How To Make A Wine Rack? (Perfect answer)

How do you build a wine rack?

  • To begin building a wine rack, first measure the internal height and width of the cabinet or other structure that you plan to hold the rack. Mark those measurements on a lattice panel, then line up the width measurement from the panel bottom. Now that you know where to make your cuts based on your markings,


What can I use instead of a wine rack?

9 Non-Boozy Ways to Use a Wine Rack in Every Room of the House

  • Hanging Yarn Storage That Doubles As Decor.
  • An Easy Holder for Bathroom Essentials.
  • A Clever Home for Rolling Pins.
  • A Space-Saving Spot for Shaker Bottles.
  • A Convenient Location to Stash Writing Tools.
  • A Clever Wall-Mounted Herb Garden.
  • A Tidy Cabinet for Yarn.

What kind of wood should I use for a wine rack?

The two most popular woods used for customer wine cellar racking are Redwood and Mahogany. Raised in the cool, damp forests of Northern California, All Heart Redwood is the perfect choice for a custom wine cellar. There is no other North American wood that has as much resistance to rot, mildew and insects as Redwood.

What is the angle of a wine bottle holder?

Wine bottles should always be stored either horizontally, at a 45º angle with the cork facing down, or somewhere in between. This will keep the wine in constant contact with the cork ensuring no air gets into the bottle.

DIY Wine Racks to Store Your Bottles in Style

You might wonder why you would want to spend the time making one of these DIY wine shelves. After all, you’ve got a slew of other things to get done, and “wine” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking about them. When it comes to cleaning up your house and making sure everything is in its correct position, the duties linked tokitchen storage are likely at the top of your to-do list, followed by a few bucket listpantry organizing items at the bottom. And, to be really honest, we wouldn’t dare dispute about the significance of keeping things tidy in those hardworking environments.

With our top DIY wine rack designs, you’ll be able to keep everything in perfect harmony.

Even if it is possible to purchase them online, doing it yourself is far more enjoyable and time-saving.


19 Homemade Wine Rack Plans You Can DIY Easily

Wine racks are easy and enjoyable projects that are great for first-time do-it-yourselfers since they don’t require a lot of resources and don’t require much woodworking skills to complete. Lucky Belly is shown in this image. We looked over the internet to see what other people have been up to, and as a consequence, we came up with our top 19 DIY wine rack plans that you can build at home. We hope these ideas inspire you to try something new.

1. DIY Wine Rack – Shanty 2 Chic

To get things started, here’s a design from a website that we frequently visit. As you can probably guess from the name, this site focuses on repurposing and changing discarded materials from around the house into something beautiful and functional. They show us how to construct a charming and trendy wine rack out of a few basic materials in this episode, and if you want to learn how to do the same, make sure to watch it! Take a look at this lesson.

2. Homemade Wine Rack – Part 1: Design and Materials

The following YouTube channel instructs viewers on how to do it all yourself when it comes to wine – even creating the drink itself! This video is the first of a series that will teach you how to build your own rack, with a particular emphasis on the materials you should use. If you want to learn how to put the wine rack together after that, you can also check out the remaining videos in the series on YouTube. For wine enthusiasts, this is a thorough strategy, so if you want something high-quality and professional, here is the movie to watch.

3. DIY WineRack – Cumbria Estate Winery

Originally, this project was supposed to be a present; but, as you can see in the images, it turned out beautifully, and you may certainly create one for yourself if you choose!

In addition to like its rustic appearance, the techniques required to construct it aren’t very hard, making it a project that virtually anybody should be able to do successfully. We had a good time reading about this entertaining concept. Take a look at this lesson.

4. DIY Christmas Present – Countertop Wine Rack

Creating wine racks for friends and family members makes for excellent gifts, which is presumably why so many designs are available that teach you how to construct racks for gift-giving. Discover how to create a countertop wine rack that any wine enthusiast would be delighted to receive – but, as always, you can choose to keep it for yourself if you so want.

5. Wine Bottle and Stemware Rack

This simple wine rack that also serves as a wine glass holder is one of our favorites. Despite the fact that it is not intended for storing a large number of bottles (it only holds four or five), it is a beautiful decorative element that will enhance any classic or contemporary interior. This is an excellent plan that includes detailed measurements as well as a step-by-step guide for constructing one at home – so why not give it a shot? Take a look at this lesson.

6. DIY Floating Wine Rack

In addition to the many different shapes and sizes of wine racks, the one you’ll learn to create in this article is a floating rack that rests on the wall, saving you space while also adding an extra touch of elegance to your area. The YouTuber clearly illustrates each step, and once completed, the rack is tied firmly to the wall, so there’s no need to be concerned about it tumbling down once it’s been secured in place.

7. Easy DIY Wine Rack

One of the nicest things about wine racks is that they can be made in a very short amount of time and are therefore suited for even novice DIYers. This means that if you are a DIY newbie looking for a project to work on that will help you develop your abilities while also teaching you some of the fundamentals, building a wine rack might be an ideal choice. If that seems like something you’d be interested in trying, this plan could be just what you’ve been looking for. Take a look at this lesson.

8. The Industrial Wine Rack

Even while some DIY projects appear to be exceedingly difficult to do when completed, when broken down into phases, they are lot more manageable than they appear to be at first glance. When it comes to the wine rack in this video, it’s a huge wall-mounted type with space for bottles on top and glasses below. When you tell your visitors that you constructed it yourself, they’ll be surprised and impressed.

9. The Cheapest Way to Build Your Own Wine Rack

Adding a DIY wine rack to your house may be a great way to personalize it without spending a lot of money. The rack shown in this plan was created from pallet wood and can be completed for less than $50, which is a great value. We, too, are fans of the rustic appearance — and, as the blogger points out, if you add a blackboard and a glass holder, it looks much more appealing. Take a look at this lesson.

10. DIY Plywood Wine Rack

Similarly, the racks you’ll learn to make in this lesson are low-cost ones, this time constructed from plywood and a few other basic components that can be obtained for little or no money. These racks also have a huge capacity – they’re meant to accommodate up to 118 bottles apiece, making them an excellent choice if you’re planning to establish a wine cellar in your house.

11. How to Build a Modern Standing Wine Rack

In spite of the fact that basic wine racks can be simple and useful, there are virtually endless variations available, allowing you to construct something that looks wonderful while still performing the essential purpose of storing your wine bottles.

One excellent example of this is the free-standing wine rack that this blogger constructs; it is a piece of furniture that many people will love attempting to construct at their own residence. Take a look at this lesson.

12. Easy 10ft Tall Wine Rack with Limited Tools

For those of you who consider yourselves to be something of a wine connoisseur, you’ll need a rack that can accommodate more than a few of bottles. However, you might not want to spend a lot of money on a wine rack that you won’t use, in which case this idea for a 10ft tall wine rack that you can build with only basic equipment would likely be of interest. In fact, we’ve seen a few of their YouTube ideas, and we enjoy them all – and this wine rack guide is no different. Maintain your high level of performance!

13. Build a Wine Rack with DIY Pete

Another design for a typical wall-mounted wine rack, this one including room for six bottles on top and glass holders below. We appreciate how all of the procedures are stated logically and simply, and we appreciate that there includes a video to demonstrate how to do the task, making this a straightforward plan that practically anybody will be able to repeat at home. Take a look at this lesson.

14. DIY Dresser Wine Rack with Ken Wingard

Making a Parisian-style dresser wine rack with Ken Wingard is demonstrated in this short video from the official YouTube channel of Hallmark Cards International. As with many of the plans we’ve seen, the end product is deceiving — it appears to be the type of piece that would take extensive carpentry abilities, while in reality, anyone with even a little woodworking knowledge would most likely be able to complete it successfully. So, what are you waiting for if you want a wine rack that looks like this?

15. DIY Wine Rack from an Ex-Ikea Shelf

Now that Ikea furniture has become so widely available on the internet, there are several designs that teach you how to upcycle it – so many that it’s nearly become a sub-genre of DIY in its own right. When you try out this project, you’ll discover how to construct a wine rack out of Ikea shelves, which means that if you have anything like this that you’re planning on throwing away anyway, doing something like this will be considerably more beneficial. Take a look at this lesson.

16. Building a Wine Rack with the Neighborhood Carpenter

This is a great idea for building a basic working wine cabinet that won’t cost you a fortune to replicate, save from the shaky acting in the video, which makes the presenters appear to be a little scary. Another intriguing film to take a look at if you’re seeking for some creative ideas.

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17. DIY Built-In Wine Rack

One of our favorite projects in this plan is the beautiful wine rack that we’ll be teaching you how to create. It’s not expensive, it’s a project that will keep you engaged for two days, and it makes excellent use of unused space, making it well worth your time to have a look at. Take a look at this lesson.

18. How to Make a 24-Bottle Wine Rack Storage Cube

The wine rack in this design is more for show than for practicality, as it will be difficult to move the bottles around each time you want to take one out of the cellar. In any case, it’s visually appealing, so if you’re not a heavy drinker but still want to keep a few bottles on show, this could be an option worth exploring.

19. DIY Countertop Wine Rack

In this project, you’ll learn how to build a charming countertop wine rack that would be excellent for a tiny apartment or studio.

It can contain up to eight bottles of wine, and it also looks fantastic, making it an excellent DIY project that you can present as a gift to any wine enthusiast you know and appreciate. Take a look at this lesson.

Stylish and attractive decorative elements

Wine racks are not only utilitarian things, but they are also visually appealing and fashionable features that can give an extra touch of class to any area – and they are also a simple DIY project that anybody can complete with no difficulty. This is our first DIY project, so we hope you like reading about ours just as much as we loved discovering them for you — and most importantly, that we were able to provide you with the inspiration you needed for your next DIY project.

How To Create A Beautiful DIY Wine Rack With Ease – The Perfect Homemade Gift For Friends, Family – Or You!

One of the most popular HomeGarden projects we’ve produced and shared on the site over the years has undoubtedly been our DIY wine racks, which have become increasingly popular as time has passed. In particular, when the Christmas season approaches and people try to come up with the “perfect” homemade present for someone special, this becomes more prevalent. Alternatively, they might even use it in their own house! Back in 2013, we constructed our very first rack. It is made of pallet wood with a top made of an old live edge slab of wood.

It was back in 2013 when we constructed our very first wine rack.

The “furniture” in the house gradually rose to become one of our favorite pieces of “furniture.” (See How to Build a Classic Wine Rack Out of Pallets for more information.) At the time, we had no idea how popular it would become among our friends and family as well as the general public.

It’s a great enjoyable project to work on, and it allows you to express yourself freely via your imagination.

Building DIY Wine Racks

Over the years, we have created DIY wine racks of various sizes by using the same straightforward construction procedure. And from a variety of different types of wood, including cherry, oak, pine, walnut, barn wood, and other varieties. Despite the fact that they appear elegant and complicated, they are actually fairly simple to construct and assemble. The best part is that each rack may be customized in terms of size and design components. By using a simple “ladder” type design, you can simply alter the size of your wine glass holders and other items while they are being constructed.

The rack may be constructed from any type of wood and is designed to blend in with any décor.

In fact, if you wish to purchase the wood already cut to size, you may skip the table saw entirely.

We have placed the following plans in our Etsy store for people who are looking for comprehensive step-by-step instructions: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WINE RACKS

Creating A Classic 20 Bottle / 12 Glass DIY Wine Rack

When we were looking for a gift for friends and family a few years ago, we came up with our go-to wine rack. It has a 20-bottle capacity, which is sufficient for a moderate wine collection. But what’s even great is that it can accommodate 12 normal red or white wine glasses as well! The finished rack is 19-1/4 inches broad by 12 inches deep and 36-1/2 inches tall. The fact that it is smaller in size means that it may be easily accommodated in any location. And, perhaps most importantly, it necessitates the use of little material.

They are then joined together to form the framework for the full rack assembly.

Please keep in mind that 1x (1′′) timber is really 3/4′′ thick, which is ideal for the size and weight of the project. (I’m still not sure why we have to designate timber sizes in such a complicated manner.)

How It All Goes Together – The DIY Wine Rack

Table saws are ideal for swiftly ripping down 1 x 6′ boards into the legs, rungs, and top and bottom frame rails that will be required to construct the rack. After that, a chop/miter is used to trim them all to length for assembly. Construction of the main body of the wine rack is accomplished by making a series of similar ladders out of the legs and rungs of the existing wine rack. Each ladder is constructed from (2) legs and (5) rungs, which are easily attached with a nail gun. Once you’ve finished building the separate ladders, you may put them all together to form the wine rack.

Upon assembly, the ladder spacing is set at 3.5′′, which is the ideal side for holding a typical 750ml wine bottle.

The addition of a top above the ladders completes the look of the sculpture.

You may simply adapt the designs and procedure to create a wine rack of any size and length by following the same guidelines.

Adding Personal Touches – The DIY Wine Rack

One aspect of the top that we particularly like is how much freedom it provides for customization. Live edge, wood slabs, pine panels, metal and other materials are used to produce a wide range of unique tops. Not only can you design wine racks of any size and form, but you may also incorporate cabinets and shelves into your designs. They are, without a doubt, the ideal present. Indeed, we have established a custom of gifting one to each of our children when they move into their first apartment or house.

To making handcrafted presents from the heart, or perhaps even a DIY wine rack for your own house, here’s to you!

JimMary is a pseudonym.

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10 DIY Wine Racks Anyone Can Make

In the event that you intend to keep your wine for an extended period of time, you may wish to investigate storage solutions in a cold, humidity-controlled environment. Alternatively, if you just want wine storage for a limited length of time, a DIY wine rack might be ideal. Making a wine rack on your own allows you to personalize the piece to fit your space and to get more for your money than purchasing one. Here are some excellent wine rack designs that are pretty simple to construct.

Convert a Wooden Crate to Hold Wine

  • A wooden box, designed by Spruce / Caylin Harris, is quite affordable and can be found at any local craft store. All that is required to store wine is the addition of an X or Y to the middle slot. Beyond that, you may paint, stain, or distress the wood to match the rest of your home’s furnishings. The Spruce offers a wood crate wine rack.

Add Labels to a Handmade Wine Rack

  • From Shanty to Chic One thing to keep in mind with this wine rack is that it is not the most secure option available. You’ll want to be sure it’s fastened to the wall on the top and the bottom to guarantee there’s minimum movement. In that case, this item will serve as an utilitarian piece of wall art as well as a conversation starter. From Shanty 2 Chic comes a DIY wine rack.

Make This Modern Wine Rack

  • At Home with My Sweetheart Incredibly simple to construct, this wine rack would look fantastic on a kitchen countertop. The wine rack appears to be relatively contemporary in its current state. You may, however, give it a more rustic appearance by aging the wood and painting the spikes bronze or black, as seen in the photo. Just make certain that if you lay it against a wall, it is completely secure. The Easiest DIY Wine RackfromAt Home in Love
  • The Easiest DIY Wine RackfromAt Home in Love

Hang Wine From Rope

  • Cambria Wines are produced in the Cambria region of California. A block of wood, manila rope, and a hot glue gun are all that are needed to create this nautical-inspired DIY wine rack. It is important that the rope you use is extremely firm so that it maintains its form and does not droop over time. Alternatively, a clear finishing spray or glue might be used to firm the rope into position. DIY Wine Rack courtesy ofCambria Wines & Spirits Continue to the fifth of ten sections below.

Craft a Wine Rack With Wine Glass Storage

  • The House of Wood is a house made of wood. CrateBarrel provided the inspiration for this wine rack, which was created by this blogger. When it comes to wall wine racks, this variant is significantly more secure than the others since the bottles are stored upright. Even better is the fact that the original lesson includes step-by-step graphics to guide you through the process. The House of Wood has a DIY wine rack that you can make.

Build a Wine Cabinet

  • I’m addicted to doing things myself. Although this DIY wine rack is not the simplest to construct, it is an excellent project for individuals who enjoy carpentry. The blueprints were created by the original developer and are simple to understand and follow. Just remember to double-check your measurements before cutting. DIY Wine Cabinet from Addicted to Do It Yourself

Defy Gravity With This Wall Wine Holder

  • Engineer who has gone rogue If you attempt to construct this trendy wine rack, be sure to pay attention to the angles. If you don’t do this, your wine bottles may not be completely secure. This item will seem much more fascinating when filled with wine than when it is empty, so you’ll want to have four bottles of wine on hand to supplement your stock. Rogue Engineer created a wall wine holder.

Construct a Wine Rack for a Tabletop

  • Craft Box Girls are a group of young women who love to create things. If you have limited wall or floor space but have an open spot on top of a table, this DIY wine rack is a great option. Despite the fact that you will need to purchase some additional equipment to finish this project, it is simple enough for novices to do. How to Make a Wine Rack from a Craft Box for the Craft Box Girls Continue to number nine of ten below

Turn an Existing Piece of Furniture Into a Wine Rack

  • I’m addicted to doing things myself. One method of incorporating a wine rack into your house is to modify an existing piece of furniture to serve as a wine rack. This Ikea chest of drawers has been transformed into a bar cart, with additional wine storage space added to the top. If you don’t have access to an Ikea piece like this, consider removing the top drawer from any dresser and creating cubbies for wine storage. From Addicted 2 DIY, I converted a drawer into a bar cart.

Repurpose a Piece of Barnwood

  • I Spy a Do-it-Yourself Project Using slabs of reclaimed wood to store a few bottles of wine in an appealing manner is a common method of storing wine. Instead of using rope or stakes to hold the wine, this DIY wine rack hangs the bottles on newspaper hooks. I Spy DIY created a barnwood wine rack from scratch.

10 Free Wine Rack Plans

There’s more to free wine rack plans than the option to design personalized wine storage for your house, though. Creating your own rack can be less expensive than purchasing one from a retail store; so, why not have the joy of creating a rack with your own two hands while also saving a little money in the process?

Explore this collection of free plans to pick the design that best suits your storage requirements, and then get to work on building it!

Additional Wine Rack Plans Online

Additionally, there are several amazing tools available on the Internet that provide access to no-cost design blueprints that provide excellent outcomes. Look through this list to locate the project that best suits your needs.

  • Woodworkers Workshop: This is a fantastic online resource that provides projects ranging from a simple wine bottle holder made from a piece of wood with a strategically placed hole to spectacular alternatives to traditional wine cellars, among other things. Introduction to Wine: This website provides step-by-step instructions for building a low-cost wine rack out of PVC tubing for an extremely basic design. Dempsy Woodworking: Dempsy is a huge design that has the ability to carry 172 bottles, according to the manufacturer. This design is fairly adaptable, and it makes use of a straightforward diamond cross pattern. Free Wood Woodworking Plans: This website presents a number of alternatives ranging from wine boxes and caddies to a wine buffet cabinet
  • All of these options are available for download for free. Custom Wine Rack Designs from Craftsmanspace: This website provides a free, downloadable pdf file that has plans for a modular wine rack that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Unusual Projects: The free blueprint provided here will guide you through the process of building a wall-mounted rack, and you can select from a variety of design alternatives.

Tips for Choosing Design Plans

‘Woodworkers Workshop’ is an amazing online resource that provides projects that range from a simple wine bottle stand made from a piece of wood with a strategically placed hole all the way up to spectacular alternatives to typical wine cellars; This website provides instructions for building a low-cost wine rack out of PVC pipe, which is quite simple to construct. A huge layout with the capacity to hold up to 172 bottles is shown in Dempsy Woodworking’s Dempsy. With a basic diamond cross pattern, this design is quite adaptable.

Custom Wine Rack Designs from Craftsmanspace: This website provides a free, downloadable pdf file that has plans for a modular wine rack that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Level of Difficulty

Take stock of your carpentry abilities and attempt to choose a project that you are confident you can complete. If you have little or no expertise with woodworking, it is preferable to choose a plan that is more straightforward rather than one that is beyond your capabilities. Fortunately, there are many wine rack designs that are both basic and elegant at the same time, including those that are relatively simple yet just as attractive as the more elaborate designs. If you’re looking for a more difficult strategy, go with an intermediate to advanced level of difficulty.

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Common Materials and Tools

Although wood is the most popular choice for DIY wine rack projects, you’ll also discover a few unique designs that include PVC pipe and other non-traditional materials. You may choose from a broad variety of hardwoods, and wood stains are available in a variety of color selections as well. The following are common tools that are utilized in most projects:

  • Hammer, chisels, wood planes, drill, table saw, handsaw, band saw, wood glue, clamps, compass, straight edge, carpenter pencils, ear plugs, protective eyewear, mask, and other tools.

The tools and materials used vary depending on the individual project at hand. Some plans need the use of no woodworking abilities at all.

Storage and Size

The strategy that you choose should be in keeping with how the wine will be preserved. For example, you might want to consider installing a storage box beneath your kitchen cabinets for convenient access. An example of a free wine rack design can be seen atLowe’s Creative Ideas, and it is great for people who just need to store their wine for a limited period of time. When it comes to long-term wine preservation, the type of temperature changes that occur in a kitchen are just too excessive.

Another element to consider is the overall size of the unit. Choose between a wall-mounted style that saves space, a single bottle holder, or a series of wine bottle holders depending on your unique requirements and preferences.

Diverse Options

With so many options available, it might be tough to choose just one design from which to base your home improvement project. First, visualize your space and sketch out your ideal storage unit in order to get a sense of what you want. Once you’ve determined what size rack you want, how long you’ll need to keep your collection, and which kind of rack you want, you should have no problem locating the right free wine rack construction plan to match your preferences and carpentry abilities. All rights retained by LoveToKnow Media, Inc.

18 DIY Wine Racks to Store Your Bottles in Style

The fact that there are so many different designs to take into consideration makes it tough to choose just one. First, visualize your area and draw out your ideal storage unit in order to get a sense of what you need. Once you’ve determined the size of the rack you want, how long you’ll need to keep your collection stored, and the kind of rack you want, you should have no problem locating the right free wine rack construction plan to match your preferences and carpentry capabilities. All rights reserved by LoveToKnow Media, 2022.

1. Plant Hangers Repurposed

According to this example, your wine rack does not necessarily need to be a rack at all. Kristen McDougall utilized plant hangers to hang her wine bottles, and the outcome is a piece of bohemian décor as well as wine storage.

2. A Stunning Statement Piece

Stunning is an understatement when it comes to this DIY wine rack in Aanchal Srivastava and her husband’s cinema room. While it is not a project for complete novices, it is a project that makes a statement. As Anchal writes on Instagram, “each piece was carved at different angles to construct exquisite caskets for bottles of wine.” In our otherwise bland basement, the royal blue makes a bold statement; in contrast, the green brings in a sense of natural light that the room was lacking.”

3. A New Life for Clay Pipes

Yes, these wine bottles are perched atop clay water pipes. This DIYcould be completely free if you already have the materials on hand.

4. Reclaimed Wood Creation

This wine rack is built from reclaimed wood, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Wine bottles and a plant are arranged on the upper shelf, and glasses are hung from the lower shelf.

5. A Numbered Label for Each Bottle

In order to display five of her favorite blends of wine, blogger Whitney Gainer ofShanty2Chic created a gorgeous wine rack replete with numbered labels. This is a more complex project, so make sure you have the necessary tools, such as a drill, sander, and other tools, as explained in Gainer’s lesson.

6. A Free-Standing Wine Rack/Bar Cart

You’ll want to check out blogger Bre Bertolini’s arrangement, which is built of pine and plywood and stained in a dark walnut color if you want something that looks more like a traditional bar cart. It allows wine connoisseurs to readily see the bottles they have on hand while also giving plenty of storage space for glasses of various sizes and shapes.

7. A Minimalist Leather Sling

Blogger Sam Raimondi created this stunning wine sling out of aluminum rods and leather, which he shared on his blog. Although only one bottle is seen here, each sling has the capacity to accommodate about three bottles.

8. A Bottle-and-Glass Wall Display

Blogger Bethany Sy also used leather to construct this lovely wine holder, which is meant to be installed on the wall and has space beneath for a pair of wine glasses.

Sy used a stencil to add some individuality to her wine rack, which is a great idea if you’re trying to give your wine rack as a present.

9. Hooks to Hold Bottles In Place

Blogging star Bethany Sy also utilized leather to construct a beautiful wall-mounted wine holder, which has space beneath for a pair of wine glasses and can be displayed on a table or shelf. Sy used a stencil to add some customization to the wine rack, which is a great idea if you’re planning to give the rack as a gift.

10. A Wine Rack Within an Island

Blogger Bethany Sy also used leather to construct this lovely wine holder, which is meant to be installed on the wall and has space beneath to keep a pair of wine glasses. Sy used a stencil to add some individuality to her wine rack, which is a great idea if you’re planning to give your wine rack as a present.

11. A Geometric Wall Display

The nicest aspect about working with plywood is that it allows you to be as creative as you want with your project. Blogger Sarah Fogle built this complicated structure out of wood that she sanded and dyed before mounting it to her wall. She shared her process on her blog. This wine rack may simply be used as a decorative piece.

12. An Industrial Tabletop Display

Making anything out of plywood has a lot of advantages, one of which is the unlimited possibilities for customization. Using wood that she had sanded and dyed, blogger Sarah Fogle built this complicated shape, which she then put on her wall. This wine rack may easily be used as a piece of décor as well as a storage solution.

13. A Repurposed Pegboard

With this pegboard-turned-wine rack, created by Becky Marshall ofFlipping the Flip, you’ll have plenty of space to display your favorite bottles, which are kept in place by long wooden dowels. This item is beautiful in its natural wood tone, but you could also spray paint the entire piece, or even just the wood background, in a color of your choosing to give it a little additional punch if you wanted.

14. An Under-Cabinet Bottle Shelf

Designed by Becky Marshall ofFlipping the Flip, this pegboard-turned-wine rack holds a large number of bottles, which are kept in place by long dowels that run the length of the rack. This item is beautiful in its natural wood tone, but you could also spray paint the entire piece, or even just the wood backing, in a bright color to give it a little more pop.

16. Angled Wall-Mount Wine Rack

BloggerJamison Rantzcreated this creative, L-shaped wine container for the wall in a matter of minutes using only a few simple materials. It may be hung almost anyplace because of its modest size: on a small wall next to the refrigerator, in a dining room, or even over a bar cart. Blogger Paula Skulina created two of these freestanding wine racks with shelves of varying heights, which she sold on Etsy. Skulina can keep glasses on the rack as well, which makes spontaneous entertaining a breeze with this arrangement.

She points out that it is simple to tweak this concept in order to build stackable versions of this artwork as well.

How to Make a DIY Wine Rack

When it comes to wine bottles, there are a variety of shapes and sizes available. It wasn’t until I completed the research for this project that I discovered that each bottle size correlates to a distinct sort of wine. From 6 ounce Split bottles to 3 liter Jeroboam bottles, they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. In order to create your wine rack, the first thing you should ask yourself is: what sort of wine do you enjoy drinking? I discovered this website, which displays several types of wine as well as the diameter of the bottle base.

  1. My objective was to cover as wide a range of products as possible without having to go into the really huge bottles.
  2. Everything up to and including a big pinot bottle is included.
  3. Hardwood will last the longest, but softwood is simpler to work with because of its flexibility.
  4. Cut your wood to the appropriate size with a miter saw.
  5. In order to ensure that you follow our template to the letter, cut two lengths at 28″.
  6. Cut five squares measuring 5 12″ by 5 12″ for the ends and bottom of the cake.
  7. In the end, after several failed tries to line up the holes, I discovered that the most reliable method for aligning the holes was to first measure the width of the boards and mark the midway point (which is 2 34″ on either end) on both ends.

This guaranteed that, despite the fact that the gaps were not exactly an inch apart, they were all equally spaced.

To conclude, here is the math I completed for you earlier in this post: 2 34″, 7 14″, 11 34″, 16 14″, 20 34″, and 25 14″ Now that the circles have been drawn, you may begin drilling the holes.

Attach the hole saw to the arbor and place the arbor into your drill bit.

In addition, the drill must be large enough to accommodate the arbor; you will want at least a 12″ drill.

Now, drilling with a hole saw is different from conventional drilling, and the larger the hole, the more difficult it is to complete the task.

It’s something that you really have to acquire a feel for to understand.

The same way you can perform 90 percent of the labor yourself while prying apart a pallet with a crowbar, you can do 10 percent and then let the tool take care of the rest.

As a result, the goal is to use a hard yet gentle touch.

The tougher the wood, the more difficult it will be to catch and kick it.

It will be far more comfortable.

In the beginning, I did not do this and you may have seen that I’m wearing a wrist brace in some of the images.

Avoid trying to make all of the holes with a single hole saw if you are drilling into maple or similar hard wood such as this one.

I was able to go through the first six holes without incident, but on the seventh hole, I suffered a wrist injury.

In the case of soft wood, this may not be an issue, but pay attention to when it gets more difficult to drill and starts catching on the workpiece more frequently.

That was the most difficult portion of the project, and you just completed it successfully.

We started with a 150 grit for the edges of the holes and then moved on to a 220 grit for the rest of the edges and the face.

Place the five pieces for the bottom and sides of the wine rack on their ends and place the face of the wine rack on top of the parts for the bottom and sides.

Finish screws should be used to hold the piece in place.

However, moving pieces over and over again is a hassle, but it makes things easier, and it comes in good when working with hard maple, as you’ll see.

The final step in making this wine rack extremely lovely is to stain it.

Mix the stain according to the directions on the can and begin to apply it to the rack by following the grain of the wood, as directed.

Allow for drying after wiping as needed. A polyurethane coating can be applied to the rack after 24 hours if you wish to preserve it while also adding a little gloss. Your wine cellar is now complete! Enjoy the moment by relaxing with a glass of wine in your hand.

How to Make a Wine Rack

RON HAZELTON: I’d want to thank you for your time. No matter if you’re a wine enthusiast or just like a glass of wine with dinner every now and then, you’re going to appreciate this next project, which will teach you some new woodworking methods. We’re going to construct a wine rack. This specific design, on the other hand, appeals to me since it is extendable and modular while remaining basic and, as you will see, extremely lovely. We’re going to build it out of cherry, which happens to be one of my favorite types of wood.

  1. This morning, I’m cutting several pieces of wood into two basic widths – these 6″ by 12″ sections will function as end panels, while the narrower 3″ by 24″ cross rails will support the bottles themselves.
  2. Eighteen will be placed at each end panel and sixteen at each cross rail.
  3. A dado set is being installed on the table saw in order to do this.
  4. In addition, I’ve made a few of additional changes.
  5. I’ve attached some sand paper to the front of this piece of wood to keep it from slipping, and I’ve clamped this stop block in place exactly here as well.
  6. With each piece of wood that I insert, I will just slide it down until it comes into contact with the block and then make our cut.
  7. This will allow us to move the blade even further away from my fingers.

So that’s how the wine rack works, basically.

We’ll arrange the sections such that they’re close to one other.

As a result, we’ll need to cut out some half circles or arches, one smaller for the neck of the bottle and one larger for the base of the bottle.

We’re going to use a hole saw to carve out the arches in this wall.

I choose hole saws that are just a tad bigger in diameter than the diameter of the neck and body of the bottle.

Then I move to a smaller hole saw to cut semi-circles that will accept the bottle necks, which takes about 15 minutes.

When it comes to polishing flat surfaces, an orbital sander is the most effective instrument.

Having applied this oil liberally, I intend to wipe off the excess with a clean towel after allowing it to sit for a few minutes to absorb the oil’s fragrance.

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If you don’t, you can wind up with something that is a touch sticky.

It’s sort of like a set of Lincoln Logs in that it all fits together.

Take a look at this. This rack will almost perfectly accommodate a standard wine bottle. However, it is also capable of accommodating champagne bottles. As a result, you’ve got something that’s as bit as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

23 DIY Wine Racks and Hacks

1/23 Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family

Herringbone Wine Rack

With eight identical pieces of 1×8 wood and a pocket-hole jig, you can build thisherringbone-pattern wine rack in minutes. When you’re finished, add some bright, contrasting colors to draw out the pattern, and don’t forget to include a few bottles of wine when you give it as a present. 2/23 Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family

Wine Box Shoe Storage

There are a surprising number of places where you can put the entrance to a spiral staircase, including beneath the floorboards of one of your first-floor rooms. An access point to shelves that may contain hundreds of wine bottles or similar-sized things can be provided via a small spiral staircase. In order to fit in with the flooring, entryways can be covered with a throw rug that can be effortlessly pulled aside to provide entrance to your private wine cellar. As an added plus, because of the restricted depth, you won’t have to bother about mending broken spindles or correcting loose handrails, which are common problems on spiral stairwells.

Wine Cork Wobbly Table Fix

5/23 Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family

Wine rack towel holder

Because I have little space in my bathroom to keep new towels, I made use of a wine rack to accomplish this task. The wall over my toilet was essentially unused space, and the wine rack is the ideal match for that area. In addition, it is quite attractive! Christy Beling is a model and actress. 6/23 Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family

Under-Cabinet Wine Rack

Many upper kitchen cabinets have a lot of useful space beneath them, which makes it an excellent spot to keep your favorite vintage items. Two 1x4s the length of the under-cabinet bay, as well as a piece of 3/4-inch plywood the same length and 8 inches wide, are all that are needed to assemble this simple wine rack. To download the complete construct a wine rack project plans, please visit this page. 7/23

Open Wine Bottle With a Key

Placing a key at a 45-degree angle into the cork until the majority of the key is firmly seated in the cork will ensure that the cork will not burst apart. Then begin twisting the cork up while simultaneously pressing up with the key until the cork comes out. Because a weak key has the potential to shatter, extreme caution should be exercised. Learn how to build a wine rack to provide you a place to keep your bottles of wine. 8/23

Kitchen Storage: Wine-Glass Molding

T-molding, which is often used for wood floor transitions, creates an excellent stemware rack. Simply cut it to length, pre-drill screw holes, then screw it to the underside of a shelf to complete the installation. Brass screws and finish washers are recommended for a more professional appearance. Prefinished T-molding may be found at almost any store that sells wood flooring. A 4-foot portion will cost you around $25. More amazing kitchen storage ideas may be found by watching our entertaining video on how to create your own wine glass storage rack.

Iceless Wine Chiller

Organize your spray paint collection in a wine box for safekeeping.

When you peek inside a wine box, you’ll see that the inside partitions are the ideal size for the narrow cans, and the colorful lids are still visible. 12/23

Remove Wine Stains from Carpet

Keep your spray paint collection organized in a wine box for safekeeping and future reference. Inside, the small cans are properly accommodated by the wine box’s internal partitions, and the bright lids are still visible when you take a peek inside. 12/23

Wooden Wine Crates

Do the contents of your child’s room appear to have been looted by burglars who mistakenly believed it to be the ideal hiding place for the family’s valuables? Set up books, toys, clothing, shoes, and other items at eye level if you’re weary of having a house that looks like a cyclone just went through it. To make toy storage accessible to children of all ages, place toys in wooden wine boxes. 15/23

Pump it Up

It’s possible that we enjoy this one the most because it produces a pop sound if done correctly. First, fill the wine bottle halfway with a bike pump and insert the pump needle between the cork and the rim of the bottle. Pump it three or four times, but be cautious not to pump too hard since the bottle may explode if you pump too hard. After a few of pumps, the cork will leap out, or you may pull it out yourself with your fingers. If you’ve spilled some wine on your vinyl flooring, you’ll want to know how to get the stains off.

Install a Wine Holder

You don’t require any additional shelves? Alternatively, you could construct a panel and mount wine holders or a sophisticated wine rack on it to transform your fireplace into a gorgeous and useful wine storage area. 17/23 Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family

Wine Cork Caulk Saver

Synthetic wine corks are excellent for closing caulk tubes that have been partially used. Make a 1 in. deep hole in the cork with a 5/16-in. drill bit. The cork is a perfect fit and creates an airtight seal on the bottle. — the reader Susan Claussen is a woman who works in the fashion industry. In addition, there are some caulking tips.18/23 Featured image courtesy of Michael Hubbs

Above-Cabinet Wine Rack

Reader Michael Hubbs made advantage of some vacant cupboards above his refrigerator to create a unique wine rack for his collection. His precision drilling allowed him to create precise holes in the cabinet doors as well as a supporting board on the interior. 19/23

How to Get the Last of the Lotion

20/23 Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family

Put Together a PVC Wine Rack

If your employer is a wine aficionado, use some of the tips from thisWordless Workshop to build a simple wine rack for him or her. 21/23 LisaPalisa/Shutterstock

Personal Wine Cellar

Unfinished basements are good for wine cellars because they are cold and dark, which makes them an excellent choice for storage. You’ll still have to keep the temperature about 55 degrees Fahrenheit at all times, though. As a result, you may need to install a cooling unit. The humidity level must be at 70% or higher. In addition, if you intend to utilize your basement as a wine cellar, it is critical that you install a gauge. To begin, arrange your favorite wine bottles on a series of wine shelves or racks to form the foundation of your collection.

Wine Cork Tree

If you’re a wine drinker, consider recycling all of your corks to make your own alternative Christmas trees.

Additionally, there are various ideas on Pinterest that might serve as inspiration. Studio

Wine Storage and Organization for Small Kitchens

What are you talking about, nowine rack? Is there no one in the cellar? It’s not an issue! In the event that there isn’t a deep kitchen drawer available, you may just as easily keep your wine collection in there. Just be sure you rotate the bottles in the opposite direction of each other so that they nest neatly together. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might attempt creating your own roll-out drawers to store your wine supply within a more spacious cabinet instead of purchasing them.

How To Build a Wine Rack – 15 Easy Ideas

A glass of wine after work is something we like to do once in a while, just for fun. If the wine isn’t particularly special, we nonetheless enjoy a modest glass after a long day’s work to thank ourselves for putting in so much effort and putting in so much effort. So we always have wine on hand, but we soon discover that we need a location to store it where it is out of the way when we don’t need it. Since we’ve always been creative types, why not create our own storage solution while also making it aesthetically pleasing in the process?

Please see below for 15 of the greatest ideas, styles, and techniques we found while conducting our search for a unique wine rack to add to your collection.

1. Wooden crate wine rack

Do you have a home that has a rustic feel to it in some way? In that case, if you’re looking for something straightforward but that will also complement your existing décor plan, we’ve already discovered the ideal solution for you! View the process by which AnythingEverything created this beautiful wooden crate rack, which has an X bracing in the center to ensure that the wine bottles fit into each of the four segments created by this form.

2. Rustic wine rack with glass hangers

In case we piqued your interest with the notion of creating a rustic rack, but you aren’t certain that the wooden crate idea is the best option for you, here’s an excellent alternative from The Kurtz Corner! In this lesson, they demonstrate how to construct a wall-mounted wine shelf out of an upcycled portion of a wooden pallet, complete with notches for hanging wine glasses.

3. Mod PVC pipe wine rack

Perhaps you’ve been searching through your options for DIY wine racks and wishing you could find something a bit more contemporary in design? Alternatively, we have a hunch you’ll like this excellent stacked PVC pipe wine rack, which is detailed step by step on How To Instructions! Fill each circular aperture with a bottle by sliding it in.

4. Wine barrel stave rack

Here’s a beautifully rustic option if you’re really like the concept of making a wine rack out of salvaged wood but don’t want to commit to yet another pallet project. With the use of ancient wine barrel staves, All Things Thrifty developed this multi-level shelf with notches to protect wine bottles from falling off the shelves. The entire concept establishes a theme!

5. Rustic string wrapped wine rack

Consider the possibility that you have a metal wine rack that you’ve been using, but you can’t help but think that something a bit more rustic could look a little better with your current décor plan.

However, this does not imply that you must discard the one you now own! Instead, follow in the footsteps of Home Stories A to Z and try adding a more worn air to your space by wrapping hemp rope around the perimeter.

6. Copper pipe and leather wine rack

Consider the possibility that you have a metal wine rack that you’ve been using, but you can’t help but think that something a bit more rustic could go a little better with your current décor plan. So you don’t have to get rid of the one you already have, does it? Take a cue from Home Stories A to Z and experiment with hemp thread wrapping to give your space a more worn appearance.

7. Triangular pallet wine rack

You may have been intrigued by our recycled pallet design but were put off by the design’s overall structure. If this is the case, we can help you. Then perhaps this fantastic triangle wall-mounted design would be more to your liking! How to make it happen so that you can hang a few glasses along the bottom and firmly anchor your bottles in the sides by their necks is explained in detail on Instructables.

8. Wooden freestanding wine rack

If you liked the way the wine bottles were attached at different angles in the previous design but didn’t want to commit to mounting your piece directly to the wall, here’s a standing version that will actually let you to store even more bottles at once! Check out the step-by-step instructions on how Woodwork Junkie created this vertical wooden wine rack with properly angled holes.

9. Colour block coffee can wine rack

If you liked the way the wine bottles were attached at different angles in the previous concept but didn’t want to commit to mounting your piece directly to the wall, here’s a standing version that will actually allow you to store even more bottles at the same time. View the step-by-step instructions on how Woodwork Junkie constructed this vertical wooden wine rack with properly angled holes.

10. Wood and chain hanging wine rack

We’ve included another design for your consideration in case you were rather interested by the notion of an inspired wine rack but weren’t sure whether the leather part of the copper option we showed you was something that truly appealed to you. Instead, Dremel Europe used metal chains and wood to create a hanging rack that has space for bottles on the top and glasses at the bottom of the rack.

11. Wood and leather upside down wine rack

Continuing the theme of leather, here’s a design that allows leather enthusiasts to choose their favorite material while using wood instead of metal for a somewhat more homemade appearance! Making a wall-mounted rack with a sturdy wood backing and leather compartments that your wine bottles can slip snuggly into upside-down is demonstrated by Elizabeth Logsdon in this step-by-step tutorial. Elizabeth Logsdon

12. Felt and mailing tube wine rack

You could build your own wine rack from scratch, but if you’re going to put in the effort and time it takes, would you rather do it correctly the first time? For those who fall into this category, we strongly advise you to have a look at how Design Sponge developed this connected semi-circles wine rack in just a few simple steps. It’s constructed from portions of postal tubes, as well as some felt for the lining!

13. Criss-cross countertop wine rack

Rather than being a professional woodworker, are you an amateur who has been seeking for a few simple methods to put your newfound talents to the test on little projects?

Then we highly recommend having a look at how April Wilkerson designed this criss-crossing rack with slots for bottles in each square, much like a grid, as an inspiration. You have the option of customizing the size of anything you make, and their instruction will teach you how and why!

14. Recycled skateboard wine rack

Were you thinking about how you’d really like to make a rack that was a little more clearly handcrafted and maybe even a touch quirky when you were going through our list? For those of you who enjoy skating, we have a hunch you’ll get along swimmingly with this great wall mounted skateboard wine rack, which can be found in full detail!

15. Repurposed metal rake wine glass holder

Is it better to go all out and build something overtly farm themed, to match the rust of your farmhouse-inspired décor, or to keep it simple and make something that blends in with the rest of your home’s decor? Then this really easy repurposed rake hanging for wine glasses could be exactly up your alley. Wisconsin Homemakers will show you how it’s done the right way. Do you have any other types of handmade wine racks that you’ve constructed in the past that you’ve been quite pleased with but that aren’t on our list?

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