandals, flat dress shoes, or attractive boots are some of the footwear options to try.

Jeggings might even be more appropriate for a vineyard tasting, depending on how hot it is outside.

After all, the weather in wine country is unpredictable, which is one of the reasons the grapes taste so excellent. Not to mention that dressing in white to a wine tasting is a risky move because red wine spills do occur.

What to Wear to a Wine Tasting: Men’s Fashion Photos

Do you have any questions on what to dress to a wine tasting? Before you go digging into your closet, make sure you understand what your wine tasting will involve. For a day of tastings in the towns of Healdsburg, Sonoma, Yountville, or Napa, you want to be comfortable while yet looking charming and trendy (see “What is Wine Country Casual?” below for more information). Wearing a lovely top with a sundress or a casual skirt and a cute top are both acceptable options for females. Wedge sandals, flat dress shoes, or elegant boots are some of the footwear options.

For a vineyard tasting, jeans may even be more acceptable depending on how hot it is outside.

Not to mention, dressing in white to a wine tasting is a risky move because red wine spills can happen.

What is Wine Country Casual Attire?

It is a fairly imprecise word that annoys some people while inspiring others to come up with their own definition of wine country casual clothing and accessories. Dressing in a sundress or a lovely dress top with dress shorts or capris is considered wine country casual for ladies. Even a pair of designer jeans may be worn to work. Shoes can be anything from boots and sandals to flats and stylish sneakers, and everything in between. That means a short-sleeved dress shirt, a golf shirt, or a high-end designer tee shirt paired with dress shorts, casual slacks, or stylish jeans for the guys.

If you’re going to a posh restaurant in the evening, such as French Laundry or SingleThread, you’ll probably want to dress up in a dress or dress slacks (and a jacket without a tie for men), but you could easily get away with jeans and a nice top (don’t forget the light sweater or jacket) to Barndiva, Valette, Chalkboard, or Spoonbar in Healdsburg.

Those clothes are OK if you’re heading to a brewery for supper later in the evening.

If you’re merely strolling from the Uber to your table at the restaurant, you can get away with wearing your sneakers.

However, for the most part, the same style of wine country casual works for day and night—just don’t forget the sweater or jacket.

We’ve compiled a slideshow of our best wine country casual wear from events and tastings at the winery, which you can view above. Check out the gallery at the bottom of this page for examples of Instagrammers that know how to pull off the wine country casual style well.

Should We Tip a Wine Tasting Host?

Visiting a winery can sometimes feel like visiting a restaurant or a wine bar, and it’s only natural for visitors to feel as if they should be tipping their wine tasting host when they’re there. For the most part, paying the person who does a wine tasting is neither necessary or expected—unless the vineyard runs like a restaurant and decides to offer customers with an invoice that includes a place for adding gratuity. Tipping is not expected, but it is greatly appreciated in Jordan. If you are in a situation where you are feeling “tipsy,” you may always ask the host directly if they accept tips no matter where you are.

Do We Need Reservations for Wine Tasting?

“Do all vineyards require reservations?” I inquired. “Yes.” Because all of our tours and tastings involve food pairings and are conducted by appointment only, we hear this question fairly frequently at Jordan Winery. Please make your appointments in advance. Many wineries demand reservations owing to the nature of the food preparation, the number of employees, the number of licenses required, and the entire philosophy of the establishment. A traditional tasting room normally does not require a reservation for a sampling at the bar, but it’s always a good idea to double-check the winery’s website before turning up to ensure that the taste is still available.

How Far in Advance Should We Book a Wine Tasting?

For wine tasting experiences in Napa and Sonoma, wineries vary greatly in size and capacity for customers. Advance reservations are required for these experiences, which are available only during certain times of the year. Visitors should arrange vineyard tours and tastings for holiday weekends at least three to four months in advance, according to our experience. If you want to visit wine country during harvest (September and October), book your reservations at least 6-8 weeks in advance for weekday wine tasting sessions and at least 2-3 months in advance for non-holiday weekends during harvest.

For weekend wine tasting bookings, make them at least 4-6 weeks in advance throughout the spring and summer months, from April to August.

Are Most Wine Tastings Private or Groups?

It depends from vineyard to winery whether or not you’ll be doing your wine tasting alone or with strangers. Tours of wineries are frequently done in groups, and tasting rooms generally provide bar service where you’re elbow-to-elbow with another group and one host pours wine as visitors arrive as they arrive. Group wine tastings are available at Jordan Winery, and all tours and tastings with food pairings that can be booked through the website are group events. A Silver member of the Jordan Estate Rewardsloyalty program is required in order to participate in a private wine tasting at Jordan.

A private wine tasting session should be requested in advance by calling the winery. The Jordan Estate TourTastingexcursion, which has won several awards, is one example of a winery that allows you to hire out a group tasting and transform it into a private event.

Can We Drive from Healdsburg to Yountville for Dinner?

It is possible, but it is not an easy drive, especially after a nice supper. Yountville, a southern Napa Valley town located about 70 minutes southeast of Healdsburg, is well-known for its restaurants, including the world-famous French Laundry, which is located here. Increasingly popular among travelers, the hip town of Healdsburg in northern Sonoma County is becoming known for its restaurants, hotels and inns—not just its beautiful wineries in the surrounding Alexander, Russian River, and Dry Creek valleys—and many choose to stay overnight in Healdsburg while making dinner reservations at The French Laundry or another Yountville restaurant.

A one-way Uber ride from Healdsburg to Yountville will cost you around $100.

More information about wine country travel may be found on our Wine Country Table blog.

Bonus: Our Favorite Wine Country Casual Attire from Instagrammers

A good reason to go for a wine tasting exists for any wine enthusiast, whether it’s for a special event such as a date night or a day-long tour with ladies (is it rosé season yet?). Here are some suggestions. However, now that your visit has been scheduled, your final duty is to determine what to dress for wine tasting, a question that is maybe best answered by an expert. If you’re planning a day in the wine country or an evening at a tasting room, we asked Magdalena Wojcik, owner of The Blending Labin Los Angeles, for her advice on what to wear.

  • I prefer to dress in dresses most of the time.
  • In the spring and summer, I prefer to wear sneakers because you never know where you might end up.
  • According to Wojcik, if you’re going to a tasting room in the city, nothing beats rocking a great military or moto jacket to get the party started.
  • You’ll feel comfortable running around town in your jeans, but you’ll be prepared for when the weather starts to cool down.
  • Wine tasting rooms are typically cold because of the wine, so wearing a jacket ensures that you don’t get too cold while enjoying your wine tasting experience.
  • Please take a look at some of our favorite pieces that will work for any sort of wine tasting event.

What to wear wine tasting

Wine tasting is the ideal way to unwind in the middle of delectable wines and breathtaking vineyard scenery! It’s a lot of fun, but are you wondering what to dress on your winery excursion? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re traveling in the spring, summer, or fall, we’ve put together a list of the greatest wine tasting costumes for you. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply relaxing over a glass of rosé with your bestie, there are a few outfit principles to keep in mind for any winery occasion and location.

  • Shoes that are comfortable and that you can walk in for long periods of time are recommended, particularly with a flat, chunky, or wedge sole because there is a lot of dirt and grass around (heels tend to get stuck in the ground).
  • Your excursion to the vineyards is most likely to take place during the warm season!
  • The heat also allows you to dress in the most adorable, short dresses and skirts!
  • Embroidery, eyelet, ruffles and patterns are all great ways to add charm to your outfits with your apparel.
  • When it comes to the cooler months, wine sampling is frequently still accessible!
  • While wine tasting in the cold, you may still have a stylish and attractive appearance.
  • The importance of having luxurious, beautiful hair for a trip to the vineyards cannot be overstated!
  • Try a sultry wavy blowout à la Victoria Secret, a braided half-up or pony style, a sleek or messy low or high bun, or double-buns for a more formal look.
  • The right attire for wine tasting is straightforward when you follow our recommendations!

Ideas for hair, makeup, nail polish, and outfits Janelle Paige’s full name is Janelle Paige. The following terms are used to describe fashion: style, inspiration; outfits; what to dress; spring; summer; fall; winter; activities; vacation; trip; non-datenon-work; wine tasting; Napa Valley; vineyards.

What to Wear to a Winery? Wine Tasting Attire For Any Season

Are you planning a trip to a winery to sample their wares? Do you have any questions about what to wear? Knowing your wine tasting etiquette (the all-important do’s and don’ts of wine tasting) is crucial, but it’s also important to be aware of what is suitable attire to wear while visiting a vineyard. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about wine tasting clothes, as well as helpful hints for preparing your outfit(s)!

Is There a Wine Tasting Dress Code?

The first time you go on a wine tasting adventure, you may wonder if there are any strict dress codes that you should adhere to. If this is your first time, you may be wondering if there are any strict dress codes that you should follow. While there is typically no agreed-upon dress code for tasting rooms and wineries, there are a few unspoken rules that we strongly advise you to follow regardless of the situation. To help you decide what to dress to a vineyard, here are some tried and true guidelines:

  • Avoid wearing heavy perfume or cologne: Because a large part of the enjoyment of wine tasting is in smelling all of the different aromas, keep the perfume and cologne to a bare minimum, both for your own benefit and to be courteous to other tasters.
  • Make sure to bring chapstick rather than lipstick: Sipping wine all afternoon can cause your lips to become dry and chapped, especially if you’re outside, so make sure to bring some moisturizing chapstick with you rather than lipstick — after all, no one wants lipstick marks on their glass at a wine tasting
  • If you have a tendency to spill, avoid wearing white: However, while it is not necessary to wear white in a tasting room, it is a good idea to wear darker colors or prints if you are concerned that you will spill something.
  • Wearing layers is always a good idea, regardless of the season: Even though the season will dictate which layers you wear (a heavier jacket and long pants or stockings in the winter versus a light cardigan and a scarf in the summer), layers are always the best option
  • They add elegance and style to your outfit while also allowing you to move comfortably between the tasting room, patio, and vineyards.

Dressy is Better Than Casual

Leave the leggings and flip flops at the door! However, even while many wine tasting events and vineyards these days are quite informal and don’t have strict dress codes you must adhere to, it’s a good idea to put some consideration into your outfit in order to demonstrate your appreciation for the wine and look your best. To put it another way, dress appropriately for the occasion. That does not imply that you must dress in high heels and a dress or a suit and tie to work. To be honest, all you need is a pretty flowery dress and some sandals, or a pair of dark-wash denim jeans and a polo or dress shirt to look amazing and blend in at most vineyards.

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Aim for Low-Maintenance Comfort

Above all, place a high value on your personal comfort. Dressing appropriately for the occasion does not imply that you should put on shoes that are painful on your toes or a tie and jacket that make you feel stuffy and hot in. Wearing wedges, sandals, or flats is frequently the most comfortable option, especially if you’re planning on touring vineyards or visiting many wineries. And if you’re uncomfortable wearing a tie, don’t wear one. An elegant short- or long-sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of dark-wash trousers and accessorized with a belt is often all you need in the summer months.

In order to be comfortable when consuming wines and seeing vineyards, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Make use of a hands-free device or a small purse. Hair should be pulled back or out of your face. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Pack a light jacket to keep you warm. Avoid wearing heavy makeup, especially if the weather is warm
  • Don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses.

Take Flight and Experience Oregon Wine Country in Style

Tour DeVine can arrange a helicopter wine tour for you! Taste some of the best wines the region has to offer while taking in the timeless beauty of the Willamette Valley’s rolling hills.

Because of COVID-19, we are taking additional measures during our helicopter flights this summer in order to assure your safety as we take you on a very unique wine tasting trip across Oregon’s wine country. To schedule a tour, please contact us online or call us at (503) 687-3816 now.

What to Wear for Wine Tasting in Napa

“What should I dress to my Napa wine tasting?” is a question we frequently receive from our guests. or “Does wine tasting need a certain dress code?” Not to worry, there isn’t a clothing requirement in place – but we do have some suggestions to make your wine tasting trip more comfortable. Check out our photo collection to get some inspiration for what to dress when wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma counties. *Please keep in mind that these photographs are of actual visitors on our actual Wine Country trips, not stock photographs.

Napa Wine Tasting Clothing Tips

That’s the first thing we tell guests who ask us what to wear for wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma on how to dress for wine tasting. Within minutes of each other, the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area may drastically shift. Mornings in The City and afternoons in Wine Country can be quite different from one another. In the words of Mark Twain, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” which was the coldest he ever experienced. The fog that blankets San Francisco is well-known.

Even in the middle of summer, it’s a good idea to start the day with a jacket or sweater.

During your day in Wine Country, you may be certain that your valuables will be secure in the hands of your guide.

2: Dress Comfortably

Our second piece of advice is to wear in layers of comfortable clothing. Napa and Sonoma are unquestionably representative of California’s laid-back way of life, particularly when it comes to attire. Basically, there isn’t a clothing code in place. In any case, we strongly advise that you wear comfortable shoes because walking will be required, particularly during lunch and free time.

3: Wear Something Fun

The third recommendation is to dress in a way that is enjoyable. Wine Country is exciting, and you’ll want to look your best in the photographs you snap on the most enjoyable day of your visit.

4: Remember to Smile

Dress formally or casually. Wine Country is a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of their clothes. Just remember to have a grin on your face for all of the wonderful photographs you’ll be taking.

5: Shorts, Jeans and T-Shirts are Ok

Shorts are very acceptable for both men and women. Jeans and T-shirts are also appropriate attire. Your choice of attire for wine tasting is entirely up to you!

6: Wear Sunglasses

We strongly recommend that you use sunglasses. Depending on the weather, there’s a good chance that one or two tastings will take place outside. You’ll also have some free time for lunch and a stroll around a town in the Wine Country, so bring your sunglasses along with you.

7: Wear Comfortable Shoes

Please wear shoes that are comfy. While the wine server is telling the group about what makes their wine the best, we’d hate for you to miss out on an extra pour in a vineyard.

8: Hats Come in Handy

Hats are certainly optional, but they may come in handy during vineyard strolls, free time, or lunches in the vineyard.

Couples that wear matching caps receive extra points.

What to Pack and Wear in the Napa Valley

Assuming you’ve planned the perfect Napa Valley trip, the next step is determining how much you’ll need and how to prepare for days packed with world-class wines, vineyard walks, and farm-fresh meals. Here are a few travel pointers as well as some suggestions for what you should pack in your bag no matter what time of year it is.

Napa Valley Weather

Besides providing ideal grape-growing conditions, the Mediterranean climate of the Napa Valley also ensures that it has nearly perfect weather throughout the entire growing season. The southern section of the valley is significantly cooler than the northern part, and temperatures can fluctuate significantly from day to night in the southern part of the valley.

Season Avg. High Avg. Low
Spring 70°F 45°F
Summer 81°F 53°F
Fall 76°F 46°F
Winter 59°F 40°F

More information on the weather in Napa Valley can be found here.

Wine Country Casual

Is it appropriate to wear jeans to a winery? Yes! Throughout the year, jeans are acceptable – we refer to this as wine country casual (for women, this includes sundresses, blouses and skirts, nice jeans, wedges, sandals, and so on; for men, this includes golf shirts, khaki pants, nice jeans, dressier shorts, stylish sneakers, boat shoes, and so on.) If you’re visiting a more luxury vineyard, you might want to dress in darker denim. Also, dress in layers because many winery experiences take place outside and tours frequently take customers into wine caves and cold cellar regions.

Year-Round Napa Valley Fashion and Packing Tips

  • To feel comfortable during the day, it is essential to dress in layers. Because the temperature fluctuates during the day, layering is the best option. Dress in a sundress with a cardigan and shoes for the spring/summer season. Scarf, jeans, sweater, and boots for the fall/winter
  • Winter or summer, denim is suitable year-round
  • In an elegant situation, choose a dark denim color. A light jacket should always be carried in case of a chilly midnight breeze from the water. Shoes with flats or wedges – when touring vineyards, there is typically a lot of walking about outside on unpaved ground
  • Dress in shoes with low wedges or flats to stay safe and comfortable. Traveling with only the bare necessities (i.e., identification, cash, cards, a tiny brush, lip gloss, and phone – the rest should be left in the car) is recommended. There will most likely be no hooks for your handbag if you are attending an outside wine tasting, and you don’t want to risk dropping this season’s it-bag on the ground or in a pool of wine. If you intend to dine at one of Napa Valley’s more luxury restaurants or visit a rooftop bar, dress in a formal manner. Bring a vest if you wish to dress in the style of a local vineyard. You don’t need to fret if you don’t have one because it’s a popular item that many wineries offer in their gift stores. When traveling in the winter and spring, don’t forget to bring along your camera, sunglasses, a sunhat, an umbrella or a raincoat, and sunscreen in the summer and spring. Last but not least, avoid wearing perfumes or heavy lotions for wine tasting since they can muddy your sense of smell and make it difficult to completely appreciate the flavors of the wine (as well as distract from the tasting experience of people around you).

INSIDER TIP: Don’t be concerned if you forget anything important. There are several shopping venues to choose from if you only need a few things. Check out the Napa Premium Outlets, the First Street Napaclothing stores, the several local boutiques dotted around downtown St. Helena and Calistoga, and the Shops at the Marketplace in Yountville, among other places. Find more ideas to help you arrange your ideal vacation, and we’ll see you soon! Janet Maack is the author of this work. The Visit Napa Valley blog, edited by Janette, is a place where you can learn about the Napa Valley experience via stories of tastings, delicacies, and excursions.

Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas for Fall

Posts that are sponsored may appear on this site. Last updated on August 7, 2021 by This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Because I am an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make eligible purchases. Take a look at these wine tasting clothing ideas for the fall season. Visiting vineyards in your neighborhood is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the autumn season.

  • Putting on a decent clothing is not enough to make a good impression.
  • I’ve put together this guide to assist you in selecting the most appropriate wine tasting attire.
  • Planning your outfit ahead of time will ensure that you don’t have to worry about changing outfits multiple times throughout the day.
  • If you’re going to a wine tasting, it’s important to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable while also making you appear knowledgeable about the wines.
  • Dress in clothes that cover your arms and legs, but avoid wearing anything that is too tight or revealing on your body.
  • Light blouses and skirts that fall below the knees are appropriate for ladies.
  • Dressing comfortably and casually for a wine tasting is recommended.
  • The weather should be taken into consideration while selecting wine tasting attire for fall.

Will it take place during the height of the day’s sunshine or closer to dusk? By asking yourself this question, you can select the suitable shade of lipstick to wear as well as the sorts of accessories that complement your outfit.

Daytime wine tasting outfit ideas

If the wine tasting is taking place during the height of the day’s sunshine, a solid dress or skirt would be an excellent choice for ladies. Alternatively, an enormous patterned shirt placed over another top can be worn. However, it is more comfortable than a dress while maintaining a professional appearance. As the day heats up, the layers will allow you to stay cool and comfortable. Karina Gowns has some of my favorite dresses. They are both fashionable and comfortable.

Evening wine tasting outfit ideas

In comparison to daytime events, evening wine tastings should be more refined and formal in appearance. For women, a flowery or pleated skirt combined with a flowing top, a pencil skirt paired with a colorful shirt, or a cocktail dress are all good possibilities. You may even put on your favorite sundress if it is long enough to provide some covering for your legs when the sun begins to sink lower in the sky.

Outdoor wine tasting outfit ideas

Make sure you pay attention to what other people are wearing if you intend to spend the most of your time outside at the wine tasting so that you don’t wind up seeming overdressed. Most of the time, jeans and a decent shirt will suffice, but if everyone else is dressed in a formal manner, you may want to reconsider your choice of attire. Depending on what everyone else is doing at an outdoor event, there’s nothing wrong with dressing a little more casually if you’re attending one of your own.

For ladies, a maxi dress with some fun accessories, such as large sunglasses or boots, that will help to protect part of your skin from the sun is a terrific choice to consider.

As the sun begins to set, choose a long-sleeved shirt that you can remove as the temperature begins to cool.

What to wear in wine country

If you want to seem elegant but not overly dressed up, wear a button-down or shirt with a beautiful pair of jeans or trousers. Dresses or skirts worn with a denim jacket and cowboy boots can be dressed down without seeming overly slouchy. During the day, you will most likely be both indoors and outside. Additionally, a tour to the vineyards may be included in your wine tasting. This implies that shoes that are both comfortable and useful are an absolute requirement. Avoid slipping on the ground by wearing closed-toe shoes that will also protect your feet if there is a chance of rain in the forecast.

It’s one of my favorite stores.

What do you wear to a wine and cheese tasting?

Consult your invitation for further information. A wine and cheese tasting is typically associated with a more formal event. It’s hard to go wrong with a little black dress for a cocktail party or a formal occasion. Put on a bright cardigan and accessories to make yourself stand out from the crowd, but don’t forget to bring along opaque tights in case it becomes chilly outside!

Remember that you can always accessorize your attire with interesting jewelry such as striking earrings, a long necklace, or bracelets to make it stand out from the crowd.

Can I wear jeans to a wine tasting?

If you are a wine enthusiast, there is no better way to discover the vineyards than by donning your best denim jacket and jeans. Although jeans may seem like an unexpected choice for a formal event such as a tasting or dinner party, they may be just as acceptable. The use of denim is an excellent alternative when seeking for wine tasting clothing ideas for the fall. Because the weather in Napa Valley is unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to pack a sweater or light jacket to keep you warm during early morning sessions and chilly evenings!

What do I need for a wine tour?

Having prepared the perfect wine tasting session, the next question is: what should you include in your bag? Don’t forget to pack these things to ensure that the rest of your day is relaxing and pleasant.

  • A large bag
  • A portable charger
  • Sunscreen if it’s going to be outdoors
  • Drinking water in a re-usable bottle, sunglasses or hat, comfortable shoes, and snacks

I hope that this post has given you more confidence in your decision regarding what to dress to a wine tasting event. In the event that any events are scheduled for the rest of the year, I would love to hear how they went and whether or not my advise was useful!

More fall fashion ideas

  • Hope this essay has given you greater confidence when it comes to dressing for a wine tasting occasion. In the case that any events are scheduled for the remainder of the year, I would love to hear how they went and whether or not my advise was beneficial!

I hope that this post has given you more confidence in your decision on what to dress to a wine tasting event. If you have any events planned for the remainder of the year, I would love to hear how they went and whether or not my advise was useful!

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